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Reki Kawahara
Dengeki bunko
Japan Released:2009/02/10(Tue)
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2015/10/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
As with Sword Art Online, it was the first memorable work of Mr. Kawahara Mitsuru's representative work series (?), But in a nutshell was it "What is wrong with me being a princess descended"?

Haruyuki, the hero who was being bullied, although it was no wonder he wanted to rely on such a net to forget such unpleasant reality, although it was not drawn obviously painfully, the bullying description was well balanced I guess. Accelerated setting in the world,
Well I saw it from the fourth work, but an easy-to-understand explanation was made. It seems that it was also harsh to continue walking that "way" as raising the level.

The heroine where the service shot was also seen.The black snow princess was also in the latter series in the heavy past (In the first seeing, because that thing that felt by me was a stupid talk that it was felt that it was perhaps because of such fate Although it became obvious, there was also the real intention such as approaching Haruyuki, and some fun afterwards. Haluyuki's first fight is still Ash, which is often involved in the story afterwards, it is a type of character that will be a bit tired if you keep staying together well ........

As the battle with Ash was also good, the conflict of Haruyuki 〓〓Tsuri, Haruyuki 〓〓Takumi (who was aiming for Black Snow Princess) was also a key point, and there was also a little short-circuited place in Tuuri,
Even though Takumu was somewhat accumulated in the stomach, I wonder why I wanted some more backing, such as why the runaway went so far. Well I did not leave a chill until later, so I could not say that it was bad ... but it was Aratani, the main crime of bullying. Because it was able to be bailed, I should have stopped bullying, replaced my mind and worked hard for studying, but I did such a thing to Black Snow Princess, he can not walk a table forever. It was a foolish thing to say that it was like a typical example of "somehow ....." Moreover, it seems that Mr. Kazunori Chiba was a voice actor of the animated version ... ...

I wonder if I had received social sanctions properly after that, but I also saw some points that I do not refresh a bit. I understand that it is not an ordinary one, but the evaluation is "ordinary".

2015/03/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23872 Host:23708 Browser: 5173
It is a series I tried reading, but it is a cyberpunk SF type lanaube like "New Romantic".
There are some things that light novels are just being spitefully funny, others are stiff unexpectedly, but is this classified as the latter?
Although the animation version has been cut off at a very early stage, the SF which requires polite commentary after all is only "?" With TV animation looking at the first story, so it is one that reads from the original It may be the number ....
Or, as long as you can not miss it, I think that it is an awesome place of the current work that I could read about it if it were a novel, but when I visualized it only got discomfort.

Well, the overall tempo is good, is not it? I think that the sentence was also firmly thoughtful but still it is easy to read because things are carried one after another at good timing and it is probably a writer who has a writing power in the correct meaning.
Besides, "Sword.Art. Online" was also a popular work by converting things that were net novels in Dengeki Bunko, but the root of the idea seems to be in net games. I do not play net games so much, but generally the system knows anime and friends stories as information sources.
In the case of TV animation, the negative character of the hero who sharply reduced the tempo and continued to give discomfort to the viewers also looked like drawing a complex well as it was not strange vocalization when viewed on a medium called a novel Then, it seemed like a feeling of isolation that I am not confident of was reading and it was fascinating.

In the story progressing, even though Black Snow Princess decorates the cover with a heroine side, the essential problem may have been a little disappointing that Hull and her childhood friendhood triangle relationship and change were in a position I do not.
To the extent that he is actively involved in the main character Hull, because the cyan pile was an official of Hull, the final problem converged to a story of childhood friend, and Hull better to Black Snow Princess Even if the emotions are gathered up in the last battle, even if it is still interesting, the last battle itself may not be a summary of the relationship between Hull and Snow White, which was built up there so it may be a bit shoulder penetrating.
As for climax, after all, I think that those who entered "the summary in this story" will be excited after all. Because it is a summary concerning the past talk which was touched to the extent of touched, there is also a part of which the author himself remembered somewhat a failure feeling a little at the end of the story as well.

