[Novel]Blue Knight: Berserga Story

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Other media: Game:Blue Knight: Berserga Story (Armored Trooper Votoms)
Literature total pnts rank Rank 444in 4,626 titlesTotal 8 / Deviation 55.20
Literature rank of 1985 Rank 6in 47 titles
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Hama Masanori
Hataike Hiroyuki
Asahi bunko
Sonorama Bunko
Japan Released:1985/06/29(Sat) DUAL MAGAZINE / End:1987/07/31
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2006/08/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34237 Host:34144 Browser: 4184
In the Gaelic novel of "Armored Trooper Votoms", even the 1st volume of black flame edition still has connection with the bottoms main story, anyway
From the 3rd and 4th Melchian Knights edition, it has turned into a complete parallel world.
Although the pros and cons of that neighborhood is divided, the big appeal of this novel is that the main character Kain 's indomitable fighting spirit that keeps walking in front without losing its fighting spirit even if it continues to be met with tragedy and hopeless eyes so much and suffered dreadfully Character sex and the existence of Kane is releasing enough attraction to the main character Kiriko of the bottoms.
As characters progressed to the second half, the characters were killed one by one,
It was disappointing that the heroine Ronnie who gradually passed his mind through Kane in particular was killed so much.

Story is a betting match between ATs Buttling player Kane confirmed his best friend's enemy and walked around Batling venue. Batling occupies a large weight in the early stage,
It gradually became a massive war on the scale of the universe Since the scale of the story widely protruded from the bottom of the bottoms seems to be quite controversial in this neighborhood as well.

The AT which appears in this work begins the main character of the Bergerga type which was popular from a somewhat different design among ATs reminiscent of medieval knights' armor.
Both have good looking and charm that can not beat the AT of this volume.
However, the strongest AT which is the last boarding machine of Cane which appears in the final volume.Bellserga SSS-X "Testarossa" and the rasubosu machine which is the ultimate AT as the primitive, it is too different from other AT of reggionator And the destructive power completely destroys the power balance of the bottoms world, but I feel too much too much.
Personally I liked shadow flares and testarossa in the design of AT.

I will make it very good close to the best.

2006/07/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50425 Host:50421 Browser: 5407
The protagonist Kane of the former AT pilot who is a buttling player on the planet Melquia after the end of the centennial war.McDogall is a friend of life's best friend Kent mercenary sharrer looking for the back envy "black flame (shadow. Flare)" There was a charm different from Kiriko 's self - searching story in the original "Bottoms" in the story development that struggled in a big conspiracy and struggled with this as he was walking around the city from the city. Especially, "Kuroya Flame" edition felt like Keyne 's emotional description is coming straight to only the story developed by Kane' s first person. Shadow, a strong enemy, was impressive as well as Kane's appearance to stand up even if defeated by the flare and places to go through together with the heroine's Ronnie. However, although it is said that age setting of Kane is 20 years old, I think that it was not uncomfortable even if it says 26, 7 years old. After all, the characters of the bottoms related work seem to be older than the set age.

One other thing to mention as a charm of this work is that BellSelga, the love machine of the main character Cain, is like a partner so to speak. In the original "Bottoms", it is a position that AT can be replaced as necessary depending on whether it is a propsive thing that can be replaced as the main character of a hero, even if you are reading, this Berserga I also felt attached to AT AT.

I also got interested in places where the FX series that appeared as the next main AT and the AT that does not appear in the original bottoms such as Okutoba, including the introduction page of AT. Especially in the design FX series, unlike the familiar AT such as the scope dog etc, I think that it was quite cool even from the sharp appearance (this includes the AT published in "Votoms. Archive").

