[Novel]The Puzzle of God

Other media: JP movie:God's Puzzle
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Shinji Kimoto
Kadokawa haruki jimusho
Japan Released:2002/11
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2010/02/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Why was human being born? What principle is the universe? I think that everyone thought of such things. However, nobody knows such a thing, if only God exists God only understands.
It is such a story that we will elucidate such things as God thinks from the viewpoints of physics, science, mathematics and so on.
The hero is slightly off the university students and youth feeling youth, but the heroine's daughter is 16 years old and in the middle of youth. However, the heroine is like a mature to forget that it is 16 years old at all, the truth of the gap there is also the attraction of this book.
The way to write a book is like feeling that the writing style of the hero's diary is intact, but although this format is funny but there are also dialogue etc., I felt somewhat impossible to try as a diary. I think that it is better not to read as a diary.
Anyway, this book seems to be difficult to read because only a few words of science and mathematics come out because the word system is not understood. I am thinking that readability is normal as there are not many people such as characters including myself.

Comprehensively I think that there is readability for people in science, but in the knowledge of the literature and general people it is somewhat impossible to deny the feeling of lying down.
The charm of this book is the excitement of the second half, can God 's puzzle solve, can the universe be made, what the heroine thinks is.
It is very clear that everything is understood at once.
"A little adult youth story" I recommend.

2009/09/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21560 Host:21495 Browser: 4242
A novel of the theme "Can you really create the universe?" As a graduate (not a physics major), he was quite curious.
Words that I heard (and could not understand) during my school days, such as "quantum mechanics", "four powers", "elementary particles", etc are littered and I wonder if this descent could be read more seriously than lecture (laugh).
... But I heard it is subtle when asked if I am subliming this theme as entertainment? Human depiction was also sweet, I wasted my head in spite of the heroine's change.
The impression that the fun as a story is not balanced against an attractive theme. I felt it would have improved better if I drew such a point precisely.

2008/06/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28160 Host:28224 Browser: 8090
The cover is a light, but the content is a science. And it was very exciting about the main theme of the universe could be made? I am a literary artist, so I did not understand the contents, but I understood that it is exciting.

From the complementarity of light and the field (called a photon field hypothesis in the work), uncover the structure where energy and thing become equivalent by spin of photon as a clue, with the elementary particle and the elementary particle in the foothold with the denial of infinite coordinate axis in space We will elucidate the mechanism of field propagation, and from there we will explain the integration of the four forces, the breaking of CP symmetry and the relationship between particle and wave.
From there we can explain the polymer structure (specifically DNA and adenosine triphosphate) and how to win shellfish shellfish (precisely the golden ratio that appears there).
In the ultimate cosmology the physical quantity becomes meaningless and everything can be represented by the ratio of numbers. The universe can be determined by one equation and parameter ...

Even if I write it myself, it is unknown, but I realized that at least the world can describe beautifully simply and beautifully, physics still aims for it to be crazy.

In this way, I think that the main theme was properly drawn. The problem is that the story that spells it is variously stuffed. And included too much sub theme.

Battle at academic societies over large particle accelerators, struggle for personnel affairs in the university, obsceneness of personal injury by the net, ignorance of the science of journalism, gossip mass communication to be paired with public opinion, emerging religion within the university, job hunting Student ... I should have squeezed more and painted it. These problems are almost enumerated, and it will be solved by feeling like "That's the world."
I know I want to draw, but I wanted to draw it properly.

And the problem surrounding the main character, the main theme of the story. The main character's girl is born by a refined O purchased at Precision 〓〓〓Bank (it is hidden as an inappropriate term). At this point, it is predicted that "the question of whether the universe can be created from the absence is a matter of identity related to her birth" at the same time is expected, and in reality it is exactly the same ...
I let him explain it entirely from the mouth of the hero.
The problem here is also closely related to the action of the protagonist in the climax, unless you do more carefully and carefully, only the story will flow.

But one good thing is that there was no romance between the main character of another man. By the way of physics thinking, I did not pre-load the last trump card into the story of asking for the existence of a person of myself, that is to tackle the problem of metaphysics by means of metaphysics.
Because it is God's love, I think that the attitude that I do not try to easily explain myself was good.

I elucidate how to make the universe and reproduce it with computer simulation, but I realize that the universe is born out of nothing and is attributed to nothing in the form of self-destruction. So the last proposition can be made. Whether the universe is nothing, is it elementary particle dance described by equation and parameter, or is there meaning there, what is I like that?
The method of replying to it was also not bad, but it was splitting. A classic that a girl was listening over and over, making rice that a boy had done. I do not get involved at all.

Since it is a separate answer at each separate stage, it can not be helped even if it is splitting, but as a story I still feel it tig hug. However, as a lingering finish of the work, there is an answer that exists only in the multi-faceted situation that even its tig-hugs have been fulfilled.
I wanted you to summarize it more smartly, or to draw it more beautifully (to the extent that it can tell you the beauty of existence). I understand it as a nuance, but I wanted it to take another step. How to harvest planted rice and eat it, how to describe the existence of a person in the universe attributable to none.

The details are still in detail, but the relationship of the characters comes out abruptly without pre-trembling ... The girl's former curry was pretty early, but when it comes to father (refinement provider) too much It is too abrupt.
The neighborhood is too sweet as a story ... and.

I deal with quite magnificent themes, so I wanted to step into philosophy with precision to cosmology and quantum mechanics. (Perhaps the author disregards the logical aspects of philosophy, and if mathematics appears at the ultimate in cosmology, I should have thought that logic that underlies philosophy is also mathematics)
I think that I could cut in deeper into the problem of integrating the two main themes of the work, which is to consider human existence with a physics method.

