[Novel]Red Green Black and White

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Hiroshi Mori
Japan Released:2002/09/05(Thu)
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1. http://www001.upp.so-net.ne.jp/mori/ (Translation)
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2014/05/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36027 Host:36053 Browser: 5171
[Favorite points]
.epilogue. An encounter with a "girl" with a gift bag, Mr. Kozo passed from Ms. Hayashi to Kiyoshi and Purple.
"Everything was a hint for this big trick ..." It was a real shock.
A way of thinking about the motive of the crime. I felt something that leads to "the triangle of the black cat" here.

[Disliked points]
Although it is against this series though this work, it was inferior as compared with S & M.
Even when you feel difficult to read.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The final work of the V series. The mystery of the painted corpses will be unveiled by members of Akaso.
Anyway, the epilogue was shocking! It is an exaggeration to say that everything was a V series for this.
... Although I was honest about the difficulty to read, I was glad I read it until the end. Finally it was rewarded.
I thought that reading in the order of S & M 〓〓〓V 〓〓〓four seasons is the most enjoyable.

2008/04/23 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Although I reread it again, I felt it was abstract, and it was a work we did not understand well.
And the impression that 367 pages in Novels is too long.
I wanted you to be a little more concise.

There is a draw in the last person, but if I write it again,
It is painful that I can not feel attractiveness to characters other than Kanemasu and Purple.
I felt that I should have shot the seven summers, not the last moment, Tatsumatsu.

After all, I could not understand what the author wants to say through this series.
For "Red Cow Series", is not it focused too much on "Hokushi grass"?
If you write him deeply, I will be committed to it, and I feel that the mystery part is unnecessary.

I feel something halfway.
For mystery, it is a series that is not clear ... .... the story about his occupation?
I feel that I could enjoy more.

It is not that it is not interesting, but I have come to see that there are many characters that I can not like.
Finally I do not feel the necessity of having "that person" appear,
The part of the man named Akiyama is not known only by this work, and it was regrettable that "coincidence" is acting.

2008/03/23 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46622 Host:46719 Browser: 5234
Unusual homicide continues,
Emphasis is placed on criminals rather than tricks.
Well, that also makes me understand ....
Well, the main is the last scene,
It means red, green and black and white.
And, the point of enjoyment is exchange of philosophical words of Kozo and Hokuriku while solving a mystery.

As expected to be the last in the series is probably the most complete in the series ?????

2006/11/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4492 Host:4354 Browser: 6342
V series, tenth bullet

Serious deaths painted with the color included in the name are found one after another ... This is a serial that will be the first since "The Triangle of the Black Cat". Continuous murder case by killer. This is followed by the people of Red Sho and Hokurikuza. It is interesting as a taste that the 1st and 10th works in the series are linking the flow of the S & M series.
Since the hippery killer is a mystery element of this work, it is inevitable "Widanit" --- "That is why the culprit ordered this kind of decoration?" Is usually considered. However, again "exclusion of motivation" which should be said as the theme of forest work was extruded all over. People are afraid of being unable to understand, they will find some meaning even if they get caught, trying to immerse themselves in an initial feeling of security. It certainly might be human's standard thought, but Mr. Mori message that Professor Mori said that "having any meaning must be meaningful" without being held by stereotypes, having a broad perspective. (Of course, it depends on the reader how to interpret it) I think that it was flowing under the root. ... If I had new values 〓〓〓〓〓ained from Forest work, this is definitely one of them.
... And, more importantly than the case, it will be a glimpse of the magnificent 'secret' that passes through three of the S & M series, the V series, and the four season series finally (it is not explicitly shown). I was surprised by this without a price and after reading I reread it from the first work and I was joking about confirming hints (laugh). Although it avoids spoilers, it is the place I thought that it was probably that all 10 volumes of the V series were drawn only for the surprise in this epilogue. ... However, even knowing that it was only a bridge to the four season series, I was impressed again by Mr. Hirotsugu Mori's brain. In order to truly understand the three series, I also recommend you to read in order of publication as well.
Finally, write a private vernal statement (X).

"It is one of the fundamental pleasures of humans to plan and design something and make the finish as it wish."

2006/11/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30431 Browser: 3846
The V series 10th work appeared several strange colored corpses.
As usual I understand that the criminal seems to understand, the usual Akusasu member challenges this strange case.
Well, how do you finish this work?

