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Jean Webster
Kaiseisha Bunko Sincyou bunko Fukuinkanbunko
Outside Japan :Released:1912
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2010/10/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10594 Host:10821 Browser: 11293
[good point]

The girl of an orph who decided to receive asset house aid was composed in a form to send daily letters to him, but it was not seen as a strangely difficult stylistic body, so it could be said that it was easy to read Sane

[Bad point]

The early story is that the orphan girl, Judy did not have a favorable feeling at all.
I understand the feelings of having a complex in raising an orphanage, but I was abusing himself at a strange thing ... ...... There were some disgusting memories, but please raise myself Did not you appreciate that thing?

Ashinaga also told me that he was frustrated that he would not reply to me, "I heard that you are an bald head?" Or a poorly asked question, poorly imagined painting (although I saw some of them in various places, Although it is bad, her paintings were not clever enough for flattery.) Or "You are not thinking about yourself"
When I thought that "I'm throwing away the letter in a basket" or something, I was only saying that excuses such as "I was sick" or "I was bad of raising" or something was wrong First of all, "What is it? That was it. (Bitter smile)

Besides, from the side who said "Do not make your uncle an opponent question", since you want to ask a question that is out of focus or should be an aspiring artist, since you want to become an actor certainly ask him to transfer it to another university And .......... If so, "A right-wing socialist!"
And politely a little too, but, "What do you want to do in the real world?
It can be said that this is a reactionary to the growth of an orphanage, but insensible behavior stands out anyway.
I could read the last punch easily, but I did not care about empathy or something.
It was also a deduction factor that it was a misunderstanding of surrounding people such as Sally and Julia.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Mr. Michiko Horie was the main character, there is no memory with a bad impression on the animated version
(Although the viewpoint may change if you look at it now, ...).
It may be said that it is certainly lively if it says well,
In the end it was a girl with a narrow field of vision that is selfish and does not seem to see much about others.
Judy is. Perhaps it was the place where I said it was okay at the end ... .........
Well the evaluation is "bad" on the side of "very bad" is reasonable.

2010/10/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
Contents that core went through the core of the story as a self - reliant mind of Gel - Sha (Judy).
(Anime emphasizes love aspect too much)

There is material value in American thought, culture, customs etc in the first half of 20th century which is portrayed from her point of view.

[Bad point]
Depending on the person, the personality of Gel - Sha may seem quite annoying.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
No matter how good the theme or content is, it will be meaningless unless it passes well to the recipient.
This work has taken a letter form written by Gel - sha as a sponsor, "Ashinaga Oshita", and whether it can affirm or deny this letter will greatly influence the evaluation. Unfortunately I am a denial.
There is almost no parting of the story, and there is a part that tires because Gensha speaks unilaterally and the development continues indefinitely.
I think her character is close to Anne Shirley, but in the case of "Anne of Green Gables" the reader's viewpoint is secured,
Whereas Moshi watching Ann and Maryira taking a reins are well depicted,
In this work, Sally and Julia will stay in the form of introductory introduction from Jessha.
I can also enjoy how to read the intervals by speaking and supporting words of the supporting role, but I felt that the personality of JERUSHA is too much for me.

Other works that took this form, for example "Galactic Heroes Legend" Gaiden 2nd volume "Yulian's Izlolone diary" is a honor student = an idiomatic Yulian Perspective of Yan fleets who are also habitually habitually drawn Because it was funny
(Perhaps it is thought that this has led to the later "Arslan Battle")
After all, in the case of this work, will it be that the interaction between the character of the hero and the form of sentence did not suit you?
As I was watching anime a while ago, Ashinaga knew the identity of my uncle so I may have half pleasure ....

The theme is "good", the expression is "bad" and the general is "ordinary".

2008/10/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29983 Host:29908 Browser: 8090
The sentences of Judy are lively and the point that the story advances in a letter form is innovative,
The story that the story goes on completely from one viewpoint is still felt thin.
There are other stories whose main point of view of girls'
I think that the girllike fertile thinking will demonstrate the charm only when the people around it that support it are solidly drawn.
But in this work, it is a painful place to have a way of drawing Judy's preconceptions about the people around it.

What is more important than that is to easily read the punch line.

2007/11/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1042 Host:821 Browser: 7322
The main character, of course Judy's lively depiction, of course, is a strong assertion is good.
Especially criticism of 'charity box' (rather than donor) will be relaxed
("Gentleness" itself, there is a fairly self-satisfying part ... and reflections).
By the way, in animation, I was even rebutting Judy's idea ....
But at the time of writing, it would have been such a feeling, and if I do not like the recipient, that would not be a good thing, I think.

To say letter form is also unique and funny.
Because Judy 's emotions come out straight to the end.
When I thought that I am thankful to Ashinaga, I got angry, left it to momentum, hit my anger, I regretted again.

After reading through to the end I will read again from the beginning, this can be funny again.
It is strange as Ashinasu understands the reason for the uncle's correspondence.
Certainly, this is older but there is something like a child
(In a sense, it can be said that it is a typical reaction of men ...).

I do not know if this is "school stuff" or "love stuff", but the place I do not understand is also good.
Judy and Sally 's friendship is also very fun to watch.

Evaluation is "very good" (15th May 2010, we lowered one rank in balance with other evaluations).
I think that despite the first person novel, it is a wonderful brush that it is easy to understand the feelings of the male side properly.