[Novel]Outer Zone

Other media: Comics:Outer Zone
Literature total pnts rank Rank 4,527in 4,624 titlesTotal -3 / Deviation 43.36
Literature rank of 1995 Rank 69in 71 titles
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Shin Mitsuhara
Ryuji Yamada
Japan Released:1995/07
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2005/07/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the outer zone that appeared as Novels after the serial series, two Novels original and three novel versions of the comic, which is the original, are recorded. The second one was also posted in the jump magazine of Jump Novels.

[Fear of curse]
The hero, Soga tries to revenge on the relatives of a loving fiancee who was insulting himself, borrowing a magical instrument from Mizaria in the form of a shrine maiden, but that curse must sacrifice a fianc莨〓 With what to say ....

It is a line that Soga encounters painful eyes (worst, death) when it is around the time of the jump series, but in the case of this work, the feeling of getting revenged is intentionally felt uncomfortable to the relatives of the fianc莨〓who insults the partner unexpectedly Such as Soga desperately trying to be in a panic and acting as a fiance to the sacrificial sacrifice of faction, although it is not like the character of the main part, but it is not quite a few of the following work to be described later I can feel better than characters. And Mizarry who knows the circumstances of Soga is playing active in post-treatment and saving his fiancee, and it seems that it seems not to seem to end like it.

[Counterattack of DNA]
A young but excellent arrogant scientist, Hinata is deprived of his research results as a result of his research, and his boss has won the Nobel Prize in his research results. I made a clone of Misery and made a clone of misery to kill my boss and to sneak out the sin to Mizarie in an attempt to refuse and refuse to talk to Mizarii who happened to meet such Shirakawa. Misery has jumped to the past for investigating the cause.

It is probably the work that I thought was probably the best among those posted in the jump magazine entangled with jump novels, but this work is for novels readers who seems to be increasingly eligible for age ([BASTARD] or whatever it is) Even though I made it on ...), I think it's overkill. Hyuga who is also the main character of this work is not a thoroughly disgusting man, so it is not that I knew that it would be a disastrous eye, but something obscene is something that is obviously something obviously done using Misari clones (Or rather, people in charge in charge use Hyuga to do it), but it is the deduction point material that has stuck the side of Eros which was also the main part here. Rather than being based on Mika 's sexiness (rather than saying that I had to rely on it rather than say) I misunderstood the work of the mastery (complete) miserable content of the original work It is minus to say clearly that the human beings are only writing it.

[Village of witch hunting]
A novelized version of the comic, which has the original of the same title. Emeko and Emily got lost in the past when traveling to Germany, and it was a time when witch hunting was rampant during this period. Emiko visited the origin of Japanese misery to try Emily to be a witch. And the confrontation between Misery and the Inquisition officer in the village of witch hunting ....

Although it is a novelized version of the original, it is supposed to be the subject of the time when he relied on Mizarishi 's sexiness again, too, which is supposed to be the subject of the sentence. In the original, rather than being an ordinary person, the heretical hear examiner seems unnecessary at any rate to accuse of misery naked becoming a man with a past of complex lump and accused of it. Rather, it was a substitute that made me think that I wanted to draw that. Well it was better than the second one.

To be honest, it is said in many places that revolves this novel, was Mr. Takashi Yamada who is also active in the script of animation in charge of the sentence read and understood this comic book through the first part It can be said that it is "No!" To read this novel version. As an honest story, as ordinary SF horrormono, there are so many people who depend on the sexiness of Misery or those who have strangely black things, but there is a reasonable level as a novelization of the [outer zone]. There are places to see it strangely, such as being set up in 2002 when Japan won the World Cup appearance in the second one. It can be said that it is outside the scope of scoring. In this work, as Mr. Mitsuhara noted that the 2nd stage should come out, let me feel the times errightly even though I say "This opponent of Misery's confrontation is a guru of emerging religion". And this work makes you feel the time when the adult scent remained in the jump novels which was now for pure children only. However, it is also good.

As an evaluation, it is made to be [worst] from the impression made strange by a person who does not understand the original.

But now Michael's occupation "stalker" is the same as "transformation" .... Well, Misery was also a weird presence.