So, if you give a realistic and harsh problem, I thought 'Would you like to be able to do such a simple devement?
It seems that it was not such a thing when asked if it is subtle and gentle character, and it was this hull that I was actually looking at "real" in practice and pretty miserable.
Although it is interesting to see his feelings, the reason why it was liked by Black Snow princess was not enough to convince imaichi.
He is also a childhood friend, it is somewhat unclear that "I'm jealous of Hull who is too weak and can be caught".
Although it was caused by bullying, there were a lot of twisted parts, and there were parts that were a little doubtful if I thought that it would be easy to easily have elements that are attracted to others.

Evaluation is "good".
Well, animation is somewhat difficult, is not it?

2012/05/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16070 Host:16060 Browser: 3458(Mobile)
This hot and burning royal road development is wonderful. I thought so for the time being. It will be an evaluation of only one volume (probably this is one page of this volume.)
First of all, although it is a setting, I also felt sword art online, but this author is good at setting out. I was able to put on the image immediately.
There is also writing power, it also combines the fun of development. It is a royal road in a good sense, such as whether a best friend was an enemy or how to end the last. In addition, "Burst.Link!" Becomes a habit. I cried somehow. Burst. Link!
The relationship between three of my childhood friend is also fresh and interesting. Although recent lanobe has a feeling that it is unclear to devise human relations, this was not such a thing.
However, it seems impossible to talk to the story anyhow .... First of all, why did Senpu Senpai drop down simply because the game is strong? It may be that unexpected, but I can not convince himself. I just feel like the author just wanted to write a Harlem stuff. Humanity seemed to be a thin one.
Then, in the end, how to win a wing pretty that feathers will grow. I could still understand if it was the result of effort or training, but it was not that kind of thing.

However, I was able to read it fun and the evaluation was very good.

2011/05/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19896 Host:19998 Browser: 5227
Although it feels like a novel as a novel medium,
It's a pretty used setting for manga. And then animation works etc.
I think that this work is Ryosaku in the sense that it succeeded in putting it well on the sentence.
Things that are used in many genres have appeared until talk departure,
Because the thing that customers are attracted as human beings has been used, we close our eyes.
Because I do not think that I have a royal road.

In the flood of the hero where conspicuous insensitivity and nostrils are conspicuous,
Haruyuki-kun is a character that does not give a bad impression, somehow strangely unwinding.
Although it is a definite matter at the time when it is the main character of the light novel,
If you notice it, you laughed and passed through,
It makes me feel uncomfortable charm (?).

I am impressed that the text is familiar with writing as well as good at best, but it feels nice.
People who come out of digital media do not want to welcome as much as readers,
Whether to read this author's work that is skilled and motivated little by little.
Because it is a person who wrote while getting a direct response, in respect of consciousness of the reader,
I think that I can arrange my shoulders adequately with those who are engaged in writing business from before.
It is well found in the work,
Because I am aware of how to get excited about the reader sensibly,
Is not it popular?

Since "sword art" is a serious atmosphere,
As for here, I think that there is no problem with the setting with this much tepid part.
Because it is a parallel publication, it may be avoiding wearing the atmosphere mildly.
It also appealed to the end that it was a game.

The shame was an illustration. Regardless of the work that there is only a character entirely .......
To decorate a work that has charm more than standard as a sentence with a cut with a customer getting excited,
I think whether it is personally personal.
A picture that I often see often, it is a picture that feels it is an illustration template.
People who buy a cover also seems to be an illustration, but its usage is not very funny.
I could see something like a fixed idea that I could not have sold such a picture.
As long as I cut the service cut, I wanted to draw illustrations where I actually fought.
ASCII It is a pity that Mr. Media Works will be sent to the service direction.
Because I have big hands and have some talented people,
I do not want you to do business that depended on illustrations. Though it is a winner who eventually sold it.

