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Philip Kindred Dick Hayakawa Publishing Corporation Koudansha Hayakawa BunkoSF
Japan Released:1977/03/15(Tue)
Outside Japan :Released:1968
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2015/06/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13598 Host:13708 Browser: 5173
Originally, overseas science fiction was a genre about "I do not like it much, but I do not like it much", but this is an unexpectedly simple and easy to understand though the world view presented at the beginning has been built, It is comparatively easy to read, with contents that delve into the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓etting itself.
In the media mix, although it became pretty famous in the form of the movie "Blade Runner", now the original work which is the original work was a different story from that one.

In short, I think that it was the subject of the work that through the nonhuman "android", it became to think about what kind of human beings are, how much the android is close to humans.
Despite the decadent world after the nuclear war, only technology has developed, and the area where the products of future science like "android" existed was also unique. It is necessary to distinguish it from the android because many such things are gone. Even humans and androids are in a state of somehow alive even in the state like the end of the century.
I also care about the relationship with my neighbor and the setting of "keeping animals" setting may also have some interestingness that we can see a bit of a human being's pretty part. It sounds like a car.
Even though it is set at the end of the century, it is characteristic of overseas work that there is a feeling of living comparatively.

So, there are many parts that describe how to distinguish between android, attracted to it while observing android, "what kind of behavior do human beings do when android approaches humans" I think that it was also interesting.
As for the title itself, "Is Android the Dream of Electric Sheep?" As if it embodies the doubt of this human being indeed how it is, and the interest in the reading progresses to such "close to man" There was a place like how to take measures for humans.
Even as a curtain, it is interesting that it was somewhat, long, finished in a place that I could reach even without thinking deeply.

Evaluation is "good".
There was absolutely no waste in the fundamental setting, it was easy to read that the neighborhood was gathered.
There is only a part of "decadent world" and "android", and it seems to say that the setting that I came up thinking about "what if human beings?" Has been put in the story or in that sense I felt it was like a high degree of perfection.

2010/04/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39720 Host:39743 Browser: 13444
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A work borrowed from a friend and read.

(My reading comprehension is low)

To be honest it does not make sense. Even from the view of the world suddenly a word such as "mood organ" came out and I was puzzled and it is very difficult to understand what the characters are thinking as the character depiction is less (and felt) in both the appearance and inside. That is why everyone's behavior is surprised. Not obliquely on the forecast, just astonished because there was no material to predict.

It is somewhat difficult to understand why the evaluation by the world is so high.

2010/03/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39626 Host:39621 Browser: 10691
As the title produces a lot of parodies, this work familiar to many people during PK dick is based on the story of Suspenstatch which escaped android and police officer who escaped android, as suppressing the unique dazzling feeling , He describes the fluctuation and relief of the values 〓〓〓〓〓f the protagonist Rick's life.
First of all, I am clearly informing the theme by reading contrasts between the hero who is a human being and the androids.
The feeling of crawl that real animals can not be kept, relieving the peace of mind by the machine Depending on the sense of stoppage to Rick 's life, for obscurity to survive, obsession with desperate androids' living obsession, Showing humanity and clearly highlights the theme of the work "What is life?"
In addition, emphasizing that it is impossible to distinguish the value of life by the intelligence, it is reinforcing the theme that the most human being among the characters is neither Rick nor an android but low intelligence is Ijidoa.
And at the end of the struggle with the protagonist Rick, the last that arrives at the enlightenment "There is life on anything" is overflowing the cramped hierarchical view of life and is full of kindness.
Although the story is indifferent and lacks excitement, there are few leaps unique to Dick,
It is concise and easy to read.
In addition, the dazzlingness is modest, but many gadgets such as a sad world view, feeling organ, Martha, Kipple are alive, creating a unique atmosphere of Dick.
Is not it an ideal book for Dick introduction?
Evaluation is <good>.

2009/08/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 516 Host:257 Browser: 6217
[good point]
All the scenes to judge whether it is a replicant or a human.

[Bad point]
The world view is difficult.
It is painful to read and read as a whole.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I remembered the blade runner, but I completely forgot the contents ...
Finally, I was thinking that it was a story to elope with replicants, how was it?

I picked it up because I wanted to see the story of robust robots, but rather,
Inside depiction as a human being is the main, something is already psychological all sorts,
It's hard, just dark ...

I thought that it was worth reading as classical science fiction though I was puzzled at first because it was different from what I was thinking (imagining).

When considering it as an entertainment novel, it is the most enjoyable scene to judge whether it is a replicant or a human being.
Especially the first test.

2008/08/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3926 Host:4150 Browser: 8090
Gloomy hard boiled near future SF.

