[Novel]Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru

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Shiwon Miura
Sincyou bunko
Japan Released:2006/09/20(Wed)
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1. http://www.shinchosha.co.jp/book/454104/ (Translation)
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2017/01/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6422 Host:6188 Browser: 5819
[Good point] Individuality of a character shines in a place where each person who can read fun even non-experienced persons glow on their own

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I read it all at once! I think that such an interesting novel is not readily available. I definitely recommend it.

2011/07/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1055 Host:1134 Browser: 10841
[good point]
It was Hakone Ekiden which became very hot! Guts of personality rich people of Takeozo soon came to me as a trainee as well.
The feeling that both runners and Heidi are stimulated by each other was also very good. Running to pursue more strongly running is very cool.
The appearance of running to Hula Fura among the colds of the Shinto child was very touching.

[Bad point]
I felt that the depiction which runners noticed that I was in love with Yakako Yonagi was a little too abrupt.
In the process of striving towards Hakone Ekiden, I wanted a more detailed description of each member.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a refreshing youthful stuff! I felt that my heart was transparent.

2009/06/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1328 Host:1089 Browser: 7322
From the sound of the name of the author and the sound of the title, I think that it is a delicate story ...
I was surprised only by the subject matter, I was surprised that it was a funny story.
... The impression that the title of the comical sounding was better rather than the title.
Well, it was fun.

[good point]

It is pleasant that the character is rich in personality and reading.
The ties between the 10 people of Aoyakaso were indeed a feeling of youth.
The harvest is finding out the rules such as the structure of the qualifying and instructions from the director in detail.
It is easy to understand that the time of ten people is digitized concretely.
Especially tears did not stop at the scene where the psychology of one person was deepened in the latter half of the Ekiden scene.
On the other hand, in the scene where each personality comes out, such as the scene of the light touch of the first half, it burst out laughing.
I feel I smiled than normal manga.

[Bad point]

I like it, but dare ... Because there is a nice part, there are a lot of regrettable parts.

In the last Ekiden scene, as the feelings other than running were dug out, it made me cry.
That's it ... I wanted to see this from the early stage !! I feel strong.

Because I am not good at exercising myself, in a sense a sense of affinity was the prince.
That's why I wanted to read the first determination of his "running" from his own point of view.
It would have been a big deal to make a manga-like, completely indoor group of people decide to do an athletic event.
How much I am clothed and eaten by, I say because I am longing for Mr. Heidi who is inviting me ... I think it is a tremendously heavy determination.
Even if I am interested in the competition itself, I did not experience the basic train or running like something like running! So I felt like I was living a student life without experiencing the exercise department.
For Prince who is fundamentally not interested in sports, I think that there was a conflict hard to write.
So I felt that I wanted to read this story from his point of view as well as being touched by the interaction with Heidi when the prince finished the 1st ward !!
The fight against the twin Heidi was also cleared before it was indigestion.

After that, I was also dissatisfied with the rival of running or the treatment of Sakaki who is a villain.
Sakaki 's behavior is certainly mean, but I can understand the feelings for running.
He may not be a "good guy", but considering the influence he gave to him as a result, he says that it is in the category of "ordinary".
Sakaki's role was "villain" until the end, I was sad that his own heart was not saved.
Just as I expected to see something like a sign of reconciliation ....
Heidi's father is also the impression that if the viewpoint of a person who is not the hero side is missing too much.

It was not likable for the heroine 's feeling that Yakako leaves are too modern children.
When thinking only about the lively being adored to the twin, there are aspects that are fascinated by the efforts of the members purely, but ....
The change of her feeling also suddenly felt, it is bad to say, but I thought it was a little disturbing ....
Even if I do not like likes and dislikes, it is a person who did not feel the significance of existence so much.
I thought that it might have been fine for ten relationships ... I thought.

And what I'm dissatisfied with is the point that it was almost through about the advance start.
I think watching Hakone Ekiden every year on TV means that the hurdle after "qualifying" "finish" is not "seed right" but "relay without advance".
And, perhaps the most cruel thing is the 20 minute advance at the relay station.
Hakone Ekiden has a rule that it will automatically start moving forward regardless of the total time after 20 minutes have elapsed since the head passed.
I am sorry for running abroad afterwards because there is abstention on the way, but I think that it is hard because not only their own power but also relative things are involved.
If you do not reach the relay station within 20 minutes from the top, you will see the empty landscape.
Even though the team's players themselves are running exactly.

So I touched this work, the 10 minute advance on the way backward, but I did not mention the 20 minute advance of the relay station at all.
The shrine who ran in 5 wards was crying at the wall of the 10 minute advancement on the return trip, but I think that the 20 minute advance is not that ratio.
Beyond dealing with Hakone Ekiden, I wanted you to mention the advance of 20 minutes.
Moreover, I do not deny that there will be a big difference in the existence of foreign students, so I'd like to hear the interpretation of the early start
(The objection to Fujioka's international student opposition is justice, but it is a fact that it will be easier for a 20 minute advance to occur as a result of a quick penetrating player).

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Is it only me who feels more reckless than a story where a certain bad high school goes to Koshien?
Well, even if I close my eyes, seeds are overdoing ... rather than treat seed rights disputes, I also wanted them to take on a 20 minute advance.
Even thinking from the theme of this work that the team's power is not a competition but an individual's fight with himself ....
As I am watching every year without having to go to the Hakone Ekiden fan, I was caught "Through the advance start" rather than "suddenly seed".

