[Novel]Ishi no raireki

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Bunnsyunn bunko
Okuizumi Hikaru
Japan Released:1994/02
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2007/07/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In Bunshunbunko, Synopsis introduction, it says in one word "Labyrinth of time and man's weaving"
I thought that I applied for it and said it was a good thing.
A story like a labyrinth, a mineral called Green Chart hits the thread of Ariadne.
I think that "green" located in a red pair that imagines life force is the color for the dead.

It makes me think that the lifetime of the hero can be very real and real, and that these facts existed in people who were reality,
Besides, there is no gap to the end anyway and it is tremendously terrible story ridiculously.
But even though there is no development of salvation, there are also gimme descriptions
(Maggots are lying on the eyes of living human beings, torn the neck, living and dead are sleeping, and corpses are torn up etc)
Sentence with a mysterious charm that somewhere ventilation is refreshing and it is not hard to read.
Randomly, as the pendulum shakes like struggling to talk slowly,
It is thought that it seems like this is like the song of ancient legendary biwa is like this.
Since it goes forward with a brush that I kept pushing until I needed it, the scenes involving Eros and Tanatos in the middle (even a common expression)
I got impressed not to be miserable, dry and dry clean.
Episodes are just an episode, but if it smells rich blood with a gloomy feeling, I think that I was physiologically tight and throwing in the middle.
That's why the son, because he was a proceeding like that, reminiscent of "that place" to tell the father of Guilin,
It is vividly visualized by the style change, and it approaches the reader.

The reality and reminiscence are going together, the main character ruminates the word that the person of the past should have told, and the composition that repeats itself is just beautiful and splendid.
Events at "that place" can be interpreted in any number of ways (pretend not to dare to point powerfully)
Sakura and place not to give answer are also brilliant.
Is it really a third party's crime, or is the event caused by a father who was mentally disturbed, the shadow behind it,
Or was there really "time intervention" ... while showing a certain direction, only the fact that the son was actually killed was actually killed.
Even so, I hear a sigh every time I read that it is what exactly this reading is.
Although the fact (history) does not change, I feel catharsis in the action of the hero.

It is a work that I think was really good to have received the award.
Although I do not think that it is "great novel" because I was awarded some prize,
I think that those who gave the award of the year to this work are very challenging.
Because I think that the rate of survival will rise with gun if it is put on a crown of gold by the time of sifting.

It is a story I want you to survive forever.