[Novel]Ichi No Higeki

Other media: Drama:Ichi no higeki
Literature total pnts rank Rank 3,403in 4,610 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.65
Literature rank of 1991 Rank 47in 68 titles
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Norizuki Rintarou
Japan Released:1991/04
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2014/02/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2561 Host:2633 Browser: 4694
Please reread and reconfirm. Yeah, I hate Hinatsuki Hitoshiro.

[good point]
I personally have little.

[Bad point]
Reasoning is aggressive. There is a result in the beginning, and the logic development explained by the detective in the thin convincing power.
Clearly the sentences are bad. It is an unpleasant reading time, although the scene can not be seen, it can be read that the character as Detective of Hozuki Saotaro is transmitted is painful.
As we will see later, probably the cause ...
Trick is stale, drama is there.
___ ___ 0 In various places, the preference of the author is overwhelmingly outrageous in bad meaning.
"It is really unfortunate for" my favorite author (Chandler, Dick) talks ".
Self - pity in the hero does not give a piece of sympathy. And, in the end, it is frustrating for depiction to try to trade it into a good story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Bad +". The shallowness that the scenario can be read at the beginning of the incident.
Because it proceeded with the first person of the victim family, sentences with problems in describing power rather than say.
Describing the scene in detail, but thinking about the sentences that do not get into the head, why?
I do not feel unity in tense and style and I notice that it is meandering. Ranobe It is useless because it is authentic, I can not help it, I think that this strange sentence feeling is not the only thing ...
It seems to me that it is due to imitation of Chandler. I think that I do not have to imitate such a heavy part, but because the author is in the middle of this work, a person who batters dick texts to word processing, appears,
Perhaps he himself was working for Chandler word processor shrine.
I can imitate sentences that are fantastic. Besides the author, I feel like anyone else.
And the work color of a hero who indulges in self-pity, despite its own work, is exactly like Chandler. "Hokage moon, Chandler, Soseki, Dazai, Trevenian are self-pity, uncrowned goddesses" (although the author is the most unknown).
And I wonder if he thinks that he will be forgiven when his son knows the truth ... the decision of the truth and the hero ... this guy. Although it is deceived by a self-pityed description of a brawl,
It's all because of the hero. high. Because he is a heroine of tragedy saying "It's all my fault", I only feel disgusted. If you originally write such a story, recursion depicting the dwarfness and ugliness of the hero depicting self-justification, scratching, dismay nationlessly,
I think that reproduction should be developed, but the novel written by the author with strong self-defense can not bear to describe himself ugly and spills hard part.
And as for the five-piece cast dogs ashita, "heroin of tragedy" blurs out so it can not be done at ease.
I will cast a magical spell with "I was bad" "I am bad". This is the logic of DV and Morahara.
In addition to that, "Secrets" leading to "large tricks" is not to be dispensed, I think that the material is already Barebare, but in order to immerse in "self pity", there is only a way to dismember from the beginning, Have not you gotten it? If I am editing it will recommend spreading out even if the configuration becomes complicated, but .... Well if you want to Chandler it would be like writing like this.
As this is written with the writer's good-natured story, disgusting portrayal,
Chandler World is already exploding in wonder. Though it seems that the author seems to define "Detective, Hitoshige Jutaro" as the deductive reasoner of Ellery-Queenbeer, but the reasoning to be shown in this work is not deductive of black and white sessions but from circumstantial evidence and figures A thing close to Poaro which is a delusion of the incident. "Thin basis -" and things like Tukko.
When I saw "Mr. Hosuki turning to hard-boiled" or written in a magazine, "It was a dead copy of Chandler I disliked from the start, was it?" "Does Chandler really hard boiled? Although it seems to be like that in Japan, "I thought,
Mr. Hosuki has been running for the first time in Japan, Chandler in Japan (I dislike it).
This work is exactly such a novel, so it is not recommended for those who dislike Chandler like me first. Not recommended for those who expect a tricky crown (closed rooms are obsolete and behaviors and thoughts of closed room makers are too extraordinary. Other big tricks are also ballet at the beginning,
I do not think that trick will pass for real police).
Not recommended for those who expect ambiguous sentences (Kobudo and far from the Fujisawa Shuhei level).
Although it became only something extraordinary criticisms, it was full of feeling after reading "well-off".

2007/02/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I thought from the first time "Snow-sealed room" in "Name detective.
I think the work of this author seems to be hard and heavy sentences.
I can also feel a part that is unrelenting ... ....

Still, the deployment just before the last was readable, and my heart was moved a bit to the monologue of Yamakura
(Humanly, I can not like it ... but ...).

For the name detective. For Hitoshige Jutaro, I do not feel much individuality,
I do not like cynical places, just a bit ... ....

2004/07/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7812 Host:7792 Browser: 3875
I've touched Mr. Okajima sensei completely and I like the "kidnapper mystery" completely and I have read around this era as well.
Indeed I think that it is an interesting trick with a stroke on the inside.
Although I was told by human beings who love kidnappers, it was at the "ordinary" level ...

The scenario of the kidnappers is usually just a third-class TV drama if they abduct ordinarily by kidnapping and passing ransom or the arrest of the criminal and so on, especially in the case of novels, the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓uite unusual and novelty tricks Unlike the mystery that used many things and dealt with murder cases. It is a point I like to have a cruel scene or a tendency to be less violent depiction.
In that respect Okajima 's work group is basically a famous person because it is famous because it is famous because it is famous, so the kidnappers inevitably become more and inevitably the guru object mystery among themselves the leader is definitely Because it will be Mr., it will definitely become difficult to evaluate if this theme ...

Regarding one tragedy, the next episode "Tragedy of Ni" was a masterpiece, but there are also impressions.