[Novel]Bright Family Fire Planning

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Shin Araki
Famitsuu Library
Japan Released:2008/06/30(Mon)
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2009/11/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Takumi Shinko and Mina Kanzaki called "God couple".
But it was an extension of childhood friend ....
However, self-proclaimed [children of Takuma and Mina] of hikari ...
Two people who start conscious of each other with the appearance of "funny system".
Such a mood was good.

In the fourth volume, Takumi Takumi who was in a state of living with Mina Kanzaki cheated a stupid saying from "jealousy", "I will break up next time" and so on, from there it is driven to a crisis on the verge of collapse That's it.
However, after he got lost, he realized the content of his mistake,
In the broadcasting room (All students are hearing it)
I was able to tell Mino Kanzaki the word of apology.

The 5 volumes of Shinshiro Takuma was better than 4 volumes ... I thought.

[Bad point]
Lightnabel 's love affair is a common pattern of things,
Although it appeared from 2 volumes as a rival character (it seems to be a little habit)
This work was no exception.
Moreover, this time it is surreal that another pair of self-styled [Takuma's wife] [Takuma no kido] appeared .......
To be honest, its pattern was not necessary.

In volume 4 ...

(1) With the fight of Shinko Takuma and Mika Kanzaki (?) As a machine,
Male students and girls students will compete in class,
Massive love letters to Mika Kanzaki (Some men aiming for the next boyfriend's position (Some women also))
It is a place where female students read aloud without reading.
(Moreover, regarding the woman who sent the love letter, it is unfair that you do not imitate reading aloud because "I feel sorry!")
About everywhere it pissed off my heart.
Also, for teachers trying to blame such air,
On the contrary, where (mainly female teams) retreat,
You want to put Tsukkomi as "Woi".
To be honest, I would like you to reflect their work in the final report.

(2) Takumi Shinko ((It was good per last, but until that)
I was annoyed by the places where it was easily flushed and other strengths requested.
(Especially the dialogue of "No matter what my responsibility is!")
Moreover, if you want items that you can peek at others' hearts, use a personality exchange gel "without permission of the other person", trouble Hikari and Takasaka Shoko,
At the end of the campaign, even though the school got into great confusion by this,
Apart from Ms. Kanzaki Mina, I would like to ask about what kind of nerve it is supposed to think about "anything is fine" or "trivial thing".

(3) (After all it was "I was a fairy fight", but in contrast to that)
Although all the students "Makomama" have protested,
To be honest it is a strange thing.
Because they are engaged in the war of "male student vs girl student" with their own will.
(However, concerning troubles related to personality exchange gel is different.
Regarding this, Takumi Shinko should be blamed. )

(4) In the postscript, the author was commented like this.
"It's nice, I envy too much with my heroine momentum.
Because I was in a state lately, it is a kind of punishment.
In the world of work it seems that the author is a god.
Therefore, I, the author, has the authority to give guilt punishment.
I mean half as seriously as half a joke. "

When I saw this, I was struck by the urge to hit this book.
"From the beginning, set up a woman who thinks Shinjo Takumi as Mina Kanzaki only!"
That is what I thought.

"The loss of his / her subordinates is the responsibility of his boss"
I think that this is the responsibility of the author who is a god ... ... okay.

Volume 5 lists the contents like a mystery answer of "family gun"
I could not keep up a bit (bitter smile).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
1 volume is [very good]
2 volumes are [bad]
Three volumes ... In the sense that it is such a thing ... [ordinary]
Volume 4 is [very bad]
(Although it was okay even at [worst], it is exempt from reflection episode of Takumi Shinko)
Volume 5 is [bad]

Together, I will leave it to be [bad].
To be honest I think that the completion of 1 volume was good.