[Novel]Izu no Odoriko

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Other media: JP movie:Izunoodoriko
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Literature rank of 1926 Rank 2in 30 titles
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Sincyou bunko Syueisya Bunko
Japan Released:1926
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2012/03/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15408 Browser: 7541
Unlike the image of a novel that was around this time there is an image called a black dark story, it is a work with warmth and excitement.
It was very good that the hero's love and growth were transmitted and it was good that it was not so easy to read because it was short.
Certainly this work is a "pure love" feeling, and each other is not entwined so much, "odor" is missing and my favorite love story.
The hero itself did not seem like a bad person so far from the beginning, and the last thing that flows tears through parting with a traveling performer is impressive.
I do not like "the ugliness of people's mind" but the work that portrays this kind of ecstasy.

Besides contemporary sentence class, I thought that I would read and understand one sentence by myself for the first time, but I got frustrated soon but eventually only a rough synopsis came into my mind but after all I had a gin and There was something to come.
Although the characters' exchanges are lightly drawn, it seems that the feeling that they have been together for some time is well transmitted.
In any case, it is always a matter of saying goodbye to a person who was with a journey ... ....

2011/11/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13618 Host:13725 Browser: 11752
[good point]
The feeling when I saw a dancer for the first time (saying the third time).
A place where a heart that was distorted by a stubborn heart and orphans gut has changed and you can accept your opponent obediently. (Although it says that you buy persimmons with this in the first half)
It may be that hint that it is saying that the old man is obstructing late and obstinate in the beginning.
[Bad point]
Is it?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It seems like a love affair, it is not so, the dialogue with Odori does not work very much only with frustrating things and the equidistance does not shrink so much (for the time being, it is in the dialogue that it is not as close as to listen to it), the hero Is the theme change of the heart of mind?
I was wondering if it was a good person and just having a favorable meaning came.

2009/10/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1957 Host:1629 Browser: 6653
[good point]

The part of the sentence which the hero's heart growth in the work through the encounter with the hero's heart and travel and the dancers (heroin)
I thought that this work is a great place.

[Bad point]
In the part of the last Izu, and parting with the people I met there,
Is it a place where there was a part that feels a loneliness of a single degree, a wartiness?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A hero who thought of a solo travel alone from the trouble of loneliness in himself went out to Izu's journey, met a single dancer there,
As I interact with her, my thoughts germinated in my mind, gradually released from the loneliness I got, and the honesty started growing at the same time ...

When leaving Izu, I was able to sense the growth of the big heart of the main character in the form of remembering the kindness of being able to lend a hand to the old man very naturally.

Whether the last departure was left unfamiliar or not, there were parts to be mastered when reading,
I think that it was a warm work somewhere quietly, somewhere in the mind's heart quietly solve the ice somewhat but surely.

2009/05/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29983 Host:29908 Browser: 8915
This work is often accompanied by an introductory story "a story that pure dancers unwind with the heart of a student (hero) who was stubborn and stubborn".
If you read this book and read it, you will eat honest shoulder watermark.
Of course, Mr. Kawabata and his works are nothing about being given descriptive text that does not match much with the content,
Even if it is left behind, because the talk itself is short, because the exchange of the heart of the hero with the dancing child's heart is not drawn so deeply,
Even though reading is finished, there are few remnants of the character and remnants in the heart. The chance of love is also an ordinary love at first sight ...
It is an honest impression that I wanted to make a long longer and delicately taste the feelings of the characters as the sentences themselves were light and beautiful.

2006/12/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17574 Host:17513 Browser: 3646
Like the contents of the story, it works with a soft touch and a heart. And there is little leftover place again. If you use this setting now, it will only be Sanshin animation.

First of all, it is a question whether to capture this as a love story. The main character is a college student, and its translation is different from the university entrance era that even if it violates the educational instruction guidelines like now. It should be a person who has better discrimination than normal. Even if you are in the position of heroine, if that character is a child, "Love" etc should not exist because there is.
It is one of the subjects of literature that a person with discrimination focuses on unbearable love, but this work does not have such a kind of feeling of drool.

I do not know if the relationship between these two people, for example, is adequate or not, but I feel like "brother and sister" (of course, the level is different from my sister who shows off a panchira with my nasal voice with a lingering tongue). I went to my relatives 'house to play at summer vacation and touched a cousin' s little girl ... like that.
I try to make friends with each other, but I do not know how to do it, but as I got up with them as I woke up with them, when I got to be able to talk normally, I could finish my holiday ... Personally, that kind of impression.

So it is natural to say goodbye, that is not a choice but a choice in the first place, the action as planned. But there is no change in being lonely, but the identity of that loneliness is vague. I understand that the feeling is different from "likes", but the word that applies is only "liked", but that "likes" is completely different from ordinary "likes" ... So I have tears.
Even if you feel sad, it is not such a tear that you are painful or sad, yet you will never forget tears.

Perhaps, I think that it is the literature that can express expressions that can not be explained as well. Just a simple work. It is not such a feeling that it jumps up to "the best!" But quietly "soft" quietly.

2006/02/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52685 Host:52713 Browser: 6812
Were you told that "Without commentary, the value of the story is reduced by half?"

The fact that the hero is a Tokyo University student becomes particularly important in the story.
In the situation at that time, it was an incredible time now that some kind of money can be borrowed just by Tokyo university students.
In other words, it was possible for the hero to borrow money and continue traveling with the dancer. But, I did not do that.
There are interpretations there, as many as you read, I think there is a depth of the story.
Never, the tears we shed in the return ship were not lies.
But I gave up my trip with a dancer.
So, what about having a dancer is the love of your trip, that degree?
But then, why then, then,
Human emotions are complicated, unable to express in one word.
It included it strikingly in the story.
It is a fine work.

2005/08/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10534 Host:10651 Browser: 4483
* Re-editing on a certain day in June 2010

Although I also learned in modern sentence textbooks ........

[good point]

Youth growth

The hero of this work is definitely Kawabata Yasunari that person's alter ego.
It was a setting that had "orphan gut", but lonely back horn which parents and grandmother in young child lost her grandfather in puberty is still interesting. There was something that such a court love that Back Horn is behind can still appeal. Furthermore.

.View of the world

I think that the scenery of the Izu region which is still famous as a sightseeing spot, etc. was drawn carefully like a big writer. Kawabata fan if you do not go to Yukari no land?

[Bad point]

Not particularly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although it seems that he did not pay the travel expenses of the inn that he stayed at the time of the interview,
"Snow Country" is called, this "Izu no dancer", Kawabata's work was a short story with a theme based on men and women's love was excellent. I regret to have chosen himself for death from the pressure of the honor of winning the Nobel Prize, but his work will continue to be read in the future.
Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.