[Novel]Impressions d'Afrique

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Raymond Roussel
Japan Released:1980
Outside Japan :Released:1910
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2011/11/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It is a celebration that is drawn carefully of a number of incalculable events that are very difficult to express.

[Bad point]
It is very difficult.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Rao 's water panels, drawing threads, sculptors changing the movement of water, writing brush during performance, making strings by chance catching mane mane, cylindrical magnetic effect of pex etc, Writing a play with a blind old man's pen. It was quite difficult to create the shape of the heart, such as the creation of "Jurukka" by Sail = Col. It is "highest" in the meaning of denseness, imagination, literature's real pleasures in the part that draws such incomprehensible things in sentences with a hat and arouses imagination.

2009/11/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A fantastic and excellent expression that would not be imaginable under normal circumstances. This was quite a thing.

[Bad point]
If it raises it, is it the part where the expression, content felt somewhat difficult?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

"Works should not contain reality"
It was written in the band above the cover of this book, but as it was, it was a realistic content, and at the same time I felt it was a very difficult but dark content.
At the same time, it was a foreign story like a fairy tale.
Because cats enjoying the game divided into two teams, horses emitting words, worms playing music using their bodies ...
And the most impressive thing was sculpture which has skill which can not be thought normally like Fukushie which manipulates the bonbon skillfully and places it in the water by bringing it into the water He was a teacher.
I was quite surprised at these expressions, especially the last art on the water fell into the illusion as if I was watching Kayo 's Rapeanji in Kyoto, or even looking at huge ink paintings.
It was quite difficult and there was a part that I could not follow so much with strong content, but I think it certainly is a masterpiece in the world novels is certain.
However, I think that there are not so many works that could express such innovative ideas, expressions in the process. Considering the darkness of the contents mentioned above, it was originally "very good", but raises the evaluation to "the highest".

2009/05/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Anyway, it is an avant - garde work that can not be believed to be written 100 years ago.

In the first half, it was the impression that this country is what! The king appears in a girlfriend wearing a blonde wig and in a blue dress, a reed showing the image, a large earthworm playing a chita, a statue of a slave made of a whale beard which slides on a lung made rail of a calf, Despite the sculptures of smoke, even this, or even this, depiction as if it challenged the limits of human imagination comes out. Rather than just such a depiction, it makes me feel like I'm lost in the world of surrealism or contemporary art.
Therefore, in the first half, if you do not read and sharpen your imagination, it will be shaken off first. Actually, in fact I also had something that I never saw at all, as the music that I never heard came up one after another, it was very difficult to read through, but I will continue to read carefully And it feels like a stimulus to vision, hearing, olfaction runs. In the head you can see a picture that has never been seen, a sound is heard and a variety of smells drift.

In the second half, hints are collected with just the momentum of anger. There are reasons for everything that seemed like a daydream not to be taken off and there are reasons to explain the scenery of the spectacle. Each character has a deep story, and even the history of the country is spoken. It is unbelievable development from the first half which was a strange development like that. Every episode is filled with unique beauty, and when it finishes reading to the end it will be convinced by spectacular ...

Is this written from the latter half earlier? If it is written from the first half and you have explained explanations to all the events, there is nothing to be surprised. And the word "I shed blood on one line" by author Roussel is very heavy. Because of avant-garde style, the author is not generally evaluated at all before life, the author has increased evaluation after death. I think that it really is. Because each depiction seemed to be working all the nerves it could have.

Anyway, it is a work that I want to read again as soon as I finish reading. Once I understand everything, I want to enjoy the rich worldview once more. Apparently I seem to have become addicted to this world view.

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