[Novel]Hercule Poirot series

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1. The Murdar of Roger Ackroyd
2. Peril at End House
3. Murder on the Orient Express
4. The A.B.C. Murders
5. Murder in Mesopotamia
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Agatha Christie
Hayakawa Publishing Corporation TOKYO SOGENSHA Koudansha Shinchosha Heibonsha
Japan Released:1920
Japan Released:1923
Japan Released:1926
Japan Released:1927
Japan Released:1928
Japan Released:1932
Japan Released:1933
Japan Released:1933
Japan Released:1934
Japan Released:1935
Japan Released:1936
Japan Released:1936
Japan Released:1936
Japan Released:1937
Japan Released:1937
Japan Released:1938
Japan Released:1940
Japan Released:1940
Japan Released:1941
Japan Released:1943
Japan Released:1946
Japan Released:1948
Japan Released:1952
Japan Released:1953
Japan Released:1955
Japan Released:1956
Japan Released:1959
Japan Released:1963
Japan Released:1966
Japan Released:1972
Japan Released:1975
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