[Novel]Eyesheild 21 Maboroshi No Golden Ball

Other media: Anime:Eyeshield 21 Maboroshi no golden bowl
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Literature rank of 2004 Rank 172in 179 titles
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Riichiro Inagaki
Yusuke Murata
Katsumi Hasegawa
Japan Released:2004/03/22(Mon)
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2011/08/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It certainly came to be animated one year from this novel version .......

Mr. Senna 's sincere efforts towards American football, etc. There was something certainly conveyed in this series of passion. He was liked by the WJ hero in recent years was likable,
It is not changed.

However, those lying behind Harajuku Boders, which they confronted, had licked American football, but were the accessories too small, did not it manage any more? As a result, it was a nice place for Sena in the group who was crowded and crisp.
Governor Hogaru Governor who was their back was also a tanned father who made the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor who is a model a couple of small items, but he said that it was Son Goku who was moving about in the palm of Buddha like Hill Evil It was the skin of the face.

Certainly they were brought down and catharsis was not without it,
It was a bad ideographic dissatisfaction. It is quite doubtful whether it should have been treated as a theme of the novel version. Speaking of Murata's work, I think that certain cartoons serialized on the square were also gathered, but with this it is impossible to evaluate more than "ordinary".

2006/10/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The first novel of Eyeshield 21, in the original drawing, depicts from the end of the Spring Games to the time of a member test using the Tokyo Tower (that is, no happiness or Musashi go out), how OAV Novelize is there.

Personally, the animated version is not too rude and unpleasant, such as "animation of the original scenario", "repeated evil worshiping of the characters", "appointment of a voice actor with inadequate acting", "heaviness of drawing" etc. It is in the worst position possible, and this novelization work and the depiction of a villain character etc are impression that it is considerably close to an animated version.

The backharajuku Boders who are opponents who appear in this work are those who fooled too foolishly against American football, aside from the captain 's side gate gyro, and the crumpling people of the feeling that they were knocked down and felt as numbos. Governor Hatohara governor of the back shield was also a father-in-law who had imagined the current Governor of the Governor of the Governor, and these guys are "defeated by the mourical guards" and says somewhere in the animated version to defeat the villain from the villain service It is reminiscent of a poor screenplay of the animated version that the mud gate of justice defeats the team that is high.

At first, the passion and seriousness of the protagonist Senna and the Hill Devils have been transmitted, and at this point it is still possible to draw reasonably the reason why the three brothers of the huhha who are the bad boy participate in the game as it is ing. In the game scene it was as good as it was to the scene where the asphalt fears are bothered by the mourn, but unfortunately Sena (= Eye Shield 21) defeated the "reading" gyroscope overcome it There was an impression that it was unilaterally over, and there was somewhat unsatisfactory impression.

Although it is probably "an interview between original stories", it is not possible to make a very good evaluation because the smell of animation which can not be recognized is smelling with the work from the work.