The nemesis shadow, Gilgames which occurred after defeating the flare, which began as a sequel to the volume of "black flame" edited in volume 1 and volume 2 which closed curtains once in a way that the conflict between Ballarand was resumed as the fourth galaxy war K` 〓〓〓〓〓〓Scout Scouting Knight 〓〓〓〓〓Merchant Knights Project 〓〓〓dition had a place to be whitened due to the strength of honor for the original bottoms. Although it may have been enjoyed simply if it is divisible as a SF novel work, it deviates greatly from the original home bottoms on the setting side including the formation of the Astragisus galaxy, and it has turned into "Hamamasanori's world" As I mentioned, we could only say that it was a parallel world (even if we deducted that it was before "Kagyaru heresy" came out). Of course, the existence of super weapon, a legionator who gave great influence to the civilization and history of Astragisus (there was no choice but to wonder what happened to the existence of the god "Wiseman" which appeared in this work)), as well as competing with that regenerator In order to make the mechanism of Kane super-like, to destroy all the human race of the Astragius galaxy due to the birth of a new human being, super-deployment Kane can still be badly damaged as much as this, including many Ronies I have quite retreated to the content of which people are being killed easily. It really is not felt like a separate work in "Kuroya Flame" edition and "Melchia Knights Project" edition.

However, even if subtracting deviation of "Merchant's Order Plan" edition is deducted, it is well done as the outdoor-like work of the bottoms and I think that it is quite enjoyable. It was felt that it is a work that embodies what is called the depth depth of the bottoms world even by developing the first and second volumes. Personally I'd like to read the Mook of this work, but even if there is any difficulty in obtaining it, there are things with pretty pretty well and it is not easy to see. As I am listening to books with documentary value and original tendency, there are things I would like to see with this eye. As many books related to bottoms are difficult to obtain, we are expecting that even in the form of a reprint version will come out to the world.

2006/07/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28348 Host:28183 Browser: 4184
Caine is a friend (Quant man) 's shadow who fights in search of flare, in a "bottoms" world that may be told that "a bottle with no chirico is like a cup" is Kiriko A masterpiece that embodied the world of the "bottoms" without punctuation.

Although it is possible to attach "highest!" To 2 volumes that incorporates "melanchin" story etc in the orthodox revenge play, the change in the style after the third volume (Kane will be driven aside, Cloning story, death of Ronnie etc) are also frustrated many so stop it "very good".
Together, even if Kane near the last seems to be frustrating, it seems to be better to face it 〓〓〓The last deployment to get a peaceful life is the best (more than the last of Kiriko and Mellow) in "Bottoms" world .

2005/09/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13637 Host:13539 Browser: 5234
After the TV series of "Armored Trooper Votoms", the thing that was serialized in Takara model magazine "Dual Magazine" that was discontinued was arranged in the Sonorama style.

The main character of the TV version Kiriko, unlike Cuby, the main character Cain of this work McDogall travels pursuing the friend's enemy, but various events have been ahead of it. Even while fighting various enemies, there were double-triple dragon-like things such as getting cooperators like Cobain and Ronnie, and vice foe's victim ....

"1" and "2" are Kane views from the dual magazine version, but also features written by third parties in 'K' 'or' Screaming knight '. There is a sense of tension between AT and those who fight on it. I feel that I draw closer to the bottoms which are original animals for the professional and professional.

In 'K' 'and' screaming knight 'it is a story that the human race of Astragisus galaxy is almost killed, but in a sense, I think that it would be better to see it as a parallel world. After Kiriko and Fiana have entered the cold capsule, "Kaoru Terauchi" has begun, but in "Armored Trooper Votoms TRPG" AT of this work conformed to the dual magazine version, so the dual magazine version is a TV series and I think that it should be interpreted that it has a link and that the Sonorama version has been expanded in parallel world.

Not to be able to deny that it is a work that is heresy compared to "Melody Link Armor Mellow Link", but I can not stop the fight with the dark part of the battle that was not drawn in the TV series, while hurting. The point that people fight to protect the last line is drawn, it is becoming a drama of a man of fat.
On TV it is easy to recover Kiriko and Kane is drawn more vividly than a mellow that makes me feel bad even if it is said to be an elongated match, and the final volume will lose my body. However, even if that ordinary man seems to fight even when you despair long before, it seems that Cane is Keyne. It is good that Kane can not defeat Kiriko or Melou character character.

When I finally got out of the PS game, I think that it was content that grabbed the bottoms fan's mind sufficiently.