[Novel]Streets of Fire

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Bunnsyunn bunko
Japan Released:1992/04
Outside Japan :Released:1989
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1. http://books.bunshun.jp/ud/book/num/9784167136079 (Translation)
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2015/01/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Based on the historical case concerning the civil rights movement that was the United States of 1963,
A criminal ben challenging the murder case that was in the middle of black and white conflict.Hard hard boiled thing to draw Wellman.

Time is May 1963. America, the stage of the story.In Birmingham, Alabama, black demonstrators led by pastor Rev. King are the black exclusion campaign against discrimination against blacks,
Later in the historical activities carried out activities called Birmingham movement, the conflict between blacks and whites became more intensified.
In the meantime, a case where a black girl was murdered at the site of the former football stadium occurred,
Criminal Ben will investigate the case by instructions of his boss concerned about intensifying further demonstration activities.
While Ben is investigating the incident, conspiracy, beliefs and thoughts of people of various perspectives regardless of race will be hidden.
Will the truth of the incident be revealed? And what did Ben feel about in a fierce confrontation between black and white ......

When reading this novel, I feel like I am in Birmingham at that time in 1983 when I became Ben.
"No matter what, I just empathize with the characters," I said until then,
It seems that the high-pressure water discharge for fire extinguishment and the unforgiving police force repressing the demonstrators who choose no means to mobilize children as small as elementary school children,
As I was reading that scene, I was like that as if I were watching the scene on the spot.

In addition to such a presence full of presence, it also makes it fun to read stories with many named scenes that are developed in light and unique tempos.
Although it was a long novel, 518 pages including the postcard, it never got read.
Even in any trivial scenes there was a feeling of tension and sights and I was looking forward to see what it will be like next.
Ben copies the pastor 's speech in a single word, or checks the case in parallel while being borrowed to suppress the demonstration team.
While investigating, there are incidents of suicide or murder of criminals of Black villagers and colleagues of persons involved with intellectual disabilities,
Ben will investigate steadily. The truth of the case will be revealed little by little because of his steady survey.

The hardness of such Ben's belief is also the point of this novel.
Ben got to think about black discrimination by the word her father said in a bus when he was a childhood, and is evenly touching even black people.
But his occupation is a detective. It is a human being who oppresses the black demo, and many colleagues hate black people,
On the contrary there are a lot of black people who hate the police organization. He was in a contradictory position and he talked with many black people in the investigation of the incident, and gradually builds a strange friendship.
And at the end of the day, I am tired of working in such a contradictory position, I retire to the police once.
However, Ben will continue to investigate to ascertain the truth of the incident even after that. Although retirement was not accepted once,
He revealed the full nature of the black young girl murder case, he left the criminal office, reported the criminal's name to the victim's family, and the story ends when he confidently participates in the demonstration activities.
Voice to a discriminating white man highly. That he did not do, but instead, the rebellious spirit secretly hidden in his actions, and the solidity of this belief is fresh.

A book that was also ranked in "This mystery is amazing" in 1993.
...... Well honest I do not know exactly how far I can believe in this ranking, but this time I got a hit.
Actually, the author is Thomas H. Cook's book is the second book. As in the memories of "Summer Grass" that I read before, I will read Guigui with sentences that attract readers.
It seemed like a book with a high threshold because of civil rights movement in the United States and black discrimination as a theme, but it was not such a thing.
As well as commenting on the situation of the Barmingham and the American situation at that time as well as the translator's comments afterwards, as complemented,
Let's read from the postcard if you feel "Do not know the background of the era". You should be able to enjoy more stories.

If you are interested in this era please read it. As expected it is an old book so you can not buy it unless you go to a secondhand bookstore, but it is one recommended book.