[Novel]Egg of blue sky

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Sakaki Tsukasa
Japan Released:2002/05
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2013/05/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33231 Host:33269 Browser: 5345
[Favorite points]
Descriptions of cooking. It was drawn very delicious and I wanted to eat it without thinking.

[Disliked points]
Relationship between Torii and Sakaki. If this is about a junior high school student it is still acceptable, but in late 20's ....
The tears are cheap. There were several scenes that made me think "Why are you crying here?"

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There were places where I thought it was good in some places, but it was a style that I did not match very well with myself.
Especially, there are many scenes that you are ashamed to read, such as the conversation between the main character Tatori and Sakaki.
... Sensei Sakaki is a woman, is not it? I think that this was written by a male writer, a bit ... (sweat).

2009/08/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12397 Host:12397 Browser: 9605
It has been a long time since my last post. It is the first work of the "Hikikomori Detective" series in debut of Mr. Tsushi Sakaki (Ms.?). Since I was interested from last year, I borrowed it at the library ... apparently seems not to suit me well.
Below, because it includes spoilage Please be careful who you are unread!

[Points I thought good]
First of all, is the narrator Sakagi 's personality? Not only do you care about your best friend Torii, but even if you are worried about young people of the blind and young people in the town alone and call them out, or who are in the midst of incidents even if they are involved in trouble due to it (Although this is also half for Torii's reintegration of society) I liked the liking of his people.
I think that the complicated circumstances of Torii are well trained. In this work I will tell you the past where Torii was rejected by my mother for the time being, but this mother's worst performance is amazing. Tori's grandmother would have wished he could forget about such a moment quickly. I am wondering what the relationship between Tori Torii and Sakaki that depends on him and each other is going to happen.

[Points I thought was bad]
Through the incident social issues such as female contempt and human dignity are told, but I received a slight impression. Especially, I could not sympathize as much as I could say to "the late summer trio" of the first episode. A woman who became distrusted by a male and a mistrust by a stalker revenged herself to the men of the world, but acts such as hitting with a bag seems to try to slide a man by applying oil to the stairs in the apartment I will not be sharpened. The harassment of painting this oil is the same as that which the woman received, but the woman says "I might die by banging my head" about this harassment. In other words, this woman may have been murdered if you made a mistake one more time and I think that "Do not do too you do" then ... In addition, she said "Japanese men are useless, so foreigners I talk about the contents that men are better ", but if it is a little short-circuited, I will scratch the neck.
Sakaki who heard her confession does not accept tears against his ineffectiveness or comment that Torii "can not permit involving Sakaki" can not be accepted, I read this first episode As soon as I closed the book I returned it to the library. Since there were many people who evaluated favorably on the net, it reads after a while, and as a result the impression of this book has improved from the beginning, but still it is still not convinced of this story.
There are parts to cover with the ones I wrote above, but I also did not like having a lot of common sense or lack of social behavior. For example, "Gifts of winter" dealing with the mystery of gifts that are sent one after another to Kabuki actors. I think that it is insane as a good adult's behavior to send only goods without accompanying letters ... In this story you call people by their honorific names like "Mrs. 〓〓〓〓〓〓Mother" or "Mother" Some claim that they are ignoring the dignity of individuals, but it is rude to dismiss older people by the name below as well. I think that the respect for respecting people is as important as we can not defeat human rights.
What is hard to understand is the co - dependent relationship between the protagonist Torii and the storyteller Sakaki. Sakaki chooses his profession for Torii and says "There is only me in Torii". It seems to be cool at first sight, and Sakaki cries when he cries out, too, and his emotional instability Tori Torii. It is a special two people from that encounter, but I am learning to be honestly slightly hoarse that I am also a member of society and depend on each other deeply so far. If they are in the state that they are already independent but they can not escape from dependence at the bottom of their hearts yet ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The sentence was beautiful, but the content got a stinky impression. However, since I am concerned about how the hero will grow in the future, I will continue to read the series.
Unfortunately the evaluation is "bad" from "ordinary".

2007/10/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44869 Host:44963 Browser: 5234
I was attracted to binding and setting, so I tried reading it.

There is no murder case at all and a style that solves a little mystery of everyday.
None of them was a heart-warming story.

