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Taguchi Sennendou
Himukai yuuji
Famitsuu Library
Japan Released:2006/07/29(Sat)
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1. http://sennendo.jugem.jp/ (Translation)
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2009/01/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 882 Host:657 Browser: 4926
It is the extra edition of the gargoyle of Yoshinaga family.

A story that fights with an organization that uses the ancient science that is different from the alchemy that Hikaru and Garu as the hero are Mizuchi.
Because the battle is the main compared with the head home, the feeling of warmth is on the verge of depressing.
Still, there is something reminiscent of the head family as to the multiplication of Hikaru and Garage and the interaction with the people living in the building.

In addition to the main character, the character of Mizuchi various old scientists, and Mr. Yoshinaga of the headquarters are also some familiar president, son of an alchemist, stinky botanist, etc. are out.
Compared to the gargoyle, it is unavoidable that it will not be easy for Garu to see weakly by hiking, but I think that how you get over it is the point of this work.

Since there is a part linked to the head family, there is a place where I do not think if a person who is reading the head family nods, and it nods hurry.
At the time of this story, such things happened in different places etc ... etc ...
Particularly as the head family comes closer to the final volume, that part is strongly emerging.

If a person who reads the head family, the battle becomes the main, it may feel somewhat uncomfortable.
However, there is no point in it because it depicts how the weak person of Hikaru and Garu aims to confront Mizuchi, which is overwhelmingly strong.
Also, the son of an alchemist is very dependable in battle, and since it is overwhelmingly more appearing than the original one, it is worth seeing if he is anxious.

Overall, it is obvious that the sense of warmth, which is the seller of the head family, has decreased, but the battle is painted dramatically for that much.
I thought that this is it, such as many characters appearing with habits and lid habits that are different from the main character.
It is necessary for the head family to read in the head family, the outermost one as the outermost.

2008/12/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 506 Host:324 Browser: 6034
It is a work of the position of extraordinary editing by Yoshinaga family gargoyl spin-off.
Although battle elements are large compared to Yoshi, on the other hand, there is little exchange with your neighbors, and you receive the impression that it is much more than a killer.
The battle also began to be emotionally impossible to empty and as a result it is only the characters that appear in the main story such as Kiichiro, which makes it unknown what it is for spin-off for what this is.
As can be understood from Yoshida, Professor Taguchi was quite good at raising the character, but it was a strong feeling that I could not fully use its merits.