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Sukehiro Tomita
Masakazu Katsura
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Japan Released:1998/10/08(Thu)
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2015/06/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13598 Host:13708 Browser: 5173
If I think that the novel version "I ''s" is a faithful work to the manga version "I''s", it was a reconstruction that added a new element. In other words, it is completely unrelated to the main story, but the taste is a completely original story left behind.
The episode along the 2nd volume is also expanded, but in parallel with it, an episode which is impossible in the time series of the cartoon version was added, and the hero.Seto Kazuki's It has become something like a slight addition of arrangement to personality.
Also, since some of the original interactions are done in completely different situations, the depiction like 'parallel world' is extensive.
It was a bit surprising, but as I mentioned earlier, "I ''s" likeness has been left behind, thanks to that it was not such a sense of incongruity.

Well, this is the early story of Kazuki who is unable to confess his thoughts to Iori this time too.
However, as for the freshman welcome party which was "miracle" at the time of the first grade, although it was "two-haori" which did not receive at all, it was ignored too much to emphasize that two haori, "Iori's theater department Activity "was a story where Ichigo was involved.
There was a drama in which Kazuki who came to be practiced by Iori 's "Romijuri" swayed by Koyoko Orikyara because Kazuki's idea towards Iori worried further. Although obviously derailed from the original, I enjoyed it.
Among 'I''s' in which a story was unfolded from a single point of view, it is unnatural that these episodes were hidden at the freshman welcome party of the year, and it is unnatural, after all, "parallel world" Although it is a novel, as I thought, "Iori is the number one!" Ichiko's roots did not change, I also felt much sympathy for romantic stories that were no fun even in the original.

By the way, Kazuo in this work was a man with a lot of dependence on personality.
"Reverse run Kun" is still as usual, but I can talk normally with other girls, and Ichinobu is not limited to Iori and some parts of the girls seem to be weak, Kazuki has changed to a character closer to a girl . I will not be upset with this one rock, I will not be struggling to lower Morisaki's pants or I will not be bothered by Nami's behavior (lol)
After that, there are places like "to advise bullying being ignored by the entire class" and so far that I was helping with Iori for shadows for Iori (up to the high one not specifically drawn in the original) It was a part of handsome compared to the original.
It was something like a samurai. If it is this one you can understand even if Iori likes without reason ....

Orikara is a character deeply related to Iori in any mind, "Kaneko Isao" is a theater department who likes Iori by childhood friend of Iori, "Asagomi Kanako" is a close friend of Iori, for Kimi A friendly classmate ... was set as the wind.
Although I do not know how much work the original work has progressed, it is unnatural that the characters that are nearby are not at all original in the original work, so after all it is a character that does not even exist "in existence" in the original work world .

Well, although the talk worked firmly until the middle stage, the story suddenly pulled back to the thing which the story traced in the end in the late stage, the rock appeared, the problem of the characters such as Kaneko Isao and Asagomi Kanako as it got stuck and unchecked It is a pity that I ended.
If I think that I was doing well, I would not be able to climb beautifully, and only the last one would be done by tracing the original and going in another direction.
Because I like it, I'm glad that I got a someday anyway, but if this is a novel version with strong independence, this has not been a problem even if I complete it as a certain episode before and after the original volume in this I think that it is not.

Evaluation is "ordinary".
Maybe I wonder if there was a part that assumed the sequel.
Characters such as Kaneko and Kanako do not appear in the original, but it is a bit disappointing to end here.
Moreover, as for Kaneko "Isao", he is also "I" Hey .... Although Kanako feels poor that he did not receive even the initials of "I".

2013/07/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
[good point]

Although the hero is indecisive, his feelings such as the attitude towards Iori, etc, due to "experience of humiliation of the past" etc, was carefully deepened.
Teraya also has a role as a mood maker to relax somewhat the dark atmosphere, OVA version "PURE"
Compared favorably with it.
Illustrations were also seen, the height of painting power did not change, especially the girls also felt such cuteness and reluctance.

[Bad point]

Indeed erotic description was certainly reality, not a depiction of dimensions,
I can not deny that I was slightly bruised.
Kaneko who was also playing smart plays was a stereotypical rival in a bad way,
As a key person, it was a boring character that is not worth anything other than a hero's upright role.
Others Others who did terrible things to Iori and was not about as much as some guys who returned the angry protagonist, but somehow a favorable supporting role was seen.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was a novel version of Mr. Masakazu Katsura's masterpiece. At the end I gathered more beautifully than it was, but it was not as extensive as there was catharsis. Mr. Katsura is exactly a "god" existence for those who can enjoy the interaction between the girls and their heroes who often show high-power paintings that can draw girls pretty and often, but they himself did not come to that point so far Kana? Evaluation is "Normal" which slightly does not exceed "Good".