[Novel]Honor Harrington series

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Hayakawa Publishing Corporation
Hayakawa BunkoSF
Japan Released:1999/01
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2009/04/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although it is a military SF as a genre, it is also a tribute to a marine adventure novel and the main character's honor feels like a female version Nelson.
Armament placement of warships is a sailing warship itself (less than armored armament is less than stern armed and mostly port side equipments) Military class nomenclature is similar to that of the then British navy. (Although the general officers, general officers are fragmented)

It feels a lot when a crew member of a warship ships to a spaceship, but if the former is a sailboat, it is convincing. Anyway, people often die, and since there is a detailed depiction until one soldier, I recommend it to those who like it. Although the story of politics comes out, basically because it is reasoning for war to continue ...
Still, it is interesting that politicians and soldiers are struggling with politics that is not suitable for interstellar nation (it is a matter of being told that there is a suitable form of politics, silver politics is politics) . Haven of the enemy something national collapse so the enemy soldiers who oppose the hero with a human-like contradiction are psychological ...
Besides the intellectual race other than earthlings rarely appears, only human beings are making the interstellar nation, and the interstellar nation that maintains neutrality regardless of the war is much more. (It seems that Britain and France are fighting on the earth, the British and the French are fighting.) There seems to be an agreement that the neutral state group can not provide technology to the nation during war, and because trade is continuing with restrictions, Diplomacy and commercial problems are drawn in various ways.

Because the story of the human race (lifetime 300 years!) Who received the longevity measures, the newly-appointed US cadre who came out early in the period of military service will be captain and assigned to the fleet led by the leading captain as the roll advances or flies with technology development Although the girder of the missile changes, there is no such thing as having been made without a promise so it is a category that can be read with confidence as a series object.
The main character is a superwoman as it is, but it also fails and there is no insight like God so it is easy to empathize as it is and it is recommended for those who like military fans and sail boat novels. (As for this person, I wish to raise the rating one step)

The problem is that the translation is slow (it can not be helped if we look at the current SF scene)
Evaluation is "good"