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Ray Bradbury
Uno Toshiyasu
Hayakawa Publishing Corporation
Hayakawa Bunko
Japan Released:1975/11/30(Sun)
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2009/06/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Fahrenheit 451 degrees 〓〓〓233 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which the book starts to burn.
In the near future, possession of a book is prohibited, a society in which thought power and memory ability are lost. The work of the firefighter is arrest of the fiery book and the owner of the book. Mentorg, a firefighter, begins to question this society with the encounter with a girl.

There seems to be a side written as a protest against McCarthyism in the 1950s. Anyway, from the perspective of SF, the era has caught up with the imagination of Brad Berry. Wall-hung TVs and mini-radios that have appeared already have already been realized.

Brad Berri claims that there is no time to judge whether it is right or not and to digest like the book because the television will attach the fact directly in a moment. It is publicly shared information that is transmitted on television and radio. Unlike books, because of the large size of the recipients, the information is sometimes treated as facts themselves. In the Montague who doubts the firing book, the chief states the essence that "meaningless thinking is letting himself the happiness that he does not consider anything." However, Montague was asked why he left the fighter 's official later, <I do not know. What we need to be happy is not missing as one. Still, I can not become happy at all. > Answer. The word embraces emptiness that individual thinking is not allowed before common sense. It is a warning bell to get used to insensless. When madness has become public justice like this society, extremely private doubt is the possibility to change the present situation. That is why the importance of a book as the sole medium that has been separated, which can face information by "individuals" in order to judge whether public justice is oneself is questioned.

Even if you see the last, innocent man killed by the machine shepherd, the fear of society that can not be doubted. The society of this novel is extreme, but the firing book was done also by the Emperor and the Nazis, and speech repression and information control are also universal themes. The contemporary publication recession contemporary abolition due to separating characters seems to have reached 451 degrees Fahrenheit in spite of who has not put a fire on. This novel may be the work that should be read in such a time.

2007/01/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Fahrenheit 451 degrees ...... The temperature of the book burns with the fire on the page of the book.
Talking about Mr. Ban faction, Mummy taking off to the mummy ....

To the contrary to the conversation of the story and totally reverse, the feeling after reading was very refreshing.
Classics in masterpieces, classic standards. I think that it is a perfect match in the classical door. Is it a Rakugo fan?
As I read it a long time ago, my memory is beautified, I wonder if it is old as I read it now, I read back to the head of December to January.
It was obediently funny.
If it is a novel now, there are places where I think that this notation is something, but there was a powerfulness to make it think that realism is shit.

I do not want to take into account the background when written.
I think there is certain fun of considering such things, but I want to pay attention to the interest of the talk itself.
If you like a book you think that you can empathize to Montague without distinction of philosophy of thinking, I think that you can also understand the feelings attracted to Claris.
Anyway Claris, Montague was good. Characters including Beatty and Milly were attractive.
Beatty thought that the coterie magazine was made if the world were the world ... (I'm sorry for the man who did a proper fans ...).
Claris I thought I was over leaving too much.
I wanted to see more interaction with Claris. Something different from Montague, which is different from romance, passed. I like that.

I read it for the first time when I was a junior high school student. I read and reacted that this is very similar to one of the episodes of the Blue Meteor Raisiner of an anime that I saw before.
Looking back now, regardless of whether they resemble similar, regardless of firing books, refusal of cultures on the side of the politicians, I think that there is such expression in the talk stream,
(If it is affected, it is an animation person, but it does not look like alike as well)
It was a work full of power which makes association considerably strongly from such an episode.
Oh, I feel like I'm standing firmly strongly.
It involves a lot of talks about firing books.
But after all I also think that it is original story .... Rebellion (movie) etc are also considerably influenced.
(Do you call it, Hayakawa Bunko edition p 46 "There is a notation of" ballistic science ... ", I thought," Gang kata! "I am sorry!
I like the phrase "We are like covers of dust in books" or "As human beings, when we die, we should keep something behind".

Also, as a Japanese otaku who came to know the comics of Tezuka, I felt a very strong impression of the words of the punch line on the last phoenix.
Because this memory is intense, I still can not do it with an earphone ... I think that the word of translation is also nice "sea shell".
Shell ear. I will not miss the sound of the sea though.