[Novel]La Petite Fadette

Other media: Comics:La Petite Fadette
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Literature rank of 1936 Rank 4in 22 titles
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George Sand
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Japan Released:1936
Outside Japan :Released:1849
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2011/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I read it in Iwanami Bunko, but the content is a solid story that makes me think that it will not be in cobalt bunko now.
A love story of a girl who is a serious young man (also a good family) and a little twisted by a tummy (a house is poor, a mother is a married man and a mistress) in a certain village.

Certainly, they met (girls help boys), but at that time the girls promise the boys to dance together at the village festival. From here, a stormy beta story.
For boys, there is a beautiful daughter like a fianc莨〓 or a servant, and at first it is a feeling that the promise is disgusting, but on the day of the festival the girl is doing its best in the cleanest shape ( Although I promised that it would be a poorly dressed shabby dress), I saw the children in the village making fun of girls, boys promised to be driven by righteousness I will fulfill.
After that, a boy who came across a girl crying will talk properly with the girl. Therefore, the boy knows the girl 's heart roots (the flow which the boy falls in love at a stroke at the stroke of the story of the body). Ignoring the offer of girls who are going to take partnership with their daughter 's daughter, the boy will passionately kiss the girl.
And after that, there is a bit of tedious interaction to check each other's love, but there is also a solid composition of a woman trying to take herself in disparity and a man trying to jump over the disparity.

Well, when I take care of things to wear, it is a beautiful girl, and there are punches that I was rich indeed, and the two of us are connected with happiness (although the story of the twin brother of a boy is also involved) That is already like a digression.

Works that let us feel that the basic line of a love story already existed in the 19th century, or that the basic line of a love story would be the same without asking the east and west of the world and the past.
Since the sentiments of boys and girls are drawn in considerably fine detail, if you like such a straightforward love story, empathy is amazingly easy. I do not have to read it as French classical literature at all. (It may be too mediocre if it is made into cartoons. Only by reading in this type, this solid atmosphere seems to be enjoyable)

2010/11/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8140 Host:8304 Browser: 7436
In the world there are many "textbook-like works teaching important things in life as a person" such as affection, friendship, family love, courage,
In the work of that kind, if I was told that the highest masterpiece of love is the subject, I will presume this work.

The heroine of this work.Fadet was the person who was disliked being told at the beginning that it was told that the appearance is bad and reputation.
However, after destroying a reputable and rich man in the village called Laundry, her destiny will change.
As a result of that, Laundry realized the beauty of Fadet's heart, and they came to love each other.
Initially it was the dating of the two people who were opposed to by "the case is too different"
Fredett made a lot of efforts to become a suitable laundry entity.
To improve the reputation in the town, go out to a dedication, to clean up, to cure diseases of the heart of the sylvine of Elder brother of Laundry.
And finally, they became couple blessed from everyone.
Even though it gives a negative impression initially as a superficial element, a reassuring understanding appeared unless gentleness and ambition were to be lost,
It is a work that comes out very well and becomes energetic, which tells concretely that it is easy to understand that people around me will recognize little by little.

The only disappointing fact is that Fadette is actually rich with her wife's legacy.
After all I totally decided that I could not get married without being balanced with the laundry, unless it was rich, and it cooled down a little.
It is said that it is not so in the middle of the work, but if so, I think that this setting was unnecessary in the first place.
Moreover, whether or not there is a heritage is eventually dependent on the luck of "Whose child or grandchild was born"
I feel that it is contrary to the theme of this work "Great happiness with effort and heart failure".