"Blade runner" is epoch of video SF. Ridley. Worldwide image of Scott's intense design, Bangelis' BGM, Sid Meade 's art, Harrison after SW. Ford appointment and Rudgar Hauer' s character. The height of this total balance, rarely scratches SF movies, there are only a few things lined up.

So, if you read this "original" in expectation of "it" it will be a little bit.

"Blade runner" has important themes other than the above-mentioned visual "image" side. "Lust for life". While replicants are overwhelmingly superior to humans as organisms,
The oppressed life is also limited. That is why 'life' shines. In contrast, the whole world is dirty for humans, and the representative Deckard has no noticeable purpose. Speaking of that, the leading role of "Blade Runner" is replicant Rudgers, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is Hauer.

In contrast to "original" visuals (of course, characters) are essentially unchanged. Acid rain is a more straightforward death ash, and there is a point that the human race is declining (even on the immigrant Mars in fact).
However, the question asked to the recipient is "What is an intelligence body, what is humanness?"
Cold couple 's deck card. They ask "status" to keep living creatures as "symbols of nature", religion as Mercer, only to live with empathy can find a purpose only.
And Deckard will kill the android which is indistinguishable from human beings at all. To confront the latest Nexus 6 type which is difficult to distinguish even from Voktut Kampf test,
Who is a human being who is an android, even if you are a human?
His identity shakes.
When I knocked down all the androids and came home, the goat I finally got killed.
By Rachel, because of being android. So what is the reason for yourself to kill the android? Can not find the answer It is my wife who can not compatible so much to save him. Humanity, sympathizing. Deckard regains it and gets peaceful and the tale becomes the curtain.
It is not only human beings that can "sympathize" with human nature, but also various things. That is why we are trying to think about it.

Where is the human nature in this society? If you find a close confrontation axis close to that "Blade Runner" it will definitely be the relationship between Deckard and Batti. However, even this android has no human nature in this "original work". They are players playing with spider's legs, they are also "those who seek humanity." The most human thing is "pinbrake" Ijidoa
(The expression around here is pretty much serenity) is more sarcastic.

Ridley this "alteration." Scott consciously does. Change the title and common terms. There are also few people (Deckard, PRIS, Rachel, VOKTOKAMPF). No matter how you say it is because there is no batti in this original. That's why "Blade Runner" is amazing.

Although I mentioned it in comparison with "Blade Runner", it is very high completion as Ichi novel. That point is very similar to "Blade Runner" and is surprised at "High quality of total quality". Stage setting as SF, characters with no odor. If you have trouble, the battle (?) Scene with android is a point that is too pale. Especially in the last, Roy who is a batti in "Brelan" is stunned by the burning stupidity. Of course it is obvious that it is not essential, and brain-based bargaining (luffing of rafts)
It is quite easy to read. Translation is excellent also over the ages.

It is okay to compare it with Brelan, it is okay to read it purely as SF novel. Poultry hard
One book that might be good as an introduction to science fiction.

Oh, I was consciously writing "Blade.Runner" but it turned out to be a Brera from the middle. But I usually skip this.

2008/08/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17053 Host:16765 Browser: 5234
[good point]
There are many things to be said about images of the movie, but as individuals, a kind of unrealistic feeling of this work, a unique inorganic sensation rising from a state where the hero suffers from human beings troubled, the most attractive point I feel it. However, the taste of other novels by Dick is distinctive, although it can not be thought that this work is remarkably excellent.
If you are making a movie faithfully to the original taste, I think that Ridley, not Scott, should ask Tarkovsky. As for me,
I wanted to see you there.

[Bad point]
If you look at only the setting, it seems to be a science fiction movie, but it is far from entertainment that the page is spent mainly on the inner portrayal of the hero and the tour. Catharsis as a confrontation thing etc. I can hardly feel it, the original work is obvious, this impression of the transition period to the late term theology system.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"usually". Even if you read as a novel or as a work by Dick,
I do not feel that it is particularly good. What is generally regarded as charm is "good point"
As stated in the dick novel the underlying unique atmosphere, isolation from the surroundings where the hero is tormented, it will be a taste of a kind of neurosis sentence that blurs the feeling of discontinuity.
As a maniac way of enjoying, the author's inner consideration. It was also clear from the late work group that Dick was influenced by Christian fables and saints. It is unknown whether this work was also intentional, but it is a story that took on the subject "sanma" for saints.
Because neta bash is nothing, I do not do it, those who are interested please.
If you know the original story it is easy to understand the theme of the work and the meaning of painful development.
From the point of enjoying the work itself, it is a wickedness, but it is effective for enjoying this work that is incredibly fun as entertainment.
Although it feels like something was a little strange, there are parts that can be touched by the main character's salvation and enlightenment.
It has been processed quite a bit from the original, so it is hard to understand with the novel alone, but the theme itself is unchangeable, universal and pure question. Just as the title tells a story.