[Novel]Space knight Tekkaman blade 2 Suishoukyuu no shoujo

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Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Media Works
Dengeki bunko
Japan Released:1995/08
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2014/12/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24190 Host:24226 Browser: 5173
One piece that is a sequel to the unknown "Space Knight Teccaman Blade II".
The story itself is the story that new characters of Tekkaman Blade 〓〓〓save her plan after encountering with the new Tekkaman Jewel.
Well, it was really a "light novel", expressions were not difficult, the sentences were short and could be read like a manga.

At the time of "Tekkaman Blade II" I thought that there was some personality of the character, and I thought that it would not have been utilized, but I am only talking about the characters without making it particularly useful in this work.
Yumi of the protagonist was a hero after all compared to OVA, but when D Bowie came to the room he was conscious of sex and was written that "Yumi is also age, so I know that kind of thing" , Thereafter there was a slight change to par, somewhat inconsistent, there was also a somewhat lazy place.
Yumi who is missing something with natural blur is a bad idea to meet nearly pure jewels and make friendship was not bad, but interaction between Yumi and Jewel is hardly portrayed, just being touched about the passage of time, There is not much portrayal on the ground.

Personally, it is probably that D Bowie has changed until I wish for symbiosis with Random.
I do not eat the hero this time, I think that it was in a position to watch over Yumi as a character of such position as "previous work protagonist" or "command".
Well it was okay to have a scene to touch Miyuki.

The point that I want to say the biggest voice as the problem is illustrations.
I can not see it in black and it is quite different from the atmosphere of my work. There is no place to think that only Yumi's picture on the front cover is "Ah, this is the picture of Thekaman Blade II."
Well, OVA's package picture was like this though .... It is too bad, including not so cool things.

Evaluation is "normal".
Although it can not deny the feeling that contents are thin to put out as a book, as one book, I feel that it was still much better than OVA.
Because I could buy it cheaply in a secondhand bookstore, I think that it was good but I think that it is unsatisfactory if it is fixed price.

2013/03/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42495 Host:42587 Browser: 12241
It is about completion knitting, but it was not as much as I expected. I am glad that it was just a TV version, Aki and D Boy, following the OVA version etc. It was a depiction that made the connection strength feel good. To make you feel such a tight bond this time, Aki's rival rival (?) Will appear also to aliens, following Yumi.

Despite losing detailed content, I will only mention the results, but there is no progress between Yumi and D Boy at this time. Although we did not put an end to the fight with Ramdam, the last one like having one more buddies and one step closer to the D Boy's dream was once convincing. Even so, D-BOY has a lot (laugh)

Although it was a novel such as OVA animation and BOX etc, those who are not viewing these are not something we can recommend, so please be careful.