I think that it was a fairly enthusiastic addition to the culmination of the series.
There were a lot of works in which the composition which depended on the mystery as a small grain or excessively character was noticeable in the book series was not so often seen from the wide viewpoint viewing the incident scene,
Although it was not early, it did not become redundant, and I felt that a kind of feeling felt in the forest work of depiction etc, which was wearing the regulation well was revived.
Especially the scene to catch up with the last criminal is not as good as the chess game of "summer replica", but there is a sense of urgency beyond the schedule where Kennedy confronts the senior of "Masaki Tensho" and one of the best scenes in the same series became.

Once again motive is that type.
I feel rather quiet if I do this thoroughly.
Well, in a sense I do not feel like being brainwashed, so I can not say anything.

And the most amazing thing is the last scene.
The identity of that incongruity feeling felt in "the profit of the twisted mansion" is clarified at a stretch.
What is the real name of 'Funny' father, 'Hayashi'?
When I noticed that, when I recalled the final scene of "the twilight man's profit," it seemed to blow a bit.

Evaluation for this work alone is "very good" for both standards and reviews
Is it the place that said "whole ~ good" as the evaluation of the whole series?
And it is a step towards the obvious "four season series".
It is not likely to fall out of forest intoxication.

At first it was a scary work that this impression of the S & M series seemed to collapse.
Well, it broke down as expected, but there is no regret there.
"Four seasons" ... Well, what kind of world will you show?

2006/09/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5594 Host:5330 Browser: 6342
V series 10th volume.
The V series is finally complete with this. I am deeply embarrassed in many ways ....

Mr. Sekiga Maru Koiko challenges the criminal, the truth behind the harsh continuous murder that paints the victim.

As the truth of serial killing is okay (lol), the V series is completed, which is why the service is exactly the last (?). Wow, I do not have much memory of "everything turns into F!" The scene where the insurance gurus separates from Red Sho is pretty nice, but the epilogue feels like a trainee in the seasons series. Well, I will pull it (laugh).

2006/06/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37856 Host:37921 Browser: 7321
The last volume of the V series. Well, it was probably the best way in this series where there were a lot of small grains.
Although not properly written, various mysteries were revealed, and it was surprised by Fuu in Kore. I wonder if they are all connected.
I am afraid I do not know how it ended with a feeling like a stone to the four season series, but the impact was bigger than that.

2006/03/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I have not much fondness in the first series, so even if that person appeared in the last, I did not feel anything in particular.
However, I feel that it is a character oriented person.

Hokusho grass that I had not liked so far is becoming pretty favorite now, after reading the "Four Seasons".
Also, I have great dissatisfaction with handling of my favorite kneading and purple.
After all, I felt that the scene in the last was the main of this work.

2006/02/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32731 Browser: 2771(Mobile)
Completion work of V series. The main thing is the trick and the last from the culprit.
I was quite surprised. Everything was connected from the S & M series.
It feels like it is becoming a character novel no longer, but the fan is a must read !!
I think that reading the S & M series 〓〓〓V series 〓〓〓the four season series is the most reasonable place.

2005/04/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47039 Host:46928 Browser: 4184
Mori Hirotsugu's second series, V series complete work.
For the V series, tricks and characters are no longer science-like for the S & M series,
The poetical and philosophical part of the author became a work group where the author strongly emerged.
So, it may give a slightly impressive impression to those who are genuine Mysteries fans.
Also, for those who were reading as a love affair with Moe and Saikawa in the previous series, such elements are somewhat thin,
Your fans will also feel a little disappointing.
I was the former and there were some works that tricks feel a bit sorry.
However, it is truly Mr. Mori, though I think that it is interesting even if I deduct it.

In a sense, the main character Mr. Sejima Maruko is a person close to Dr. Shikiga Shingakida. Just like a transcendent personality.
In this work finally the Enzo Sejima and Shikiga Season are encountering.
In the final chapter of this book, one important element leading to the "Four Seasons" series is represented.
Well, that is fun to read, so ....

So, although it is the work content of the essence, is it an image close to a triangle of black cats, and a model, which is a celestial model?
Unusual killings are continuous, emphasis is placed on criminals rather than tricks.
Well, that also makes me understand ....
Well, the main is the last scene, meaning red, green and black and white.
And, the point of enjoyment is exchange of philosophical words of Kozo and Hokuriku while solving a mystery.
Indeed it is the last in the series that it is the last in the series.
However, it is regrettable that I felt the intention of connecting to the next series obviously.