[Reportage]Homage to Catalonia

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Iwanami Bunko
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Japan Released:1992
Outside Japan :Released:1938
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2013/02/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A portrayal expressing war situation in a real way, yet thrilling as sentences.
Therefore, extreme conditions and tension are transmitted.

[Bad point]
The above real and thrilling part, if you return the back ... or ...
It can be felt even with a cruel depiction, which is fresh, raw and speaking.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Time is in the 1930s. If it is said well in Japan the era of "prewar days".
And the setting is Spain.
Is this place such as the story depicting the experience of the author himself who would have witnessed the splendid situation of the "civil war" that took place in that time in the land of Spain.

You probably put yourself in the midst of the battlefield, sometimes clothing goes wet without fear of getting wet, desperately running through the battlefield, and sometimes it is very cold winter, even though it's cold for your own sanitation In circumstances where treatment at a hospital can not be accepted as to think whether it is a lack of persons involved in medicine and the experience such as washing the body with wasteful use of water, and the number of injured people and medical care ...
Even from the part, the intensity and fear of the war of the time are transmitted.

Also, the photographs of buildings that were destroyed in their work were also posted in black and white, and I felt even more faithfully conveying the intensity of this fight to us.

In any case, the authors of this work themselves withstand the fear of death, do not know what myself is even tomorrow in the fierce battle that would instantly lose their lives if mistaken, I think that it is this work that survives desperately desperately and it tells faithfully how fearful it is now that it is fearful.

I was taught again about the fear of war and the importance of peace.

2010/01/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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it's amazing. It was a truly reportage about as I was ashamed of starting reading for a simple reason that I was interested in Spanish history.

Orwell is trying to express as faithfully as possible after carefully examining the materials that can be obtained by seeing what the experience himself has seen and heard by this work in this work.
It draws the front landscape, battle like people, people around me, my own feelings, one by one carefully.

The first thing that is overwhelming is Barcelona, 〓〓〓〓〓hich burns with revolution. In Barcelona, 〓〓〓〓〓n fact Sandicarist workers were in power, took over capitalists and company managers, and sandika rhythms of managing the company at the committee of the workers were realized. They organized militias, destroyed the houses of the wealthy, the farmers, churches, etc. and actually fought to Zaragoza, near the Franco-based home base, and fought as a main force. Orwell also seems to be excited, but black and red revolution flag flutters everywhere in the town, words named Senor and Buenos Diaz (Ohayou) are abolished, chips are also prohibited, class discrimination and rich and poor discrimination Politics in its original meaning: there was a great revolution of culture realized.

Orwell also flew to the battlefield as a hero in the cheers of the people, but what was fought in the actual battlefield was the war of nomenclature. There is no decent strategy, each other's army is in a stalemate state that the number of weapons is insufficient and it is not useful enough to say at all. Orwell became muddy in such harsh circumstances, gripped the gun. Here, the image of "war" I imagined so far broke down with a sound. All sensations, smells, tiredness feelings of the muddy were so raw that they appealed to the senses, just being overwhelmed.

And finally he suffered serious injuries that the bullet penetrated through the nod, but he gets a lifetime of nine deaths and returns to Barcelona. However, three and a half months later Barcelona became a different city. The PSUC (Catalan Unified Socialist Party) who was supposed to have been fighting with the belonging POUM (Marxist Unification Worker Party) and CNT (National Labor Union) shares his head with the influence of the Soviet Union (Russia), the faction of the POUM faction in Trotskist It turned into an accusation to condemn as an anti-revolution group that draws threads behind. On both sides of Ramblas, there was a historical incident that 500 fighters died in the bureaucracy of the telephone office, with battle of POUM.CNT's militia and government forces shooting and PSUC shooting together. Instead of supporting the Soviet Union to support the revolution, Orwell was astonished at the point of being a bloodline so that a revolution would not occur, rather than a person who was not standing at the front line, taking the view of the community as it is, Express anger to report a lie that is free of leaves. After all, the war is political anywhere, even in the case of the community, in order to keep increasing his current position and increasing further, I thoughtfully joined hands with the person in the opposite position completely, We will repress the activities of the workers who are not capable of dreaming of a revolution, with ideas that they should originally have. This development is very frightening.
The power of boosting the Soviet Union was great, and the Orwell fighters were also arrested and imprisoned one after another, but Orwell was able to escape from Spain with a crisis due to his wife's movement. This deployment is exactly suspenseful, you can not help holding the sweat in your hands. This seems to be a world far from our daily lives, but it actually happened ... Owell really got a tremendous experience, did not he?

Age. Repeated beyond place, universal human foolishness, doubt of "truth", rebelliousness to overturn some uncertainty of information flowing in the world, completely equality of the barracks at the beginning It is a masterpiece, as it captures the glittering things in human beings during the turbulence, such as the atmosphere and the warmth of farmers. You do not understand simply by searching on the net, there is a raw experience here.