[Novel]Ashita saku tsubomi

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Namito Shukawa
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Japan Released:2009/08
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2016/05/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I read the short work of Mr. Akikawa Minato well, but it is truly a piece that punch falls compared to the short work so far.
Although I read it once, there is no impact as much as "urban legend sepia" or "flower mana", it seems that it is a short edition of "nostalgia" so much that it does not seem to be a style that can be expected as diverse as that.
As a highlight of the Jujika's work, after all what is called "Showa nostalgia", but it has become stronger, everything in the short story there is "warmth", there is no twist compared to others The point that I am inferior.

That's why "Safety" was the strongest in this work.
Well, in other words, "dark side" such as "urban legend sepia" is also strong. Although it depicts human emotions, it is strangely moved because there is good connection between it and the dark stuff. However, I am always stuck with a sense of uneasiness not knowing how to fall down.
On the contrary, I think that this work is an ordinary story not much undulating, or perhaps a reader who is attracted to other works will be in a form to read, but then it would be better to read past works It becomes wind.
It seems that the works on the back synopsis, such as "Rain Tsuno Communication" and "Kankan Evade Mystery" are basically interesting.
Besides, I liked pretty much something that drew an exchange with an innocent girl personally like "rainbow and doggy".

Anyway, this time it is a feeling that we collected "nostalgia" "heartwarming stories" out of the "style" of Makoto Akkawa.
In the past it was a "mystery" or a "horror", because it was compatible with such elements, it is a place where I feel the impression that the element has byevitably fallen out compared to it.
The story is also an orthodox anyway and it feels like it has ended as a momentary work that is hard to remember in the impression, while being well-knitted and well-knitted.

Evaluation is "normal".
Of course, I think that it is possible to do more than the standard, I think that it is a great place for this writer to say that it is mediocrity in the work of Mr. Zakurokawa.
There are many episodes that can be released as child literature as it is, but maybe there are factors that tend to be misunderstood if you do not see it from a somewhat grown point of view ...?