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Iwanami Shoten, Publishers
Outside Japan :Released:1885
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2012/05/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think the fool is not a nuance saying "foolish" but "clumsy and stubborn". The thing that is impressive is that Tolstoy's work with his head is working like drawing "a fascination with devil and business". Although it can not be said unconditionally, in the eyes of the author, it seems that such acts are "making it easy and making money" whatever it was, it was clear that it was generally critical.
Even in Japan, there is also a hierarchical system such as "senior civilian trader", and from there there is recalled hierarchy such as business = shimoji, there is something that Tolstoy 's suggesting the importance of working with sweat drops. By the way, I think that this was also the theme I saw in Kenji Miyazawa's "Nemko Toko mountain". As it turns out, people think that living by rooting on the earth is a real part, or maybe it is a less controversial idea in the present era ..

2009/06/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The original title seems to be quite long (The Gospel building bookstore 'Tolstoy's Folktales' uses long titles, this work is also one story to the last ... if it is a book for a book).
There are also short stories that are closely related to Christianity, but as in all books, we will evaluate only titles.

I feel like a typical folk tale (the two younger brothers have failed, the youngest child who was being stupid becomes Taisei), Iwan is not "actually smart", it is fresh that it treats "idiot" only.
Still, the place where Ivan repells the small devils was a work of level that it readily screams normally ....

The princess who married Ivan and became a princess is really nice.
Ivan's behavior, which is different from the previous values 〓〓〓〓〓nd 180 degrees, "I was dumbfounded" by the Queen, I am accepting Ivan very much.
Instead of trying to change him, accepting his values 〓〓〓〓〓nd going to Ivan 's younger sister to learn work, I was impressed by laughs.
This Ivan 's wife has a really good taste even in the confrontation with the great demon of the last stage (?).

And when you read it carefully, people who act with Ivan are not necessarily "stupid", are not they?
Ivan 's younger sister learns to confirm that those who are not working do not eat, and is not a person who is deceived until the end.
To the last, there is a desire to want to live happily with a story that is not a type that lives well in the way, but it does not ask for something more frank and more than his own actions.

If it is happy it is not good, it is a story of feeling.

2005/03/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is certain that I was touched that I do not remember the story well.

But sometimes I do not remember whether desire will be won can be reality. Then you do not have rich.

2005/02/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8256 Host:8410 Browser: 5234
A folkloric collection of one of Russia's greatest writers, Lev. Tolstoy.
There are eight other stories besides the famous "Ivan's fool"
Among them, comment on the main three stories.

"Is there a lot of land for people?"

The farmer's name is Palahom's story. Pahome who heard a loveless sister's sister's marriage to a merchant and a farmer respectively complained of complaining that "If there is land, the devil is not afraid"
"Mouth is the source of evil" is exactly this thing. It will eventually be killed to the devil that heard by chance in such a way that the desire is embedded. Although it was drawn without compromising the dark essence of a person with infinite desire, it can be said that Tolstoy's private property denialism was commonly appearing.

"Why does a person live"

The angel Mikhail which was exiled to the earth by God was picked up by the poor shoemaker's father, Semyon,
Through helping with a shoe store, talk about learning about what human beings have, what is not allowed, and the purpose of living.
On the contrary to "whether there are many lands for people", "what human beings are because they are human beings (= love)"
The splendor of being is being preached. I guess the guy who ordered the shoes could have passed the soul safely to the angel of death, I could safely go to heaven. It was very arrogant and not a person who had a good impression.

"Iban no fist"

The story of the demons who tried to split their brothers and three brothers of the farmer family. It was interesting contrast of Iwan with a greedy honest farmer who was greedy by the demon and greedily reproached it,
Among them, the elder brother 's semin says almost all the countries around the world,
Alexander the Great Well I'm glad that I also attacked India never failed and I lost everything,
His behavior embodied exactly the imperialism of the imperial Russia whose origin was only a small majority of the area around Moscow. In the 1880s when Tolstoy announced a collection of folk tales including "Ivan's idiot" it was when he was pushing forward the South-south policy, its dilatism completely broke down due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, but possibly predicts the future of Russia I wonder what he was doing?
In any case, it certainly involved intense criticism against Empire in those days.

It is such a place. Evaluation is "very good". Any work that makes me think of such a human way of living will give the readers an intense lighting.