Every character is attractive,
I liked it where there was no abandoned character.
People who appeared in each story were extremely happy to surely come out on the next story.
By doing that, I feel that various people are increasing in the two worlds where only two people existed, I think that I was able to successfully draw the growth of the two people.
In particular I felt the growth of Torii well.
Every one, I was reading to watch over him growing step by step.

Just a little concerned about the relationship between Sakaki and Torii.
It depends too much too.
I thought that this relationship is not bad at the beginning,
There was a place to go one step while reading.

But, I also wanted to stay in such a world.
I thought that I want to be wrapped in such a world that everything is gentle.
This is the first work of the trilogy, but when I read all three books I seemed to be left behind and became sad.

2007/08/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15884 Host:16041 Browser: 5234
The giant detective is hikikomori. Tsutsui Tottori and Sakaki who is a good understanding person,
A story that is spelled out by solving a small incident of small everyday life.
I read three series in the bunko.
When I met just when I was in the bunko, I was waiting long for the coming out of the "zoo bird" from now.
It's a nice talk too, but the buttocks are coming in, but sometimes I want this story.
I feel embarrassed to feel resistant to say "This work is good" in a loud voice.
Sakaki's personality is too good to be too good, something is in trouble.
I do not think there is such a person, I wish I could stay.
I think that the case to solve is also worrisome for those who are concerned about scarcity evidence and scarcity of evidence,
I think that the incident is within tolerance because it is an incident.
(There is no homicide or anything going on. Everyday scrambling, just a small mystery that makes you feel a sense of incongruity modestly)

The person who comes out is attractive, and there were places where the women's team got pretty much done.
Especially Mr. Matsutani of the last story with Mr. Noda of the first story. And Miyuki-chan did the way of intense appearance.
It seemed to be possible and I felt the story's reading to the women who were so beautiful detail depictions that they had never had before.
Beautiful things become a nuisance and hate masculinity itself, death of the family triggered,
They feel "fear" to do some disgusting things, they are.
I was particularly interested in Mr. Matsutani's way of describing it. There is such a child!
That girl is not a bad girl, though ... It is still a way to be a bad girl but I still like it ... something like that.
Miyuki - san was sorry that he tried to say something he wanted to say.
(Oh no ... I suppose you are the guy in there, that is ....)
And although the scale is small, there are many incidents that seems unlikely.
Because there is something to think about psychology depiction something, after reading it is "not what you did"
I felt a fun something like "Do it so?"
Sakaki says that Tori is "an enthusiastic follower of monotheism called me", but as I go forward with the story,
The line seems to be reversing.
Sakaki is the faithful believer, Torii is obsessed like a god.
It feels distortion there, but it also makes me feel that it is said how much human relations are not distorted (it is clearer that it was still a relationship).
At first, I thought that Sakaki did not like anything, but it was erotically and gradually erroneous as I read it,
In the end it became the character I like the most.
(When you read 'Aozora no egg', it is a bad thing, but I was concerned about the severeness of the consumption of food at Torii's house ...
Just a little food expenses Sakaki, I thought ...)

The depiction of rice is also one of the attractions. It seems that the meal that comes out is delicious.
Bunko, Recipe & In Stock Now, I'm glad that you put it on.
It was also from this work that I first learned Yuzu tea. Although I might just be outrageous,
It is impressive as it seems to be seen at a restaurant as it agrees with something that came out in this work.

Tori, if you are working for free, I think that sales force is the ability to be questioned with immediate effect, but because the story is funny I will close my eyes.

2007/07/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I happened to see it in the library, so I tried reading it.
Takemori's programmer Tori is a detective role and his friend Sakaki is a mystery of a narrator (a small incident).

[good point]
I liked the sentences to be easy to read and the characters of the protagonists.

At first I thought that a gentle eye to the unstable part of the characters was good,
I felt like I was bad in reading.
Even though Torii was withdrawing, it seemed that Sakaki's thought for Torii was a bit excessive
(It is a bit ... that I chose a job with freedom because I want to be near Torii) ....
This may be the taste of this series, but it was hard for me to keep up with.

Sakaki cares about the people I met whenever incident.
It was a nice person, but I felt it was terrible, and Torii looked over all of it, I could see it too much.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I prefer the style that deals with small incidents, I feel that there is little pull to read as a mystery.
Sakaki suddenly burst into tears or it seems that Torii would not come out while entering the room, although they might have read interesting if they were kids,
I got the impression that society people do not fit a little at the hero's mystery.

Evaluation is "Normal" close to "Good".