[Novel]Le rouge et le noir

Other media: Movie:Red and black
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Stendhal Ikushima Ryouichi
Shinchosha Iwanami Shoten, Publishers
Japan Released:1830
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2010/06/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26173 Host:26082 Browser: 7341
At first, he said about the main character Julian, "Why are there so many people who love this cheeky guy so much, even if they are beautiful boys? Is it difficult for women to get good with just beautiful women?" I thought.
However, as I read it, "People who are attracted to Julian are on the strength of his rising tendency,
I have come to think that I saw the strength and momentum of the peculiarity of the person who can win and the big aura? "
He is certainly not praised personality, but the sense of language selection is outstanding,
Just because of his remarks and psychological depictions makes the story fun at a stroke.
There are not many people who can feel such a flower only with text information.
Other characters, such as pure Mrs. Renard, Matild, who is a high-ranking but also a furious empathist, all persons with distinctive and attractive personality.

The romance part is wonderful.
Of course, not only of intense psychological description, I was excited by the altitude of love 's bargaining for myself to dominate.
I can not deny that the fun of other scenes has been hazy only by that ...

2009/08/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18423 Host:18244 Browser: 2353(Mobile)
A masterpiece of the former soldier 's large writer Standardel, one of the founder of modern novels. The title "red" represents a soldier, "black" represents a priest.

As a background of France after Napoleon's defeat, the ambassador's main character, Julian Sorel, who is a commoner but inferior to a nobleman as a nobleman, as a backdrop of Napoleon's defeat, Napoleon climbed to the top with a soldier (red) A story aiming at the top by becoming a priest (black) pursuant to.

While incorporating the political satire of the time (the hero and two aristocratic women) analyzing love psychology is distinctive, spreading its own romance theory that used jealousy especially by using the baroness The depiction which he said is quite interesting.

While being plagued by "jealousy" in the first half, the latter half is not so hard to see the author's ambition to make the author's romantic theory more robust by using it skillfully, so the impression I felt that I placed more emphasis on love content than politics.

Ultimately, until the end, the hero worries about it while using love, it will end the story with his high pride.
I felt the way the drawing of the curtain was forcibly, but in the advanced plot which does not feel oldness, the work which made the artist trying to push it out just by the current topicity and idea is less than the feet was.

2006/12/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17574 Host:17513 Browser: 3646
At the end of the ambition of one young man trying to rise in the confusion when the former dominant hierarchy (aristocrat and monk) who was under pressure by bourgeoisie after the French Revolution was forced to recover ... Is it such a work? To be honest, I do not remember much of the story line.

It is set in a politically extremely fluid period, but it does not mean that he wrote the political trend in detail. Rather, I think that it is a work depicting the disturbing air that was flowing in that era. And the author 's stance is not looking at it in a bird's - eye view, but Ironically, I am watching this stage.
I think that the author who is supposed to be influenced by the so-called Enlightenment thought shows how he was looking at the era when the former privileged class once again extended the power.

In a salon that seemingly glamorous, a dark conspiracy that can be unfolded behind a smile. I also pretend to argue the nation-state and aim to expand individuals' self-interest greed. A young man trying to swim with the goodness of her face with the stage covered with such emptiness.
I am such a hero, but in fact I do not really understand the purpose of life. I do not seem to think separately from French politics. There is a view that it is the ambition peculiar to the young, "I am going to be absolutely big!", But I did not mind.
Therefore, the last will be ruined with half-hearted entanglement. Just the expression of destruction was also not appropriate, and I felt like I was dying quite satisfied on my own.

Therefore, when I first read it, I could only have the impression that somewhat. However, it is a work that made a friend recognize "how to taste the work" other than the story from the content "the scale from the eyes" ... being told that "Does not it taste the atmosphere of the stage?"
Not the story itself, but also the atmosphere that flows in the work. Work that came to be conscious of that.

Evaluation ... I will keep it "good". Even "normal" may be good.

2005/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:26(63%) Normal:10(24%) Bad:5(12%)] / Provider: 2388 Host:2362 Browser: 5098
Work was forcibly read by parents at elementary school or junior high school.
I started reading it all, but since it is not clear in the world called medieval Europe, the scenery did not expand as much as I imagined.
It is a work that has dramatic elements of love, success and life, and death, but if you do not get accustomed to such a world, you may think that a sense of interdependence that you can not immerse will occur for people of the present generation I also do.
Once it was able to read it all, it is supposed to be good as it should have felt to some extent as interesting.