[Novel]Utsukushii Kodomo

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Ira Ishida
Japan Released:1999/05
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2013/01/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the work of Ishida Koori who read for the first time, this work is a young brother of the hero who is rumored in the city as a juvenile committing crime is a hero's younger brother, I think that it is unfortunate and dark work by family collapse The elder brother, the hero, is a nonsense face with a nickname called Jaga, but I know the truth for my brother the truth, the place to grow positive is good. The early morning committee member Matsuura came out was interesting. There is a place to think as a theme,
Mr. Ishida thought that the boy 's depiction was a good drawing. Personally the evaluation is "very good"

2012/09/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11819 Host:11623 Browser: 5682
It was a story about juvenile crime.

Although the story was developed from the viewpoint of the hero's younger brother whose brother caused the murder case and the reporter Yamazaki's perspective, the distressed spirit of a young man of the criminal and a certain boy who had influenced him Although he himself did not do anything wrong due to the structure and the murder case,
The circumstances surrounding the hero who was viewed as a white eyes from the surroundings, who had been receiving despicable harassment,
The overheating coverage of the press, etc. It was true that the depiction of a very real personality was true.
It was salvation that while there was no one who could truly understand that particular boy,
A friend of Mr. Haruka Nagasawa cooperated with Mikio of the main character, and there was also a good sense superior like a father or a principal.

The title's "beautiful child" is simple, but not persecuted,
It was probably this Mikio boy who had been holding "a strong will trying to reach the truth". Probably the original story probably probably was the Saika Rose incident in 1997,
There is too much emphasis, such as profit, "excessive", "mass communication" running on biased coverage and being danced to it,
It seemed like criticism of the lesion of the Japanese society was included, such as "uneven social things" etc., in which mechanisms trying to exclude themselves without admitting heterogeneous existence are working.
Although it has not been modified even after more than ten years since the announcement ... ...
Evaluation is "Very good" because there was something that made me think about such theme.

2012/02/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A story of a child whose brother committed a juvenile crime.
Even though it is a heavy story, there was a throbbing like an adventure cartoon.
Last was a bad aftertaste, and it was a work with many depressive factors overall.
How to change the viewpoint of the talk was also good, and the expression of a crazy "real culprit" was also good.
It is the royal road of juvenile crime something that depicts children's troubles, etc. ("confession", a crazy masterpiece with dissatisfaction with parents ... many).

2010/04/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 480 Host:461 Browser: 9930
[good point]
Mikio's process of growing up was magnificent, I think that the composition of the story was also very good.
First of all, newspaper reporters Yamazaki and Mikio each have their viewpoints alternating, but as it became late, it became Mikio almost like a good viewpoint and it was very easy to read.
The depiction of my friend Mikio was also very good. A state of cooperation with Haruki and Nagasawa, the state that three people are coming up with well was drawn skillfully.

[Bad point]
Until the first story could be swallowed, the place where the first viewpoint changed alternately was slightly scattered.
Last as the theme of the talk is very good, Matsuura and the ending of his father itself are dissatisfied. Eventually I thought that the truth of the case was cowardly in the darkness, especially when I thought of my mother who left my father committing suicide and the family of Mikio.

{Comprehensive evaluation}
Since Matsuura came out, the story became more interesting and I read it all at once. Somewhat dissatisfied or feeling like embarrassment remains, but I think that it is a good work that remains in the mind.

2006/02/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7995 Host:8081 Browser: 4184
It is a novel that reminds me of Sakaro Rose incident that occurred in Kobe in 1997.
A boy kills a girl - strange, exciting incident for some kind of people. This is a story drawn from Mikio 's perspective, a junior - high school second - grader boy placed in the whirlpool.

This book has been broken off by the book cover of the book and back cover of the book, that the murderer is the hero's younger brother. Even though it is a fact that you can understand at a very early stage, there is no difference that it is neta bashing.
However, the enjoyment to read is not cut off, but rather, by fixing the murderer from the beginning, it is possible to turn a stronger consciousness to what is likely to be overlooked, to the things that are ahead of it I think that.

Is the title "beautiful" a form that is in order or is it incompatible inside?
The inside of Kazushi who killed a young girl of the same age as her sister is very delicate, painful, it is somewhere singular. (I was reminded of pervasive developmental disorder, but how is it?)
Mikio has parts that can be sympathized with his brother, but "Why did he kill", I do not know that. So investigate.
The boy who does not have a wonderful brain and the boy who was not even a special extraordinary person until the incident happens is persistent in the steady manner and continues "investigation". Although there were scenes that occasionally want to close the book, I was able to read through to the end, I think that it was because of his strength.
The friendship of the children cooperating with Mikio was also fresh. The kindness of a handful of people also was saved.

The last, the big moving story did not see the right solution. After all, the difficulty of the hero and his / her family can easily be imagined to continue for decades for the rest of the time though it may have become mindfully upward. Or, in front of the ED which makes us feel more something, I got a little shivering.
But, from the beginning, my brother did not throw up another boy - and, from now on, Mikio's attitude that will penetrate it will be better, I think this was good for this. I think I want you to work hard from the bottom of my heart.

This work also included criticism of the mass media that keeps overreporting due to audience ratings and criticisms of those who do not take into consideration the information that is flown and think about it. It was a work made me think in various ways.
Of course, even as a novel that draws out the part and draws the growth of one boy, it is excellant.
Evaluation, "very good" let me attach.