[Novel]Eien no Ko

Other media: Drama:Eien no Ko (Forever child)
Literature total pnts rank Rank 698in 4,612 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 51.97
Literature rank of 1999 Rank 29in 116 titles
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Tendou Arata
Japan Released:1999/03
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2006/10/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I reread it.
Giraffe, moul, ruffin. Three children's stories and stories of them becoming adults are spoken alternately,
I remembered that I could not get into the story earlier, especially when I was a child.
They have special circumstances, but from the point of view of the general public, I felt somewhat uncomfortable to call each other with a nickname.
And this time I could read more carefully than before, but it is painful because I can not think that there is a way to end with saving.
I felt that people were too dead, but basically these heavy things will not fit.

As for the girl Ruffin, I received the impression that very miserable past and present figure do not connect.
And boy boys Giraffe and Moule were unable to empathize themselves.
Even though children can not understand how much they are at absence at schools before entering the hospital, even if they take the fact that they were being abused
(〓〓〓I do not feel tender).
Especially Giraffe is a thing with a lover who became an adult (I understand that it hurt the other party, but will not it manage any more)
I do not have any treatment for that hamster she kept.
Although I can not say that I do not do the same thing if I am in his position, I can not be like in the world of this work to the last.
I did not understand well that girl and Moolul. Although I can not understand the background behind it,
I think that somewhere in my mind, is that okay?

Still, I think that the value as a heavy work is great, but it is depressed by the death of two characters, so it can not be highly appreciated.
Besides that, then, regardless of the case of the past, I felt that the murder case in the story when they became an adult was overloaded.
Even without that part, I think that it is a work that forms a sufficient framework as a human thing.
I felt doubt whether the murder case ... ... was necessary.
In this author, I prefer "Singing voice of loneliness" thinking as a masterpiece full of suspense.