[Literature]Ii Naomasa

Literature rank of 1999 Rank 93(No review)in 116 titles
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Noboru Nishi
PHP Institute
Japan Released:1999/12
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2007/11/07 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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The Ii family is not a Tokushika Shiyoke retiree, but a prestige from the Kamakura period, whose families far surpass the lord's Matsudaira Tokugawa.
Tadashi Imagawa's grandfather Naoki was killed in a cormorant, his father's parents were killed with suspicion of Mr. Imagawa's separation,
The direct administration that became body of loneliness enters under the protection of Ieyasu and emerges from the game of Kai Takeda invasion.
Takeda The strongest mountain prefecture of Changshu, Takeda The hundreds of red-tuned victims under the umbrella were subordinated, and after that the direct administration is called "Toki River" in Tokugawa.
In Sekigahara, the face of a frank managers who showed skilled skills as well as committed many indications,
In order to attach a foil as a successor candidate for his son - in - law, the 4 sons of Ieyasu,
I show a bold face that seems to make handjob even if I overtake Masanori Fukushima of the former team.
The result will be the Great East victory, and in the pursuit of the enemy Shimazu it will be active like taking over Shimazu Toyohisa,
At that time, she was shot by the thigh, and it died after 2 years because of this.
The successor also became a three-man Hidetada instead of Tadayoshi, though the immediate thought went off, but at the Edo shogunate as well, five people of the highest position from the Iiya family got out,
Amidst many times the faithful priests of the early years have caused the house to decline, the prosperity of the Ii family is prominent.