Although I complained scatteredly, I felt that refreshingness and entertainment, reading ability was high.
Personally, I like to draw more impacts, but I think that it is easy to read even those who do not like the heat of sports objects.
About the scenes of Yuki and his minor role players were thought to be "the best" from the "very good" level.
However, because it is impossible to become a work that I wanted to read once again due to bias of the viewpoint that Kakeru is too favorite, I will make the evaluation "ordinary"
(We lowered the evaluation on July 31, 2013 due to the balance with the movie version).

2009/05/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24476 Host:24444 Browser: 8456
It is not realistic but it was fun.

It is the story of Kurahara run (Kaku) and Kiyose Ashi (gutsuji) which was a major material of the land world.

It was strange outside with the story that Ashi is going to Hakone Ekiden by all the inhabitants of the amateur group of Takeo Aso in the land, probably made me think. (Well, in the novel called RUN! RUN! RUN!, That delusion was destroyed)

Well, it is impossible to go out to Hakone Ekiden with a practice of only nine months and gain seed power.

2009/01/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27179 Host:27387 Browser: 5718
It was more interesting than Mahoroba!
The youthful stuff that the protagonist and the residents of something san try to get caught in one thing on stage in Hakone Ekiden.

Exactly youth! Refreshing!

The rule of the Ekiden is slightly confusing, but the uniqueness of residents who do not feel it, the goodness of conversation, the tempo of the story. Which one is very good.
Regretfully I felt that romance was a bit weak, but since Mae is a station elegant, it may be good at this level. It is a refreshing way to finish as no result has come out.
I was touched really when I made a goal, and I also like to end it as a last warm heart.

People who do not know about Ekiden can enjoy it. There is laughter, it is a story without loss with buying with tears. I like Shion's work best. Evaluation is the best.

2008/12/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19701 Host:19759 Browser: 9413
It was my first time to read such a long book,
It was my first time to be moved by this book,
Works beyond my imagination in books are the first time.
It is really a recommended book.

2007/05/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28399 Host:28449 Browser: 4184
It is a youth novel that depicts Hakone Ekiden and the ten students who challenge it.
It was a book I thought I wanted to get it all the time, but my wishes wisely came true this time.
- It was amazing and funny. Beyond imagining, I got over it. Until now, though the psychology of supporting the Hakone Ekiden of the New Year's eagerly watching has not been understood so far, I read this book, (Easily) Ekiden is very interesting, is not it! I have gone.

Both the story and the characters are very exciting and attractive. The main character, Kurahara run, Kiyose Ashi also says that while the characters of all the members who live in Takeo Aso are standing firmly, they are dark in rabbits.
I am laughing, sympathizing, empathizing, and empathizing like each. There is no one who is hiding in the shadow of someone, who is hazy. There is a possibility of obsessing, there are things to worry about. Laugh or make noise, fight against and admonish, sometimes fight against each other, and fight together. While seeking cooperation from the dormitory owner (cum coach) and the shopping street, we will achieve steady but remarkable growth for nine months.
The process of stepping on them is very good. I am sorry for embarrassing words, but each one of the footprints is sparkling.
I think that it is bad luck that you will go excessively well. The vividness of the figure that the inhabitants of Takeoza is pulled by Ash 2, growing gently at each leg. It is getting pleasant when I get a little bit stronger and mutual thinking of each other, reading it.

The entire 500-page composition is also excellent. From the launch of the gathering railway team, I got practicing scenery that I could not rely on, training camp for record meetings and qualifying. Even for those who have not been familiar with the ekiden so far, they are piled up so that they can grasp and be interested in grasping easily.
In the beginning, I was sorry to see if I could truly go with this facebook, but as the story goes on, my motivation will rise as I hate it. While rolling the tongue on the author 's skill, it seemed that the chest was truly tightened to the running of all the members who ended up at the end. I got a wonderful thing, I will run out to that one.

What I cried privately was (running in the countryside) the running of the shrine. In the marathon and the ekiden, I do not know whether the trouble is an accessory - but I have seen it several times. But after doing this, he has been watching the ninth month's trajectory and came here and came to this place, that would be such a thing.
It is painful to see him running. But I want you to run. More than anything, he wants to run. However, the ranking that it has raised up to it is steadily decreasing. Every time I see a statement that I was pulled out, I can not and will not be able to do it more and more. In this way, the time difference of more than 10 minutes will be lost. My legs are tangled. It is stupid.
The strength of the goal-made child, continued watching, I was seriously cried at the exchange of members I greeted.

Running running in 9 wards, I breathed a lot on its beauty. I could not help thinking as he was able to come to this place with his colleagues at the same time.
The ashi who received the 〓〓〓〓〓at the end, the running which can be said as a culmination, was an arrow, it was a masterpiece. I want you to go to the place you wish, as soon as I prayed, the monologue was crying again. As my goal approaches, my heart beats fast as painful. Heart rate will rise so far in one story. I was attacked by the waves of emotions as hard as possible to say words.

It was a momentum and shine and a novel with strength. I have never touched Mr. Miura's book until now, but I have wanted to read other works as well.
Speaking of which, it seems that there are quite a lot of people who wanted to run, influenced by this book, people who actually started running. Anyway, I can not help looking forward to the next New Year (laugh)