[Novel]Ashiya ke no Houkai

Literature total pnts rank Rank 2,801in 4,644 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.68
Literature rank of 1999 Rank 79in 116 titles
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Yasumi Tsuhara
SHUEISHA Chicuma Syobo
Syueisya Bunko Chikuma Bunko
Japan Released:1999/06/25(Fri)
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2007/07/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Why tears like tofu?! Why such a frenzy!
Why is it connected to that story that ended like that !!!
It is surprisingly surprised that "This is a gag and a piece of paper?" Everywhere, it is amusingly amusing and funny and occasionally trembling, enjoying various flavors, and a great deal of successive illusionistan.
If you think that it is a ghastly ghost story, a pecker, if you think it is a gag, it is extremely scary, a scary thing something mysterious, thinking it is strange ...
I can not grasp the actual condition. Nurarihytolic stories.
Everything changes style every time. I was quite surprised by the number of ball types of this author.

First of all, the story is outstanding.
Makura in rakugo is so enchanting that it is a story that spreads from this introduction and it makes a tremendous turn around.
I was thrown away by the feeling that I did not know where to carry it, I was thrilled very much, after seeing it turned back I felt the whole image was finally visible, the composition of "ridiculous goodness" was made monster even separately Although it is a common framework
(I read a lot like this in horror cartoon magazines like this,), the feel is messed up.
Although the funnyness & precision of story stands out (title creation puns or something!) It is not in the story and it is a pretty neat finish It is a surprising feeling to the flight distance of the landing point to which the guts are supposed to be boring ,
I feel unrivaled competence in how to pick up hints.
I think that I chose the reader soooooo but my favorite person is an uninteresting work,
I was extremely unbearable.

Also, I thought that reading the last story, "I can not understand" and "Interesting", can be compatible.
I never experienced this condition, but I was reading it and it was very interesting.
That's why Hiroko Minagawa's commentary on "water buffalo" is very beautiful ... This is "poetry" ....

Also, "Burial insects" love to mess up. I was afraid of insects so I read goosebumps.
I would like you to read this by all means people who dislike insects. I will be at my heart.