[Novel]Inu to ningyou

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Japan Released:1923/10/30(Tue) / End:1923/11/01
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2016/04/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I also thought of how the East Japan great earthquake will be told in the history after 50 years, but this work was a short story announced about two months after the Kanto earthquake.

Taro and Hanako were pretty solid names, but it was okay. It was exactly "happiness fortunate" that my parents were alive properly and I was able to take care of my neighbors' ladies. sufficient.

However, humans are always creatures wanting to be satisfied even more mentally and liberally. I could not go without wishing that my dog 〓〓〓〓〓nd doll was safe, especially Taro stopped Hanako who gave up halfway and tried to make a tomb of a doll, but the god in them still has nothing to do with it Was it that things did not exist?

It seems that we were able to confirm not only that the house was still burned but also that the doll was safe,
"No way ... ... ..." I thought. And immediately after that that ... ...
There are some who try to deprive me of what is likely to become a gold eye regardless of ancient and east-west, but even dogs ........ It seems like Hisumoto Yumano, something strange story was spelled As I thought, natural disasters that actually occurred in the stones were subjects, so if you say it well, it is a happy ending,
To put it badly it was expedient deployment.

Even if I encounter any misfortune, I had a theme though of course I should not abandon hope if it is alive, but of course it is not like Hisashige, well Well, "Was there such a work?"
It was to a degree. Evaluation is "normal".

2014/08/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a short story of Hisamoto Yumano.
As for Yumemoto Kyuaku, detective novels and strange novels are the first things to come to mind, but as for the current work there is no such a terrible image.
I imagined something like a strange novel just by the title, but in reality it was not such a thing, and the thing lost in the middle of the war was later to come back.
Children who lost dogs and dolls in war finally found it and is a happy ending.

It is pretty inconvenient odor but what I want to pay attention to is why I thought about writing such a novel.
During the war, or like the Great East Japan Earthquake experienced in recent years, there are things that deprive you of important things, but even in such circumstances, I would like to tell you that it is still somewhere shaping ... Let's see.
I just paint a hope of "I want you to find" and finally find it properly.

Well, I think that these literary works should be read by children who were anxious about the times.
Evaluation is "good".