[Novel]Radio Girl With Jamming

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Literature rank of 2006 Rank 84in 179 titles
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Dengeki bunko
Miyama Sin
Japan Released:2006/07/25(Tue)
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2006/10/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30431 Browser: 3846
It was a work with a feeling that it felt clean.
There was some discomfort in setting up the situation of extreme information policy,
Well, the impression that the author cherishes the story was strong, as I thought that there is something I want to write even if I give up the impossible setting.
Well, it seems like I've seen the original setting in somewhere, and I think that it is somewhat unsatisfactory for someone who asks for unexpectedness to follow the development that I predict from there We do not hesitate to recommend people who can impress as planned with predictable works, people who want to impressed.

Characters are not pretty and good impression.
In recent years, there is a tendency to get uncomfortable at times because there is a tendency to go to a character moe at a light novel at times,
A combination of girls who have a leading role, badly speaking of mediocrity, better speaking taste and dark pastes,
In addition, other military persons, town people and others are in good shape and there are few things that do not flash gently, but they made a relaxed air.

But, again, is it neatly coherent?
How to hypothesis is not very good.
Or, the story is too close to one street.
This is the most disadvantage of this work, "The impression is thin."
If it is a work of strong development of lye, it seems to be somewhat impressive, but although I can remember this work, the main line, I think that it is probably impossible if it is told to explain the details.
It has been as smooth as that.

Although it is the direction of evaluation, the standard is "very good"
However, this small grain impression has become a little penalty point and I will consider it as "good" as a general review.

Eye Row
"I look on laughing!"

2006/09/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4497 Host:4413 Browser: 5234
The final selection work of the 12th Dengeki Novel Grand Prize. Even so, it is a work of Futu.
Even though there are very dark characters, there is no strange setting,
The story is also solid and royal road feeling. It was a little boring as I realized it would be the last time as I got along the way. Still could do a little.
The sentences were habitless and easy to read, their tempo was also pretty good.
I wanted a bit more impact.
However, since I have only 1 volume yet I do not know what will happen in the future.
I feel like heroine of light novel is a bullish personality these days, and it seems that there are a lot of tsundere, but the heroine of this novel feels like a feature, but it feels like a feature in reverse.
Captain Delon was also pretty cool.

Where you are concerned is the regulation of every media development. There is no reality that ten years since the war ended we still can not even feed the weather forecast. I can see that this story does not start unless it is regulated, but I wanted you to think a little more reasonable.

Impact was weak, but I showed it as it is, so the evaluation is sweet.