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Literature rank of 1987 Rank 34in 42 titles
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Hajime Yatate
Tsunehisa Ito
Moriyasu Taniguti
Japan Released:1987
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2007/08/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
It is understandable by looking at the incandescence of scenes where Age and Le Cain's SPT crash each other in V-MAX mode, but Originally Raiser is a work that emphasizes Heroic rather than military in director Takahashi's appeal due to novelization Is it a feeling that there is a painful part to put out?
It is interesting as a supplement to OVA if Foron develops a NEW Raisoner 's tune - up plan based on the battle record of Carl' s Red Power ....

After that, Age and doctor.It is hard to evaluate Elizabeth's relation.
How the Age and Raisner who were missing in the battle of the last in the last battle survived and spent three years, although the official setting is ambiguous.
(Another article sometimes slept with Reidner's cockpit for two years)

2007/08/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11390 Host:11669 Browser: 5234
Compared to the animated version, the psychological description of the character is more detailed.
However, due to inadequacies, I thought that arranging animation is good, but if anything, rather than reinforced Raisiner, could you even show up with Reisner MK II of phantom?
Well, in Reisner MK II, it seems that the familiarity with ordinary Reisner and the element of deformation do not work very well, but if I give out the deforming Raisizer MK II, I think that Le Cain is more fun It was disappointing that that Le Cain battle is fantastic.

Well, there is an impression that the aspect of contact and ties with the friends of Age and Earthlings is getting deeper due to the novelization, and it was possible to empathize those parts. In addition, Arthur meets Roo inevitably in animation, and Arthur who was registered on Grados side has made a change point that this novel version is attached to Age's resistance side. Climax's engraved game also has a different arrangement than animation.

To Godos' strong opposition opponent too much strength, but against Age with weapons of friendship and friendship, but rival Le Le. Cain, only Julia and Roan can speak, As opposed to the age where there are companions who can talk from the heart even if exercising a mighty power, because it is lonely because it is solitary, while tyrantism as a dictator is given out.

There was nothing in dictator Le Le. Cain, contrary to such insatiable power and hope arising from such ties and bonds with those of Age. Even if the engraving was activated in the last, Le Cain was a feeling of being driven away by Grados, whereas Age returned to Earth and was full of hope of heading towards tomorrow with his colleagues.

People changed with meeting friends who can talk from the bottom of mind, Eiji was alert for the first time and also against David from fight against grudges, but overcoming both the death line, as an alien rather than an alien , Nurturing a connection as a precious and mutually beneficial companion, making a story beautiful by giving out a part called love beyond race, but Le Cain can not experience such things, so make it Julia Even if it is Rohan, Le Cain himself has embraced the complex to the age which deepens the relationship with the earthling person even to heal such Le Cain 's heart.

Le Cain is a boss of evil in such a meaning and empathy degree is not so much, but although it is the best Grados person, inferior sense of inferiority to the aging Age who does not carry out the blood of the earthling person Looking at it, it is similar to the relationship between Kiriko and Epsilon in "Bottoms" of the director's work.

While I met Fiana and Goauts, I have pride in being a PS for Kiryko who is recovering the human nature that I was losing while having unrivaled power but I was not allowed anything else, It can be said that Epsilon 's appearance, which had lost the target of healing called Fiana and was increasingly deeply embedded in PS which is losing humanity, was also applied to Le Cain of this work. Unlike Epsilon, Le Cain is not clearly dead, though it will be difficult to recover from the weight and scratch on what Age loses.

Such character depiction is good, but it can be said that it is a pity if battle depiction is not so impressive and it is too late to overheat Layzner VS Zakar. I also wanted other SPTs, who are the face of this work, to point out the spot (In addition, Raisizers and Zakar were given the name Kitty, well, as David fought in the doll as in the play I can easily imagine what it was.