[Novel]Initiation Love

Other media: JP movie:Initiation Love
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Kurumi Inui
Bunnsyunn bunko
Japan Released:2004/04/01(Thu)
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2016/10/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 291 Host:57 Browser: 5173
It was an impression when I realized the truth that a novel as if I had bet on everything in a narrative trick.
No, considering that there is a considerably thorough gimmick, is it wrong to say "betting"?

In the first look, it seems as though it reflects youth of young people.
Encounter, honey moon, long distance, and then.
Actually, I also had the possibility that I could not notice it unless I was seeing the complaints of the belt.
But, I'm putting a description saying, "What is unnatural?"
Pachislot talks that come out in the second half sometimes, badness of drunk gossy.
Thanks to that, the reader who does not know anything can also have the impression that "I do not quite understand but it is strange".

And when you find the hidden truth, the consciousness to the characters changes crisply.
No, surprises and tricks are amazing, and although it can not be said to be a literary euphemism, it is interesting to let that view.
It is exactly the real pleasure of a narrative trick.

Although I do not think that it is a masterpiece or not, I have been steady and good at making inquiries for entertainment reasons.
It is a novel that I'd like to recommend to descriptive tricks.
It's too famous and most people may already have read it ....

The heroine girl called "Tatukku" for reasons that would hurt the evening.
After observing it is rather interested (laugh)

2012/06/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3813 Host:3781 Browser: 5345
I guess I repeatedly thought that "women are scary" (laugh) No, I am really scared.
After noticing that it was a bifurcation, it seemed that everything that caught in my head was going to be resolved when I asked. I do not want to read back (bitter smile).

I completely forgot the name of the hero to the last, and I could not understand the lines in the last line two. It is miserable. When I thought that his name was ...? The spine froze.

I did not feel anything happening until the end, I borrowed it from my friend but I was reading while thinking "Where is the mystery?" Or until the end of the end, "It is the worst fight for Makoto Ito," which is the heroine defense standpoint, so it seems like he had been killed his back. It is mortifying. It is regrettable.

However, evaluation will be "good". I read the awkwardness after reading it .... No, perhaps it is a question of personal feelings.

Whose pregnant child is it ... I guess. No, she is really scared of women.

2010/01/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17810 Browser: 2027(Mobile)
Oh that's it !!! I was shocked at the end! I can enjoy it as an ordinary romance novel, but ... well so far it is normal. Do not forget that this shock comes to the end. I am convinced by the singing phrase "I want to read back again and again" at a bookstore ..

2008/09/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43154 Host:43226 Browser: 5234
[good point]
It's amazingly easy to read!

[Bad point]
Some people may not understand until the end if you do not look over the neta commentary on the net etc.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

As an ordinary romance novel, I like it.
Transfer of the hero's heart instead!
After finishing reading, I looked for junked commentary! Haha, then a lot of it came out!
Personally, I thought that it's interesting to expand the fact that the child of Mayu really does not know which child it is!
I have been addicted to the songs of the 80's when I read this novel!

2008/08/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 7931
I was expecting it because I was appealing the outcome of endings in that extent so much.
However, neither approaching nor moving closer, there is no feeling that something is going to happen.
Even if 'the postscript' finally comes close, it is the same,
And finally the last page. "Last 2 lines"
.... "What?" Stood still for 5 seconds (lol)

I rely on the explanation of "postsuki" and I read it as soon as possible, no, it will come out, it will come out if this foreshadowed !!!
I think that it is a scenario that was made precisely. This was done.

Even so ... human being scared ....

2008/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40863 Host:40900 Browser: 8569
[good point]
Two novel delicious novels (lol)
[Bad point]
Although it is categorized as a mystery, even if it sees it is a romance novel place

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Anyone can predict ordinary narrative tricks by looking at the catch phrase "on the second line from the last, this book turns into a completely different story" written on the back cover of the book, but here it is I'd like you to read the story obediently without knowing whether to be prior knowledge or not setting up a depiction trick. And I hope you enjoy reading the second line from the end and revamping. All story changes to what is really different.
When I finished reading the memories I remembered "His second tragedy" by Hitoshige Juntaro, although it is a mystery, the place where the coat color of a romantic novel is strong may give a similar impression.

〓〓〓less spoiled attention 〓〓〓

When I tried to reread from the beginning after seeing the last congratulatory story, I was wondering whether it will be one year deviated from the first half or half a year, but in the commentary "When listening to side A, B side I remembered "for the first time there, I noticed the real trick of this work there for the first time, I reread it while carefully checking the dates of each chapter.
No ~ It will change to a different story with a different impression .... It is amazing.
At first, it is a story like a tragic love of a girlfriend in a pityful country female who is forbidden by the hero who was transferred to Tokyo and got slammed into the city and finally being sifted to violence and was abandoned but realized the meaning After reading from it, it was Mayu who was starting to fork ahead of time when it became a long distance relationship, and I will expand the malicious birth love truth actually calculated.
Because she calls her favorite boyfriend, she forcibly calls the name of Yuuki Ubud college student boyfriend forcibly saying "Evening evening is a katakana ta ___ ___ 0" In fact, tricks of a really planned and carefree girl can be seen.
Indeed because the decisive scene where he is the real proverb for himself puts out a horror will call her name mistakenly, the malice of her new name setting emerges further.
And since he is a favorite man because he can only return to Shizuoka on Saturdays and Sundays because of his work, college student's date with him is set on Friday, it is a forked bifurcation and it is getting frightening somehow.
On Friday evening in the bed, whispers saying "I love you" to college student cum. On the next day that day, I will devote my love to him all the time with my favorite in the same bed .....
I will cancel the hotel reservation for Christmas Eve after he seems to have discovered the fork of Maito and liquidate the relationship with Mayu but in the first half of the story the college student 's cum is "miraculous" and waiting for a first - class hotel to be canceled just before Christmas I guess that it was this cancellation room after all. In the end Mayu was a different partner to go with, that Christmas Eve was in the room of the same hotel.

A woman who is a victim who was fortunate enough to be forbidden is actually a fearful woman saying that a woman who is truthfully trained in a bifurcation and welcomes a pure university student's boyfriend firmly and faces the last .
I think that it was a wonderful trick as a narrative trick that the story changes so far with a short sentence of only one line.
The only difficulty is that the story itself is a completely love affair and that there are no mystery elements at all. As long as I do not dislike my romance novel so much, I think that I can enjoy it normally.

2007/02/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Perhaps there may be spoiler (〓〓〓weird).
To be honest, I am suffering from evaluation.
I want to make it "ordinary" in subjective elements, but I think that it is not bad as the work of the work itself,
Considering the objective factor, we will say "good" close to "ordinary".

The story is divided into [side - A] [side - B].
A man and woman who got acquainted with a gangbang, got into a relationship with each other gradually became deeply together,
It ends in a place called a love love (dead word?) State.
[Side - B] The distance between the two people got far from each other as a result of a relocation of a man, so that they got to pass each other steadily, and because a man gave a new lover, he would break up.

Until the last one is a style of ordinary romance novel, but this work actually has a description trick.
It is divided into [side - A] [side - B], so if you are reading mystery, it seems that some prediction will be made.
I did not notice at first though I was disappointed.
Although it was somewhat uncomfortable among [side - A] and [side - B], the behavior of the characters themselves,
Maybe it was because there was not a part that felt doubtful.
After all, that is a pitfall.
Women are ozoshii ... ... No, they are probably healthy, maybe.
Although I did not feel the post-reading feeling good, since it is not at least a bad end (that is, it means ... ...),
I'd like to send cheers to Tatukun (Men)!