[Novel]La Sombra del Viento

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Japan Released:2006/07/25(Tue)
Outside Japan :Released:2001
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1. http://bunko.shueisha.co.jp/kaze/index2.html (Translation)
2. http://www.lasombradelviento.net/ (Translation)
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2010/05/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It is innovative that Spain is the stage.
It is felt that human patterns are well drawn.

[Bad point]
I feel a bit of horror and habit in expressions such as "struck with fire".

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Spain from 1945 to 1965. A story set in Barcelona.

Although it was a glimpse of the part that seems to be personally seeming to be somewhat terrible in the process, the stage is still Spain.It is the place of Barcelona that there is innovation that has never existed,
I think that having felt the local atmosphere was sufficient.

Also, Daniel, the hero who is working, met a woman like Bear Clara in it,
Through them, there was something that sent him from the sentence that he desperately lives.

And I think that it was also good that at the end, each of the characters came to a calm ending and I felt somewhat relief for that part.

It was a work with the top and bottom volumes, it was hard to read, there were things that it was difficult to grasp all the contents, but I think that it was a good work with freshness and tension.

2010/03/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This is exactly the finest work that makes us feel the joy of reading and intellectual excitement as well as the fun of the story. I also love reading and Barcelona, 〓〓〓〓〓o it was a strike in the middle of a straight ball.

First of all, it is wonderful from the beginning. A ten-year-old boy, Daniel, is brought to the "graveyard of forgotten book", brought by his father, but it is kept secret by the general public, and it is said that there is about the same history as Barcelona Sanctuary. Moreover, it is also a huge, labyrinthic place as much as it gets lost if you do not put a landmark. So, by choosing a book and never losing it, by the tradition of having to keep a lifetime and protecting it, Furian. Karax's book titled "The Shadow of the Wind" is chosen to capture the heart of Daniel in a solid fashion. The word "one book in a book, a soul in a volume of one volume", "There is nothing that makes a deeper trace to a person who reads a book, as soon as it was born for the first time in his heart" Although it comes out, I think that it is a wonderful message that no more for a person who loves books. I nodded and sympathized in my mind while reading that "Oh, I understand it, it is true!"

From there there is a mysterious writer Furian, an adventure over Karax begins, but as we explore the mystery, the shadow of a dubious person starts to flicker. Furian: A phantom line trying to burn off all his books of Karax.Nuuria who knows the mystery of criminal director Humelo, Furian like Kuberto, a death seller, authorization of fear and violence. Among them, it is a third piece that is always frustrating, but when exploring the mysteries of Julian, Fermin, a former homeless friend who makes great use of the experience of spying, was really doing good characters. Thanks to him, a shady story appears shining ... besides, the first love with a blind beautiful woman Clara with a large old book shopkeeper's niece, friend's sister, permission with a fellow who already has a fiance Love and "love" is an important element in drawing Daniel's growth. Among them, I felt like being awakened to sexuality by seeing the naked body of Clara, it was taught again that "including such things is growth".
The story that these characters weave is popular, but therefore once you read it once, you can not stop it. All the characters that appear are vivid and make each drama feel. The scene of the city is as rich as if there were expressions, it was like I really went to Barcelona. It is nice to have a map of Barcelona city on the first page, and it can be likable.

And Furian's truth, which is told in the second volume, is a masterpiece. Various friendship and love and hatred are still entangled with this, and Barcelona 's blooded memories of civil war are awakened. The method of collecting hints is brilliant, and Furian's father and line of fruit.The identity of Kuberto is surprised as "yeah! ___ ___ ___ 0. As Furian and all the people involved in him were miserable and living a brutal life, Daniel was hurried about what happened?! The hand turning the page went through a last sprint at once. It is just being impressed to the competence of the author.

That's why I applauded to the last great circle. It seems as if bright light had been inserted in sepia or grayish color until then ... It is a life praise.

If the book is the theme and it is said that the taste of the 19th century literature (which symbolizes it is Victor Hugo's fountain pen used), it may be somewhat impressive to read, but such a concern is It is useless. It was exactly the best entertainment that could affirm "If you like books you have to read absolutely" absolutely. I'm looking forward to the sequel ...