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Other media: Movie:The Red Shoes
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H.C.Andersen Bungeisha co ltd
Outside Japan :Released:1845
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2012/09/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a trauma fairy tale. In the book I read in the past, there was no death of the last, but when I read it in the Aozora bunko I was surprised to die.
I was doubly surprised because I was not dancing and going to die, but I thought that I was saved and I was dead.
Initially Karen who is supposed to be "poor child" coming out frequently in fairy tales becomes arrogant, becoming a childish child like red shoes come with red shoes, but it is a pity.
It is hard to imagine that my legs will become sticks, cross over thorns and be surprised that they are full of bruises. Also, I am afraid to cut off my foot without anesthesia.
It is the content that communicates asthmatics and pain.

To be honest, I thought that it is too cruel to make such arrogant and make arrogant children calm.
Karen is at least as hard as it was originally .... I thought they were good players who are totally playful.
Well, it may be that I want you to return to the original feeling of Karen, but it is still a pity.
It is real that her changing mind changes, but ....

2012/08/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31125 Host:30860 Browser: 8574
Among the works of Andersen, it is considerable, but scary, but works quite liking personally.

If the red shoes I got were the symbols of true heart, the red shoes that I gained with the undertaken richest man is a symbol of emptiness and vanity.
The modest desire will no longer be stopped and will bring ruin to Kahlen.
Even if a clear and correct heroin does not actively move (women are more or less longing) I think that the irony of the princess life is falling in feeling cynical is beneficial?
In a sense, it seems that the days of the aftermath of Atonement were the beginning of Karen's real life.

It is a bit disappointing that Karen before he encountered red shoes because of the small number of pages is hard to understand what kind of daughter.
Since it is also being imaged, I am interested in what kind of adaptation is being done.
I would like to see it there too.

2010/06/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43659 Host:43671 Browser: 10712
It seems that this "red shoes" is also a fairy tale that is often regarded as a motif (?) ........

Well, in a nutshell, it was "a sad, scary, real story". It was Karen who had been arrested because of material poverty by making red shoes or being adopted by a rich young lady, but maybe she can not laugh or despise her. If readers were Karen's position .......

And as well as not only not being able to take care of the rich death or becoming a losing of the foot itself, I think that there was no need to die anymore at the time when it came to be encouraged by church volunteers, but still a pure heart I wonder if I was still happy because I could get back to the rest of the world.

For children I think that the stimulus was a strong content, but this was still born in the poor shoe craftmen's house Andersen said, "Even if you become famous by showing talent, forget about the time of being poor I can not do it. "
I wrote it for the commandments to himself. Well, that kind of vanity is not limited to this Karen, but any human being possessed ........
There are things that can make us think differently from another fairy tale as well.
This "red shoes" as well.

2008/06/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5881 Host:5670 Browser: 7322
It is a scary story to talk about scary, but I think that the theme of vanity and growth of a young girl is skillfully drawn.
To say dancing red shoes may be a metaphor of the life of a girl who has forgotten his duties and keeps playing frivolously and flushed.

From the era when the main character Karen boasted the external beauty symbolized by red shoes,
Considering as the process of noticing the importance of the inner beauty after repentance of that behavior,
I think that it can be said that it is a real growing story of an adolescent girl.

Nonetheless, it seems a bit scary for kids to read, and if Karlen is in proportion to the full story, it is a bad character for quite a while ....
So, the evaluation is "normal" (We reduced the evaluation by one stage on September 8, 2009 due to balance with other works).

2007/11/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2592 Host:2468 Browser: 4184
Works like sadness and fear mixed.
"Red shoes" are those barefooted Karen got injured from a shoes' wife and gradually became unable to leave her feet.
When a mother dies, people say "If you wear red shoes at a funeral, you are going to have a badge" and she is deposited with an old lady who grows up, she is angered by an old lady wearing red shoes in the church.
This is the story when I read it when I was small.
Still one of the soldiers in Karen who can not leave the red shoes to say "dance!" To make the red shoes arbitrarily make it impossible to remove from the foot.
I made ordinary red shoes feel like cursed shoes. At the time I read it I was really scared. If it says in Japan it would be similar to a story that a woman could not remove from her face.
Red shoes continue to dance, and Karen simply dances without getting to the funeral of an old lady, asking a head office to "Please cut this foot" and have them cut off. After that, both feet that were disconnected ... I fell for fear as if I continued dancing after all.
But maybe the end was feeling refreshed.
"Karen, you were forgiven, the soul will rise to heaven" told the angel who appeared in front of her eyes who worked as a church volunteer and gentle with a heart, Karen said that Karen was forgiven ... It is a story.

Evaluation is a dark story, but thinking that it was good at conclusion at the end is good, leave it "good".