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Dengeki bunko
Media Works
Japan Released:2002/08/10(Sat)
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2012/08/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14544 Host:14731 Browser: 7289
Before taking this book, I only saw the cover and imagined the major story. When scenes where brothers and sisters ride a bicycle in the rice field just in the rice paddock float and I thought that it was a story of such feeling clearly, it was a delight to say that my local shop's shoulder watermark was eaten, and my local Kobe was the stage setting .

Because it is nice to be in the place of your own local setting, but it is more exciting to have it set in a location you do not know.
So, it was minus at this point. Because it is a special summer vacation, I feel that it is only possible to go back to the country and play in the summer vacation for a long vacation rather than to play in the city, so it seemed like a work with little sense of summer vacation. Anyway, it was a good summer vacation but I felt that I could not fully utilize the summer vacation.

Well, these are personal impressions, but in good terms, it is easy to empathize myself anyway.
Since Tomohiro's feelings are transmitted well, the first person thought of Yuka so irritatingly, and Yuka died at the end, Tomohiro's sorrow which hugs the futon was transmitted.

At the same time, I thought that if I had a family with a serious illness I wonder if it is this kind of feeling.
It is not the aspect of looking after a sick person, but I can not explain the importance of speaking a word with a family who feels it might die tomorrow, but I can not explain it well, but in that part, It made me think quite a bit.

However, there is only a good place here.
Personally, I do not think anything about the bottom neta, and I laughed at the same time, but it was not related to the story itself, which I thought that it was a bit mismatch with this work of tears received I will. It's a bit disappointing, because I wrote while leaving a piece of "I do not need tears in heaven".

Also, the title of LAST KISS was also unreliable, I wanted a little more twist and Yuka liked Tomohiro, incestuous incestuous evolution is somewhere erotic, gargue small, there is a part I can not accept as individual did.

After all, Yuka confessed to Tomohiro in the spiritual youthfulness of Yuka, which left a small impression throughout the work.
It is regrettable that Yuka is not bad in its development that Yuka gives thoughts to Tomohiro, but if Yuka himself did not say so, and he had not pressed for a kiss, he became a little more adult work.

By the way, although this has nothing to do with the good or bad of the evaluation, there is the impression that Natsuo's character, setting and others have a mild version of Rasuko Sasaki of "There is no tear in heaven". I do not know whether these characters are easy to write, but I am convinced that Sato himself is modeling himself. Because writing is easier to write people closer to you.

It is said that it was the beginning that Written by Mr. Sato's friend TK as harassment, it is written in the postscript, character and other things in Tomohiro Isozaki of the main character in all sorts of ways, but perhaps, Mr. Sato for distant leaves I wonder if it is a confession to Mr. TK.

Well, it's a good speculation.

As evaluation, I was rather lost. Whether or not to make it normal.
Because I am making a motto to judge with good bad as possible, I usually wanted to quit, but I just left the impression that it was normal.

However, the decisive drawback is that it has become a childish work, eroge, gargoge The part that I managed to become a grown-up work by finding a small development somehow was a surprising remembrance, ".

2011/05/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19896 Host:19998 Browser: 5227
No ... not so funny as "no tears in heaven".

I picked it up because the lettering of the title was very gentle but I felt it was fleeting.
Professor Kay Sato's work has a comfortable transparency, and this work is also true.

However, I think that it was lacking in the story of the story.
I think that it is now a trendy everyday work, but since the first edition issue is about 10 years ago,
It is not the story that was overflowing as much as it is now.
I think I made a mistake in reading the time.
I was taking the style like a diary and it was very fair to read.

The thought depiction of the speech of the protagonist and the colloquial body inserted into the sentence of the earth is written in the Kansai dialect,
It may be divided into easy-to-read emotional readers and readers who do not understand the contents.
I was the former, so I could read it as it was.

The hero is a real male figure that is insensitive, deep and self-conscious.
The arrangement of the girl friend and the younger sister is also realistic, setting which is not like a light novel,
Tempo like light novel co-existed.

I think that it was the last thing that could be impressed,
I felt as if I was misaligned from the somewhat crying direction with the intense words of the Kansai dialect.
Evaluation is "ordinary".

2010/08/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49310 Host:49311 Browser: 11743
Originally, it is something that tears in tragic content ...
In the case of this work, I felt that I just finished reading it indifferently because I did not reach the level to empathize to the main character.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is [normal].

2004/12/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20661 Host:20659 Browser: 3875
Well, something is getting too embarrassed. Perhaps the scene that would be most impressed could not be transferred emotionally for me. If I was able to grasp the characters that appeared, the evaluation might have gone up a little more, but unfortunately to myself ...

I do not know which one comes first, but I remember a certain Pasogee.