[Novel]Randezvous with Rama

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Literature rank of 1985 Rank 10in 47 titles
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Sir Arthur Charles Clarke
Hayakawa Publishing Corporation
Hayakawa BunkoSF
Japan Released:1985/09/15(Sun)
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2015/03/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6007 Host:6052 Browser: 5173
I am not good at reading SF novels from Hayakawa Bunko, and if I put them in a bookshelf, it is a cool interior ... (haha).
Well then it is OK, for the time being I read only the famous Arthur C. Clark. There are also some titles that I read about half other people and gave up.
After that, there are a few things that I can not understand even if I read it, and I have not dropped evaluation.
For the time being, Arthur C. Clark's work was divided into chapters finely, so it was surprisingly easy to read.

Such a thing is "Rendezvous of the universe", but I will evaluate this as a first piece for the time being.
Because it seems to be a separate work after the second work. Would it be better to make another page so as not to be confusing?

The mystery surrounding the artificial building Rama is this story.
A scientific word coming out everywhere is "a middle school, I heard it somewhere in high school days (sweat)", but it was a vaguely learned thing, so it was a barely understandable range .
It is the work of the current work that the investigation team examines Rama. Somehow, I have read overseas SF works in the past that "inherit the stars", it is a close taste. In the era of space advancement, it is a novel that "encounters obviously other than Earth Civilization" meets scientifically and it is a novel which is scientifically verified, but in this case, it reveals a mystery by "action", not "argument" Is it a point to go?
Anyhow, it was supposed to be able to enjoy the form of the research team exploring just in the unknown existence, various facts revealed at moderate timing, something of the work etc something.

So, from the excitement, it is the end that "the talk ended without anything in particular".
Is Urasawa Naoki?
Anyway, let me read and read, in the end I ended without knowing what it is.
Currently it is "Rendezvous 2 of the Universe" or something, but it was a work that painted hundreds of years later?

Well, since the literary work was truly reading with a stance that is not good at "science", I have read such works vaguely, but everywhere I thought "Well, I see.
Well, it was a work that became easy to enter the world though I use my head, such as knowledge of detailed science field, world setting that can preserve the reality that inflated it.

Evaluation is "very good".
When it comes to the second half, it makes it easy for sympathy to appear on the characters, and it is relieved that things such as the deaths due to the war with Rama ... did not come (laugh).

2007/08/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3926 Host:4052 Browser: 5623
Hard science fiction but spectacular adventure. "Human" approach to unknown objects that flew without foreseeing the solar system objectively in a dry way.
Mr. Clark nailed the depiction of the future world as ever. From the reach of science and technology to society's common sense Continuation of depiction that is realistically relieved. The lifestyle of the space pilot is guaranteed to be nodding "Oh, I guess so."
The exploration of the unknown object "Rama" is just going down to the idea that surpasses the reader's imagination exceptionally. In creating this "unknown" it is Dr. Clark's exclusive place. What will happen next, what will appear next, how will "unknown intelligence" come out? I never thought that I could get made up like this in a way.
What is it? Because how hard it is SF, the unknown intelligence was still unknown, but as a drama it will not get excited. As I wrote earlier, the descent of Rama's quest is exactly a sense of wonder, I know that it is true, but as a package of novels gets excited and I want a closing. It seems that there are steps in this kind of Toko like Hogan or Hainline.
Wow, it is regrettable that it will be evaluated a higher rank if the punch is excited about the crowd, it is regrettable.