[Novel]Imasara Tsubasa To Iwaretemo

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Honobu Yonezawa
Japan Released:2016/11/30(Wed)
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2016/12/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Classic section series latest work. It is the new publication which will be the first time in 6 years from the previous work "Approximate distance between two".
This work has become short editing as well as "detouring chicks", and the earliest work has 6 stories posted irregularly there since "the mountain peak is sunny" in 2008.
Classical department series was a fascination like a bitter youth group image play, but this time it includes the "path and future" confronted by Gentaro who became second graders of high school, and stepped into the inner side of each member of the classical department It has become such content.
The most prominent is Maya Ihara. Two versions of "not reflected in the mirror" and "one of our legends" are drawn from her point of view, in particular the latter depicts ahead of "the order of Kudryavka" that was a fuss in the manga research group It is clear that there is a clear change also about her way and how she will go in the future. It is also distinctive that the sense of change is drawn quite clearly in some thought for Ginzaro.
It seems that the relationship between Gintaro and anything is influenced by animation as well, so where you will be concerned about what the neighborhood will be like .... Whether it will change towards graduation because it is not becoming a relationship as much as animation at this stage. At least the feelings of Gentarou are changing considerably, but is not it?
It is a way of being a classic department in the future to worry more than anything. When thinking about career and future, if each member's mind changes, it will change a lot and I expect that the neighborhood will be drawn with a sequel.
Anyway, anything for the first time in 6 years is anything! Three out of the recorded short stories are drawn in this year, even it was a short story for the first time in over two years ... and next year is a live-action movie There is also the publication of, so I think that new work will come out in some form, but I would like to read the full length if possible.