[Novel]Eisen Flugel

Other media: Comics:Eisen Flugel
Literature total pnts rank Rank 4,581in 4,710 titlesTotal -3 / Deviation 43.10
Literature rank of 2009 Rank 92in 100 titles
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Gen Urobuchi
Gagaga Bunko
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Japan Released:2009/07/17(Fri) / End:2009/12/18
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2014/12/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It seems to be a work that diverted TV anime plan that was flown to novels.
With such circumstances, the story of Mr. Hikoki set in "sky" ... It is actually content for visualization, but it is quite funny on the medium of novels as well.
Or, there may be people who can draw the air battle fun with interesting novels, but there is no reason why the sentences are painfully drawn so much redundantly that "Hikoki Race" is interesting.

Well, this work was a work that fused the contemporary technology 100 years ago with the fantasy world "to race with dragons with Hikoki."
The first person is a work depicting a man 's romance to the sky, I think it was pretty fun. I thought that I would do two volumes on this line.
It was a story that the war began and the battle was broken down in the midfield, but it was almost a traditional story from here, just because the character has no appeal, it will not be fun.
The sentence becomes more redundant, it is troublesome to follow with the eyes.
Many of the characters do not have a minimum amount of conversation (as many pages as there are very many things in the background), there is no appeal to say so, and the heroine is a big mistake in making individuality and talking You are getting annoyed ... / /.
Even though it is somewhat redundant, it is frustrating to add extra modifiers every time to lengthen the sentences, "Although the depiction shortage is also a problem, it is too much depictions, but parentheses can also be attached without using brief words Is not it low? " There are lots of texts and words that can be trimmed. If you turn it into a human drama it would have been a deep emotional thing.

As for how to end "It is like a magical girl Madoka 〓〓〓Magica and Armor warriors, as if you have seen such a scene ..." now it will be withered by the small amount of drawing out of the emptiness It is ending.
"It's not dead, but the hero who went somewhere talks to a different character all the thematic things of the work".
Being stale for fluffy stuff, its interaction is also long and cold, it is mostly, it is roughly it is, although the current work is also not depicted as human being so much that it can soak in such emotion, it did not think anything.

In addition, the illustrations were also subtle.
Although it is a serious flavor, the facial expression of the person's daily scene is fairly unnatural, and even if it is suitable for drawing mechanics, dragons and landscapes, I feel that the picture of a person is not very good. I did not even draw it.

Evaluation is "worst".
The first half of the volume was surprisingly interesting, but it's pretty boring from the second half of volume 1 ....