I'm a bit derailed, sorry.
As a work, I enjoyed it as it was. However, I am sorry for the point.
Evaluation is "good" I will. An illustration〓〓〓〓〓

2011/05/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24480 Host:24207 Browser: 10770
[good point]
Picture is beautiful Innovative idea
[Bad point]
There is no reason why a fat person is so heavy
[Comprehensive evaluation]
pleasant. Kawahara gravel best

2010/08/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26397 Host:26372 Browser: 5839
It is the first volume of "Axel. World" series.
A process by which Arita Haruyuki of the hero grows in the relationship with various people will be drawn with the encounter with Black Snow Princess as a trigger.
The world view is an impression such as a SF work set in the virtual game "Brain.Burst" of the near future.
By saying the first work, I took a considerable number of letters to explain the peculiar world view, the rule on the game, etc. I felt somewhat difficult to get stuck.
However, as I proceeded to read it, I felt fun.

I think that it is a work that you can read while feeling a sense of tension and thrill, with almost no useless scenes almost being read.
I also have a good sense of language selection and I think that it is giving more "tightening" to the work by effectively using difficult words and phrases.

It is somewhat dissatisfied that there is an impression that it is somewhat puzzled to grasp the view of the world when reading, and the impression that "heaviness" is felt a little "tightness" in the talk itself.
However, this "hardness", "seriousness" is seriousness of the story, although it is also true that it enhances the drama nature ....
There are also impressions that the sight can not be recalled well because the battle depiction in the game also draws complicated movements.
I think that it is a work being read and "thought made".

Although there is an impression which is hard to get stuck, I feel a sense of excitement in the story going forward one after another and how to hide the hint is also effective, the development of the previous can not be read at all, how the story of the future develops I am looking forward to it.

I felt the speedy story development that is deployed on both the game side and the real side is attractive.
"Stiffness" that I felt as reading.It makes the evaluation "very good" with "weight" as a negative factor.

2009/05/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25638 Host:25702 Browser: 5465
Even so badly, it seems to be an author again.
Rather, it seems to be a WEB novel.
Which is more appropriate.
It combines the original setting with the common setting.
The identity of cyan.pile is easily imagined and it is troublesome.
If it looks technically, such as ingenuity, it was not a great work.
However, I personally thought it was interesting.
I am looking forward to a sequel in June.

Overall evaluation is "good".

2009/04/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44757 Host:44536 Browser: 6342
A good or bad work that is amazing. There is no feature.
The heroine is very attractive, but the main character image is too much merely inferior to the sense of inferiority.
From appearance to personality, it may be an image that can be highly sympathized with the main readers (junior high school girls who were bizzari nurses or former middle and high school students), but I feel a bit overkill. The target layer is too narrow.

As a story making thing again this is also a thriving thing, a thing that was exhausted that my best friend was a villain. It is almost impossible to get a guideline on the way. It is okay for the road to protect her from being killed as a result of an accident, but I wanted a little more art.
I wanted you to tweak Blaine's burst setting as well. Even if I lose, the points are reduced and it is not overwhelming, if I lose the low-level tier, I am strikingly deprived, or I feel that I was glad the rule was more cruel.

As a simple entertainment work, it is a level that you can read normally.
I still think that it is very popular when I think about reading this as if it is a cartoon, and it is subtle.
I feel that inserting illustrations too bruised. Is it demand?
The illustration that the commentary of the last one put is also subtle and ruining the world view. I think that the head family is cute and I think that Lori is good for the year. Although this is my hobby. Illustrations should be combined with good.

2009/03/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19806 Host:19788 Browser: 9283
[good point]
Highly Completed Completed Works Although it is a set-up setting saying that a useless hero will bloom talent no matter what you do, it is highly satisfying that you do not get tired of watching it
[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a work that can be called the grand prize though it is not bored after watching it. For the time being, it can be said that there is no loss by buying it.
The view of the world is also nice. Technically it is decades or the future from now?
For the time being the best work.
Therefore the evaluation is the best!