[Picture book]Little Red Riding Hood

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Bruder Grimm
Outside Japan :Released:1812
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2016/04/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
I draw the lesson that "a foolish daughter is made a food even if it is good" in an easy-to-understand way. There are various versions of this [Little Red Riding Hood], but the lessons are common.
[Bad point]
Portrayal of some.
There is a description that Little Red Riding Hood disguised as a grandmother, "Oh grandmother, what a big 〓〓〓〓〓〓" In the first place why Little Red Riding Hood never remembers the face of the old woman, you know the house , It should not have been acquainted. Is he a child of Aho?
[One word]
This is also a major fairy tale that you can say that nobody knows. You probably will not become adults without knowing this.
Well asked if it was interesting ....
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A bad point.

2014/10/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is unexpectedly unknown, but the fact that red fisherman and grandmother who came by chance at the last time are helped by the fisherman, and the wolves are killed is actually a thing that had been altered. That is because the original is the same as halfway, but the end is the bad end that ends at the time of being eaten by a wolf ... (If you are a person who is reading "What is really cruel ..." I think that you are aware of it However.

In the bad last such ... It is a translation changed to the form of a wolves extermination, but if you think it well, there is no thing that the wolf can not be seen in the form of Western dark fairy tale just being made a bad guy , Wolves are being enemies as eyesore as an eyesore for human beings eating livestock and eating hunting animals. It breaks nature and deprives the human being of the wolves of the people who took away their thoughts no matter what they thought, so in that sense the Grimm brothers think that it gives a thought to wolves ... However, wolf is regarded as a villain in foreign folk tales, as represented by "Three Lizards" and "Peter and Wolf" as well as this work.

The origin of the name of the wolf was treated in the form of the god of the grassland in Mongolia, as it is written in the Japanese mountain god, as written in Okami in Japanese, but after the waves of Western powers entered by the Meiji Restoration Given the reality that wolves are extinct in Hokkaido and throughout Japan, it seems to be one of the dislikes that we now dislike because of the aspect of being a meritorious work that has strengthened the evil image of wolves, It is getting.

In contrast to nature, it is not a thing to describe a face that human beings are so unilateral ... and a man aiming for a pure maiden is met with a wolf ... against a woman who is original, Watch out for the man who is speechless! "Although it might have been like that, I do not know how to make it a wolf ... somehow now.

Even though considering the foreign curiosity of discrimination against wolves and the problem while making an awkward attitude, there is an impression of a work that should not be read by children now. If you know the true wolves, is not it too much to think that such human ego is appearing in this work just because you think that it is clearer to make a wicked person clearer than to make a wolf a villain?