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Nakayama Shichiri
Japan Released:2013/01/10(Thu)
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1. http://tkj.jp/book/?cd=02055101 (Translation)
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2015/12/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Frederic chosen also as the main character of Shueisha 's biographical manga, Chopin, this time it seems that he was the subject.

It seems that Chopin itself was a spiritual strut for Poles, local people named Yang who was one of participants in the contest seemed to be the hero, but the accident at the beginning of the presidential aircraft crash was also a shocking "opening That was it. Yang and his father's "feudalists", "the battle with music" with the terrorism targeted for Afghanistan dispatch were probably the big themes.

Even though it was impossible to say that any country in the Far East could not possibly be targeted to such a target like France that was remembered yet or Poland,
Olson's older brother, who was one of the participants in the competition, also said from the perspective of Harold who was Major Polish army who was served in Afghanistan, "Complex Mysterious Middle East Affairs"
Although the seriousness of "battle against endless terror" was fragmented, it was drawn.
Even in Poland, in fact, suicide bombs happened and even though criminals who were murdered by the criminal were unlikely to use the intention to take subordinate 's vicious thought,
It seemed that unrelated humans were crushed by cruelty and self-righteousness of terrorism that kills like insects.

Among them was Mary, who also had exchanges with Yang and Cape, and there were also places where it was impossible for me to be quite familiar with them, but my sister who had been suffering from being halfway halfway, and a third party So it seemed so, but I did not feel that I was somewhat sad. Gagarilloff who came from Russia who had a feud since the prehistoric occasion did not get into a story as much as thought I thought about a subtle (?) Relationship with Yang, but I wanted Marie's character to dig deeper deeper . It may have been somewhat such a theme or somewhat blurred in this.

Meanwhile, as a representative of a house with such a tradition, I do not deny with casualties such as "destiny" that must continue to receive honor, but although he is a personality, he will clear his own Roussinchiman Not only did he use his son but also his father who has deviated himself to say that it was good to have the cape and other participants have been sacrificed even in suicide bombing cases " It was a contemporary useless parent. Even though there are rivals that compete in such a way, even though they themselves are going to work harder to further improve their skills,
Actually Yang submitted his anger to his father who was a useless parent, sublimated to a performance that was flowing in the performance, and left a brilliant result, but the drinking fell as he confined it towards the clear side . And the "miracle" that happened at the battlefield where Harold was at nearly the same time,
Music has also caused a miracle that can not be explained by scientific evidence or the like that it can also save this devastated world.

But again, the real culprit is not unable to understand its motivation (although obviously it was a worthy deed that it was not something you should do without sacrificing to death to an unrelated person as a matter of course), but the real surprises match Apparently it seems that it was also connected with "Goodbye Debussy", but Misuzu was also not particularly worried whether it was a snake feet that involved the talk a little bit at the end as well. I understand that it is not an ordinary work, but also from some amateur lines, I saw some points like "I should have done it more here." Evaluation is "normal"

2014/10/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Some of the characters told goodbye to music "Goodbye" "Good night"
And this series which finally makes the feeling of music strongly told as "forever" is finally third.
Yan who joined the Chopin Competition now became a storyteller for this work

Stylistes who simply appreciate music novels and clearly spelled the difference in musicality of the contestants are clearer than even the scenes come up with, they have accomplished the very difficult task of playing the sound with only letters However, to be honest, the piano It is about scenes of playing and weakness. . .

I felt a shake as a musical mystery due to the fact that music was not related to the incidents and the background but the musical specificity of Professor Miho remained unchanged even when I moved the stage abroad What a chopin contest is small this time It caused a miracle as much as

Mr. Shitori will make a cast of characters of past works as much as possible, so if you read it in series, the order of publication is good The evaluation is [good]