[Novel]Ranseitamayura Rennyo to onnatachi

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Literature rank of 1991 Rank 19in 69 titles
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Minagawa Hiroko
The Yomiuri Shimbun
Japan Released:1991/01/10(Thu)
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2008/07/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A person of Jodo Shinshu Chukohyo, Rennyo - its daughter, a spiritual novel that is spun into two principal axes.
While doing the same with my father, I send a contrasting lifetime, but at the root there are two very close ones. I am sorry for my father running away from the people as a shield, and I despise my father who conscious of making children for making pieces.
At the same time, those who continued to be lifelongly tossed in his actions - the daughter of Kutada's belly, the maiden, was created, and the eldest daughter of the second wife, Rennyi, who made one person exposed with his own eyes, It is a wonderful skill that I spun out longevity (Myojong) from limited materials and I dyed it up in color. I also felt that the method of reflecting the historical facts and how to get involved was exquisite and dragged into the world of the story to the northernmost.
Even in this work, glossy poison lurking in sentences is alive. For the way the girls' hearts sway, fluctuations, I was made to go out for a long time.

Fear seems to be noticeable in the part of the girl who walks a more harsh road. While turning the page, the soft part of the heart feels like being hollowed out ... ....
At that time, or at that place, if her dressing was a little different, "after" would have been very different. If my mother does not die over there, unless I can not get out of my grandmother, if a biwa lawyer gets stuck, - if I wait a little more.
I was informed of Katata 's later, her shaking was terrible and painful. I can not make words to the impact of the backside that I pressed down. In my vocabulary, whatever you choose it turns into obsolete things - it hurts so much.
... how much it was to her that she was said to have been destroyed.

I wonder if her path was decided at that moment. After the matter, her last moment of death has been very calm, but it is painfully to the contrary.
I can not stop hoping that I can start returning to the beginning of the story and returning to that kindness.

Compared to the violence of the maiden, there was a flat impression, the part of the longevity that is my sister. Of course it is not that I was calm.
While holding disbelief in my heart, the life I had to continue Kyoto, the contradiction that the inner side has is very interesting, sad again.
In order to keep chirp, we put a tremendous burden on my wife to death, I hate the man who sends to the people with children as a piece - but still I am attracted to the calm affluence given by that authority. Luxuriously, the body learns joy. Despite calling himself a cave that took the shape of a stone, the heart calms down to the desire to amuse. Despite having remembered the unity of the maiden 's ruins in the front, the sign will eventually become thin.
As a matter of fact, I think that it was not only that I pressed my girlfriend's sense of disappearance into the illusion of a maiden, but I was forgiven myself that I was losing my discretion, that the restless pursuit did not allow ... Is it a distraud?
If I think about it, it may be similar to that of a girl who was angry that there is a gods under Yoshizaki.
Even though they were not something to verify when they were sisters, nor did the girls tell you - even though they were due to the thought of a maiden, the connection between the two was strong ,I want to believe.
If so, I feel like there will be a little salvation.

Speaking of which, I thought that if the maiden is Rennyo 's child, I thought that his child would not be 28 people, but there was a proper matching between them. I was impressed by the strange place.