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Other media: Comics:Inakunare Gunjou Fragile Light of Pistol Star
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Yutaka Kouno
Japan Released:2014/09/01(Mon)
Official sites
1. http://shinchobunko-nex.jp/books/180004.html (Translation)
2. http://www.shinchosha.co.jp/book/180004/ (Translation)
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2017/01/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40511 Host:40553 Browser: 10547
It was a storable story in something truly a word.

2016/02/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
It is written as a youth mystery on the back cover, but it is not very appropriate expression.
I think that whether it may be called mystery in the first place or not is quite a subtle line.
When he notices a strange place called Stairway Island, there is a hero and it seems that anything you do not want to leave from this place seems to have to be searched for ... It's a mysterious setting like "?" Abstract and esoteric. Although the heart of the hero is also a matter of degree and can not be sympathized much, it can be convinced if it reads to the punch line, but it is pretty tender until it reaches there.
Seishun Mystery = Classic Department I thought that the person who bought some images (attracted by the cover) is not wearing a shoulder.
I do not want to mention too much because spoiler also enters a bit, but I think that this is more like a fantasy novel than rather a youth mystery.
Although I have mentioned negative things so far, I was surprised at the pun of the honest story, and since there is a sense that all things fall down at a stretch and the last is pretty refreshing so personal This book enters into a favorite category, comparatively.
Although it can not be sympathized with the hero, it felt that it was inconvenient that the abstract sentence spurred the bad impression that the sentence that it can be convinced was long.

2015/07/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2979 Host:2780 Browser: 5173
I bought it because I was attracted by the cover picture and the cover band of the book ranking first place I wanted to read ... w

As the first impression I began reading, there is only this, "Haruki Murakami Manami!"
Closed, perhaps fantasy is easy to understand.
The world view clearly is "the end of the world and hard boiled. Wonderland" as a motif.
In addition, it comes up to talking cat (to be exactly the person with the name of a cat's name) but ... It seems that the author is considerably affected by Murakami Haruki.
Anime paintings, especially those who like this book, "Hay wing federation" is especially recommended.
For me, it is not a favorite genre, right? In the first few dozen pages, I got a bit of allergic symptoms. As I read it as if I were going to stepping on visible mines,
I was worried about how to evaluate a bit. Oh, once you write it as spoiler attention,
It may be content that is unknown from what you are writing to unread readers. I wonder how I should introduce it ...

First of all, the view of the world is as described above, but the place based on youth mystery is new.
I think that the authors' uniqueness appeared and it was a rare but easy-to-read content.
But it's a bit somewhat redundant and euphemistic style. Character attachment is quite extreme,
The hero feels like he is ecstatic about himself, it is stinky somewhere and it is stinky. (Lol)
The heroine of the pessimist and the heroine of the idealist spot a spot on the relationship between the two passing each other,
Humans are not so easy to divide such monks?
In other words, I think that everyone has two sides. It was truly extreme and it was difficult to emotion.
But there were not a few sympathies that reminded me of my old days. There may be something discovered in the same age as the children of the same age. I was bored and felt a bit tired while I was reading.

However, it seemed that it was interesting as it was after reading. The typing on the stage of the work is fairly interesting.
I see. That is, it was a wake that had been reading a black history note! (Laugh) The true character of shame is kore.
Because sharp people are hard to live, I think that it is not always bad to adapt to the environment and change with meeting people,
I think that my sharp past will be a good memory though.
Which way, I will think about them in the real world.

Stair isle, it is an island of those who were abandoned, it is also a microcosm of human society.
At the end of the convergence to the relationship between the hero and the heroine, the existence of other people has become hazy.
In the society where diversified people live and live, as I thought that they had the theme as how to exist as a human being,
I felt like I had a shoulder watermark a bit.
It was subtle as a mystery and it was exciting to say honestly because there is no hint of depiction of graffiti incidents at all.
That's why I was bored when I was reading.
(Postscript: Since the stair island seems to be the stage even in the sequel, this work should be read with world view and instruction manual of the character, about the image)

Although it is a work that surely selects a person, I think that it is for young people if it says strongly.
I may not be helpful because I am a person on the side not chosen.

