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Literature rank of 2012 Rank 105in 109 titles
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Yuzi Kobayashi
Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.
Japan Released:2012/10/05(Fri)
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1. http://publications.asahi.com/ecs/detail/?item_id=14265 (Translation)
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2012/10/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35832 Host:35777 Browser: 12180
Guest appearance at the theater version of Gokaiger - A story that fills the blank of the movie released this time.
... That is why, as a content, there is nothing special to mention, it is just a degraded gaban.
I think that it was interesting that Mimie and Kom Minister and Alan came out in the beginning, Voyser's name came out several times, and Gokaiger was mentioned as well.
However, it can be called the main point of this work, that part only ....

First of all, the story with a strong impression is concerned.
At first, even though the character Julia, which is the intellectually disciple in this work, appears, the treatment is already terrible.
It is neither a hero nor a short time to be on the fierce side, which is unsatisfactory as a growing story.
Or, it is a character turning to the enemy side, but it is not something that can convince the enemy side why.
Even though I should have done brainwashing.
In this work, Julia's younger brother grows. However, with respect to the younger brother, backbone etc is not drawn as much as Julia, and since it is the first meeting face at the very end, the relationship with the hero is also thin.

After that, the charm is also thin as a whole.
Besides the hero's gyaban, there is no charm character in this regard. That gaban is a secondary creation.
Julia's setting of "masochi women's cosmic criminal" is the same as that of Yuji Kobayashi's "Familiar of the Family".
Even with a fellow wolf alone, since there are two heroines like this, this work also associates with it.
Enemy characters are not good either. Measures are shallow, in a sense it is an enemy featuring special effects heroes, but personally there is nothing like charm "There is only this guy" or anything, and it is a funny fish of a level not going to appear in 30 minutes work.
Is not it better to stop associating the name of Don Horror with a fish like every time?

Battle depiction was also appropriate, only lines were related to the theme song, depiction of the arm star was also complicated ... etc, such as "Let's draw a blank episode to the theatrical version for the time being", it was contents like seemingly.
Also, the narration reproduction of the combat suit was done in Gavan and Julia two times in a row, and in the part which is not narrated, we wrote "deposition in 0.05 seconds", surreal sentences were conspicuous.

Regardless of ULTRA SEVEN X and the novelization of a flea wolf, Gaban was not very good.
The first one is the most interesting and works as it becomes uninteresting as it comes to the second half. Very bad.