[Novel]Avatar written by Yusuke Yamada

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Other media: JP movie:Avatar
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Yuusuke Yamada
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
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Japan Released:2009/11/30(Mon)
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2014/03/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although it was a world like a school caste like the one drawn also in "a 35-year-old high school student" such as a school which the hero who was undergoing bullying passed, not only plastic surgery to obtain the item of avatar but also crime (Including aid dating and attempted murder etc.), becoming a dictator over Awano and inflating to the ambition of Japanese domination etc. "The frightening of" runaway "etc. when the weak turned into a strong man" and " The limitlessness of "desire", "The absence of subjectivity" of the Japanese who jumps to fashion etc. will be the big theme. However........

Awa field where the position has been reversed with the hero, I think that I had quit desperately dropped out,
Actually, she was bullying and she was a sister who was a strange sister who was rubbing against the hero and she was bullying her, she saw her birth mother fell abandoned by her father and was rubbing against Saigusa's living mother and Saionji temple Because it was because it was.

I was getting to where it all arrived, and it may have been that I had to kill with my own hands quickly, but as I said to him, "I do not want such a big deal anymore" to round it to Saigoji By mistake, I killed Saigoji as well as my confidant,
It was sarcastic as it cooperated with her revenge.

I thought that she was also a persistent personality, I could not declare it unexpectedly, but my brother bullying in elementary school days besides Awano and I let my father die as a result of getting rid of the ambulance Even though I did not murder a neighborhood man, the sweetness of the stuff that I did not go through so much was conspicuous. But the police. The school also said "What were you doing indeed?"
However, as for her association dating, she said, "The other party also does not want to give out the damage report in fear of a crime," from the point of view, repeatedly committing evil such as attempted murder including abandonment and deceased body abandonment, and moreover called a complete crime Although I was not afraid, there was no sign of barely anything, and I was halfway with the mother who was lamenting the shaping of the hero and the main supporting role such as Awano who succeeded in revening against Saionji temple.

It would be exactly "Long things to live for a long time". Fashion is "living thing". It is never immutable. Matsumoto, who was expecting as a right arm instead of Saigoji, is "a new trend"
It became the darling of the hero and the hero had been forced to make a miserable fall, but the crime against the evil was not questioned until the end, the theme mentioned at the beginning could not be finished in the end can not be denied did not.

For Awano there was some complementary in the live-action movie version, and even though it was not as good or bad as fancy as the other works, it was a better way in this author's novel,
Indigestible hints and the like were conspicuous. Well the evaluation is the place where "bad" is said to be reasonable.