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James Patrick Hogan TOKYO SOGENSHA Sougen SF Bunko
Japan Released:1997/01/31(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:1991
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2010/07/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Pray for the soul of the contemporary science fiction writer, James .P. Hogan.

Bernard Fallon has two faces, "Thriller writer John Clyde" and "Filler 's intelligence agent F腴〓lmann, Hannigan etc that runs the world again". He is asked to infiltrate himself as a double spy to support the revolution of a small country of the Third World from Colonel Marlow, an air force age. Colonel Marlowe was a member of the organization "Infiniti Limited" which "burns" the conflict of the international community from the shadow. Fallon infiltrating Zugenda which is skeptical to the organization but continues civil war.

Non-SF works unusual for Hogan. It is a feeling that I said "Proteus Operation" minus "SF" both in volume and atmosphere. Moreover, the organization "Infinity. Limited" will be easy to understand if it says real "Mithril (full metal panic)".

What is the charm of Hogan's work? Not to mention an attractive story, but no one denies the existence of hard SF that backs it. Especially in the hard SF world, the charm of the "development full of" surprised "not to let the reader get bored with the storyline story spreading like a SF shogi is a completely different thing. So what happens if you remove "SF" from that Hogan work?
However, it is funny properly. Even if there is no "science" of "SF" firmly "story that develops in a reasonable manner" is ecstatic. Fallon thinks, guesses, and acts. Who is going to move? Who can trust? What is the problem with the highest priority?
Just like Proteus Operation, professional hard-boiled work is also cool. Coolly watching the heroine being tortured cruelly, it is a shyness to move across the resistance with the government army as a double spy. And the conflict within the government, the shadow of a big country that draws threads aiming for rare earth resources of Zugenha from further shadows.

Should I point out disappointing points, is it a weak point of "professional group" convoked by Fallon? In the national conflict, Fallon alone is too handy for him to gather knowledge of old wisdom. In short it's a "spy grand strategy", but their characters are not good enough to dig. Together with points such as the very attractive secretary Giulia (John Clyde's Ghost Writer) and "enemy" to glimpse the appearance, and the heroine and the feverish parting with candy, I thought that it was a bait,
Unfortunately it did not come true.

Anyway, it is a work which can see a different aspect of Hogan's work. If you are a fan, there is no loss.