[Novel]Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai Kami To Akuma To Tenshi

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Literature total pnts rank Rank 661in 4,609 titlesTotal 6 / Deviation 53.03
Literature rank of 2009 Rank 11in 99 titles
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Mamizu Arisawa
Wakaki Tamiki
Gagaga Bunko
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Japan Released:2009/05/19(Tue)
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1. http://skygarden.shogakukan.co.jp/skygarden/owa/solc_dtl?isbn=9784094511376 (Translation)
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2011/11/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The heroine is cute
One roll of Keima is too cool
Tempo of a volume of two volumes simultaneously in one volume
The first episode of Volume 2 was spirit trailing

[Bad point]
There is an expression conscious of comic frames, and only God who feels incompatibility when looking at the sentences of the earth is a work that the girls' anguish is lighting the story, but 2 volumes are weak, because it can not break the original view of the world , The reaction by Keisuma Kasuma on the way was a cartoon version as it was

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A novel version of Masami Arisawa's God only. Since the author is different, the feelings of the heroine, the movement of Keima and Elsee, the way of thinking are still somewhat different from the cartoon original.
But the story of 1 volume was good. It was a good scene where the feeling of "dramatic" was suitable for both Asami's strategy and Tori's capture. I think that coolness of Keima that had been in the early days of comics was oozing out. It was content that makes me want to save despair of Toru.

I read back one volume over and over. I think that the good part of the original God is fully utilized.
Evaluation is "very good"

2011/10/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a Gaiden novel by Manga God only, but unlike the original, the type of heroin's trouble is different. It may be disappointing if you expect the original tone.
But the charm of the heroin remains unchanged, it is as good as the original. I think that psychological depiction is well done because it is a novel.

At any rate, the exchange was very good when I got a runaway soul.

2011/06/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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There are 1 and 2 novel versions, but only 1 rating and impressions 〓〓〓

The episode which I finished reading in about 2 hours was a story not in the original, it was a new setting heroin & deployment (at the time of sale)

Simultaneous capture of a woman's radio waves and her shy classmate Yoshino Asami
Transparency in Chapter 1, Asami in Chapter 2, "Three Endings" in Chapter 3, Capture in Chapter 4 at the same time

Although it is impressive, although I do not deny there, it is quite aggressive to summarize the story as a story, especially as for storytelling, in particular, if it can be said that it can be said that it is happy, it will be 100 pages About Asami I wanted you to add, it was pretty good, but I guess it was a push for all my sisters to stray

About God and Elsei Elsy was as cute as ever at Novell, while Keima was too cold, it was about becoming a work relying on Keima's brain

About the heroine Although it was a new setting at the time it was released, however, the parents are wealthy and there is no freedom Tsubakari Asami says a trouble immediately before the completion of the strategy (although the idea is true and reverse though) Although there is a scene that I can confide with, although I feel like I've seen it many times so far, Asami has personally been good for two reasons
1, what was troublesome sympathy
2, having keen interest in Keima before having contact with Keima (〓〓〓new)
2 got a chance to enjoy it especially

About the novel It was disappointing that there was only an illustration of a kiss that was quite nice even if it was not cartoon or animation

Well, although the content was also funny about the evaluation, the evaluation that can say that it is worthy to say that there is value worth buying and reading if it is the original of "God only knows Sekai" which grinned grin in another meaning did not stop, "very good"