[Novel]Stories of your life and others

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Ted Chiang
Asakura Hisasi
Hayakawa Publishing Corporation
Japan Released:2003/09/30(Tue)
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2017/04/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Even so, "Martian people" who evaluated the evaluation, but why is not it a bad idea? I wonder this message also "message" is not good "in the story of your life". Besides the title work "Tower of Babylon" "Understanding" "Divide by zero"
Short editing consisting of eight works of "Seventy-two letters" "Evolution of human science" "Earth is the absence of God" "About the beauty of the face".
The opposite of "Martian's person" is hard to read, difficult to understand.
"The Tower of Babylon" The world in which "Babylon" who pierces heaven exists. The hero climbed as a miner and finally passed through the ceiling, but the other place was another place on the ground. What it says, "Chan Chan" is a punch line.
"Understanding" Among interesting people in this book. The main character who was injured in the brain suffering from serious injury suffering from brain injury gets superhuman by receiving the treatment method of the new method, and it is similarly treated as a enemy who got the treatment and acquired superhuman thought. As thought gradually sharpened leads to "algaonon for flower buds", I feel terrified to go up to super-humanity. It is like a shortened "end of childhood" "Blood music".
Renee, a mathematician, who divides by zero, is deeply involved in research, contradictions of mathematics, suffering from beauty and suffering spirit.
"The story of your life" I get interested in how to inflate a movie. Louise who was in charge of research enabling communication with aliens through aliens' "Looking Glass (something like" TV phone "which can be relative to an alien somewhere far away)" Dr. Banks , The language of the alien "heptaport" As I understand the letters I think and think about the structure. As a result, I become like alienistic thinking, and I become aware of my future self, "Perspective like" recognition from an elders. It is thoughtfully thoughtful in this idea, but it seems that it has not been successfully translated into language (Japanese translation, translation). Expectation for visualization.
"Seventy-two letters" A world that uses gorem by magic by letters and uses it for production. Finally after the setting and explanation of the stage finished I felt it ended in a place called main story.
Evolution of human science "Short short of only 4 pages, or saying like the abstract of a paper. It does not come with imitation pin.
"Hell is the absence of God" The world where an angel comes down. When there is present, some people receive grace and their disadvantages are resolved, others are killed by "collateral". Describe the reality of an angel and its "advent" from both sides of blessing and natural disasters. It may not be understood that it is Western Europe with close relatives to objects such as angels and gods.
"About the beauty of the face" The world which acts on the cranial nerve and can control specific emotions and cognition. "Good or bad face"
We regard the thing as a negative factor, a debate about power which tries to promote the world which does not feel face as "beautiful" "ugly" and the power opposing it. Will not be able to recognize "beauty" widely not only in the face? From the fear of feeling, various opinions are exchanged up to the idea that feeling "facial" is felt and how it should be evaluated and handled should be based on education. There is no punch line (true).

Each work in this book seems to have won the Hugo Award, the Nebula Prize, but honestly that much? To say is frank feeling. It seems that some works can be expected as a draft of visualization. I think SF editing is important thought is thoughtful, but each work of this work can not deny the feeling that "everything is good" in each work of this work. I feel that translation is too "honest".
In the commentary at the end of the book, such as "There are no works that remain below levelwork" and "only works on levels that go far above the average"
Wake himself for lazy lifting. If you can read it in the original document, the impression may have changed if the translation is different.
I was pretty tired. . . . I expect it in the movie "Message".