I said a lot, but what was quite interesting is the fact and I think that I am buying motivation to work on a magnificent theme.
Kodansha In occasionally in a modern new book, if it is a reading skill science primer, you can put "very", but since it is a novel for a while, I will keep it "good".

2008/06/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19721 Browser: 7776(Mobile)
Well ...
Honestly I was disappointed.

I am interested in subscribing to the theme "Can the universe be created?"
By the way, I have been researching this theme myself in college materials etc before I read this work in the category I like it pretty much.
This unnecessary knowledge might have disturbed himself to enjoy this work instead.

I was hoping that it was SF-like development, but it seemed to be different, the content of the work was "Space Theory + Youth Spring Human Growth Story".
A student: Watanuki (Personally, I did not think it was particularly dangerous, especially a wise person in a strange place) and a genius girl: it is an outline that Horiyu struggles fiercely though the university's seminar on the theme of the universe can make it Two-thirds is an explanation of the theory of space creation.
It is quite important whether you can pass this explanation or not.

It is quite shortly summarized so that the theory of cosmological creation will not be long for everyone.
On the contrary, however, it is very difficult to understand without prior knowledge.
If you have knowledge halfway through half-tempered you will not be able to make it flow.
In addition, since the final attachment point of this work is "Why were we born?", "What we are living for?", So the method and theory of cosmological creation and so on can be said anything better Because the concept is more important, I think there were quite a few sentences that I do not need to read.
If I write the same amount of sentences I wanted you to write more about human relationships.
That one is quite interesting development.

It is fun to grow as a human growth tale, but it is just a matter of law that is a rule That is not reasonable if it is read somehow.
Apart from that it is not an important factor in the story.
I did not need anything else.
Do not write anything you do not need.

Evaluation is "very bad"
After reading it was the impression "Wow, it ended?"
As a human growth story it was rather that I wanted to read from now on.
I do not recommend it for those who like the space.
Because it is not such a work.
If you want to know the theory of the birth of the universe and others, I recommend you to read books with titles such as 'secret of the universe' or 'mystery of the birth of the universe' such as a paperback book.
Such concepts are more conceptual and can be read funny without knowing quantum mechanics or physics.
Anything Newton or a professional magazine that conforms to it may be okay.

2008/03/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13390 Host:13340 Browser: 8090
I was reading because it was talked about as being made into a movie.
There is somewhat doubt about casting .... The following is purely an evaluation of a novel.
The question of old man and Horie 'Why was I born, why are you living?'
Needless to say the old man, the situation of Muroho 's "artificially created genius" gives the question a persuasive power.
Slander slander to the Mizuho of the mass media that happened on the way, the surrounding attitude towards it was drawn into the world of the novel with realism.
I think that this novel is fun because it is not a completely unrealistic story at all.
However, because I felt that the term specialized word of physics coming out on the way was making it difficult to understand the story, I dropped the evaluation because it is very good.

2007/09/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8584 Host:8367 Browser: 5234
A novel that challenges straight from a seemingly absurd theme of "Can you make the universe?"
A leading character who will tackle the magnificent theme of the university seminar from hint.
Because the main character itself is a reader's line of sight, it is almost like a bonus, but very special research is also chewed through the hero and it is easy to read.
Well, in fact, I do not think there is any problem if I do not know the difficult part.
Because I was.
Rather, I think that there is a way to focus on the human drama part and read it.
A genius girl who gathered her expectations from a young age and formed the proper character for it.
A professor of university who relentlessly criticizes the girl.
The hero who gets to Odoro.
The university scenery as the stage is also pretty real, and I was able to read it interestingly.
What kind of conclusion is given to this theme?
As for me, I was able to finish pleasantly.
Approach part which turns two turns is also funny and interesting.

2007/09/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46868 Host:46809 Browser: 3875
He draws the year of the university fourth grade realistically around seminars and rice making.
Student life and making rice of unknown significance.
It's just that content but it's pulled in.
This story of making rice, can express the progress of a year,
I would have used it because it would be a harvest or a fruitful kind of such a metaphor.
It seems that thought about thinking about the universe, one's own thought has gone too far.
Moreover, he is deeply absorbed in thinking, and job hunting and love affair has been neglected.
Was there surprisingly "harvest" in rice making which was thought to be meaningless after all?
Every day Hoshi arrived without attacking and flowing was empty.
It was impossible to think too hard to think.
Although the answer to "God's puzzle" seems to be a brute force. It is certainly easy to read.

2007/03/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5688 Host:5633 Browser: 5234
A band of a singing phrase named Komatsu Sakyo prize winning work and a cover illustration were drawing attention and I read it because I was concerned.
One of the top ten works of domestic best SF 2003.

Rather than SF, it seems like a youth novel.

I think that you can read even more fun if you know the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, cosmology to some extent.

2007/03/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
When a book was issued in 2002, I was took a look at the cover like a light novel.
The impression at this time was too vivid and I could not have such a feeling to those who bought last year "I did it" in the bunko.
Early, the contents are together .... In order to reread, I feel that there is somewhat confusing and slow part.

[good point]
The impression you felt when you first saw the picture on the cover page of the book paper is a bright style as it is.
I do not have poor aftertaste work, so it is attractive that the feeling after reading is good,
The heroine of a genius girl who can not express his true feelings can be emotionally transferred to the hero who is a little hetarer
It can be said that the two people liked it (it can be said that ... ...?) Was pretty big.

[Bad, or somewhat disagreeable point]
I did not understand the SF part of the key (although it may be only I do not understand).
I was not able to feel like going forward reading like that.
Since the last is over where the heroine will show us an obedient side from now on,
I also felt a bit indigestible thing that I wanted to see these two later.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I could not feel like reading over and over again, rather than SF,
I was able to capture as a fresh youth novel leads to a good impression and I would like to go on "very good".