2014/10/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2396 Host:2223 Browser: 7457
A vague novel. No, it's interesting. It's funny but the story is vague and I do not know honestly how to tell the charm of this novel in words.
So I think that this review will be less word than usual. I want you to forgive.

This work is a new label launched in August in a form derived from Shincho Bunko, a book by Shincho Bunko nex.
Illustration is Koshijima Higashi known for "The Bibliography of the Incident Book".

The stage is an island where kidnapped people live. Known as "Islands of abandoned people"
It will never come out of this island, even if you try to escape with a ship it will fail.
Nevertheless, infrastructure such as electric water supply is in place and cargo ship loaded with food and other goods must call at least once a week. Besides, I have junior high school and a high school school.
Of course there are shops and restaurants, and the net is also connected (instead you can not send e-mail etc. from the island side) You can also shop on the Amazon.
People who are said to be "witches" on this island rule over the island, and if they can find out what they lost, they are likely to leave this island.

The main character of the high school student who was living in such a strange island naturally, the story starts moving from the place where Nanakusa restarts with childhood friend.
Name is Yuu Mahan. If it is a thorough idealist and I think that I am right, I will be fine even if things like others will be pulled.
It is a quirky work which is told at the viewpoint of Nanakusa who had a sense of love and disagreement with her who met again for the first time in 2 years.

There are many people who changed Otsuka as much as possible.
For example, a child who is unwilling to not listen to game music usually, or a child who usually sends a very long letter on the weekend of reticent things.
A child with various names. Committee chairperson who is the most common person. A teacher who can not leave the students without masking. And so on.
Mingling inside such a child, Masanobu thinks of how to escape from this island with that hand. It is a rough flow of this novel.
Nonetheless, the story derailed depending on the place of the place, eventually the story was vague and inconsistent, it seems I understood it, I did not understand it.
As long as I read one last page, was the story of this work part of the prologue? I think that when I read the last line on page 318.
Characters other than Nanakusa and Masanobu are not drawn so much, and they are fully committed to a supporting role.
Will the spotlight hit the supporting players in the next film? Next time I want you to be more active.

Well, the charm of this book is the atmosphere of this work. I thought that I am similar to "Marnie of memories".
Roughly explaining "Marnie of Memories", the story is growing as a hero who is submissive, had a somewhat dark part from a single encounter,
At first glance it is an interesting movie that collaborated with reality like the real world and a fantastic and magical world view,
Even this novel feels like there is such a unique world view.
I also liked the strange relationship between Nanakusa and Masanobu. It is as if each other were like a boyfriend, but the place where Nanakusa is unfamiliar with Masaki is also drawn,
It's not easy to write a relationship between the two of you. And surprisingly, Noga Grass has a strong core, and the true side is fragile.
I wonder what kind of story it is going to spin such an uneven combination will become an attraction of this series.

Three things to note with this book.
It is not a mystery It is written as "Seishun Mystery" in the obi, but you should not expect a mystery element. I will see painful eyes.

This novel that is not for everyone is not for everyone very much. It would be nice for a person to suit, but I think that a person who does not fit is a stubborn novel.
For the time being, when considering purchase, you should read after reading the first 10 pages without reading.

There is no marking strap.
In Shincho Bunko it is lonely not to have a familiar bookmarker string. I want you to attach it to this label only as convenient as there is that.

It was a quirky book. I am not sure if I understand this story perfectly. So I thought that I had to read another one within my neighbors.
It is not a book that I can recommend to so many people, it is a story I do not understand well, but I like this atmosphere.
What change is waiting for the next? I am looking forward to two volumes next year.